Tolly JonesEdit

  • Formal name: Mentor Tollance Berik-Jones
  • Engineered human #1362 (named Thirteen-Sixty-Two)[1]
  • The law I’m a violation of is the Free Gene and Manumitted Human Act[2]
  • A specialist in mentoring / socializing self-aware ships, etc.
  • See Wise Child and the novels Dragon in Exile, Alliance of Equals, and Neogenesis


  • A reluctant graduate of the Lyre Institute, controlled with ceramic pipes (whistles)
  • Easy-going and approachable manner, usually[3]
  • Genetically designed to be liked and trusted:
    • “Haz, I’m flattered—and I like you, too. Very much. But you gotta know something. Everybody likes me, near enough. That’s part of the design.”[4]
  • Looks like a regular Terran. “Tolly’s face...tan skin, freckles, even features that she had come to understand soothed Terrans and Liadens alike. His hair was an undistinguished yellow, and his eyes were blue, neither particularly dark, or noticeably pale.”[5]



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