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Tocohl Lorlin[]

Tocohl is a Daughter of Korval, Seen by the Delm. [1] A self-aware sentient construct, one of the Independent Logics, she is Jeeves's daughter, but an individual, not a clone of Jeeves. [2] Tocohl said, “I was designed to be an independent generalist.” - a Scout.[3] Tocohl has a soothing voice and a kind nature but she can be sharp at times. “It occurred to Jen Sin that his cousin might have something of the clan temper.”[4]

She is apparently not quite an illegal construct:

“The Complex Logic Laws made Pilot Tocohl and all her kind out to be rogue devices, bent on destroying human life. If encountered, according to the CLL, an AI was to be confined, deactivated, or destroyed....She was a prototype, so the script went, some kind of a cybermech pilot, sophisticated, but stopping short of illegal.”[5]

Tocohl was created to help save a "confused" and dangerously out of control Sentience -- Admiral Bunter -- who was born of necessity[6] but poorly "distributed into thirteen cramped and faltering computers on seven ships." [7]

Her chassi[]

She’s graceful, somewhat small, but powerful

‘She was a sight for tired eyes, was Pilot Tocohl. Smooth and personable and specifically nonthreatening, the curve of her gleaming white chassis suggesting something feminine; the smallness of it hinting at vulnerability. She moved herself about the ship by floating a few inches above the deck plates—nothing so crass, or noisy, as wheels or skis.’[8]
The pilot was small, seemingly fragile, perfectly clean and white. Perhaps she glowed somewhat. Or, thought Hazenthull, perhaps it was merely that she was so very white, that she seemed to glow in the galley’s low lighting. Certainly, she floated, a little distance above the decking, wafting forward under some noiseless compulsion.[9]
A shapely pale construction about as tall as Val Con’s sister, Theo, with a suggestion of shoulder, neck, and even face, all close to Theo width, the glow emanating largely from the top of the shoulders and the back of the could-be head. There were no sharp lines in it as the glow dimmed and the form diminished in size past suggested hips, gently into a rounded column hovering a couple inches above the carpet. The could-be face was as dark as space itself, and the glowing body provided all the illumination for the room. The lamp shifted, top leaning slightly toward them, light playing oddly about the walls, and then arms and hands came soundlessly out of the housing beneath, and Tocohl bowed, gracefully, and with the proper hand expression: Honor to the delm[1]

Seen by the Delm[]

From Dragon in Exile, ch 23

“Tocohl,” Jeeves said from behind her. “Please make your bow to Delm Korval.”
. . .The lamp shifted, top leaning slightly toward them, light playing oddly about the walls, and then arms and hands came soundlessly out of the housing beneath, and Tocohl bowed, gracefully, and with the proper hand expression: Honor to the delm
“Greetings, Korval.” The voice was female, rich and slightly accented.
“The clan increases….(kiss kiss) .. .The clan rejoices...We welcome our new daughter."
“My loyalty lies with Korval."[1]

Her voice[]

Tocohl speaks with the voice of Anne Davis, as stored in Jeeves's longterm memory. She had a slight Irish-Terran lilt, coming from New Dublin. Val Con is caught off-guard by the beloved voice.

"I wonder why you chose to give Tocohl my foster-mother's voice?"
It had been my observation, during the time I was privileged to know her," Jeeves said slowly, "that Anne Davis was able to cast calm upon, may I say overheated situations, merely by speaking. Analysis indicates that it was not necessarily the content of her comments, but the timbre and reasonance of her voice. As Tocohl was traveling into an overheated situation..."[10]
“Good waking to you, Hazenthull Explorer.” The voice was mellow, and female. She spoke Terran with a light, lilting accent. “I am Tocohl Lorlin, pilot.[11]

Her Missions[]

Edmonton Beacon, in Neogenesis

Edmonton Beacon & Six Sisters

Tocohl is a capable master pilot. With co-pilot and AI mentor Tolly Jones (Tollance Berik-Jones) and Hazenthull Explorer she pilots the upgraded scout survey ship Tarigan to Jemiatha's Station, where a fragmented Admiral Bunter is vigilant against all pirates. [12] Tocohl and Tolly situate his cranium properly in one tidy freighter ship, teach him social skills, and set his ethics, aided by mentor Inkirani Yo of the Lyre Institute [13]

Tocohl eventually realizes she has greater capability than she thought; Jeeves equipped her with hidden features. She finds it necessary to kill in defense of another at one of Edmonton Beacon’s six stations, The Greybar.[14]

Tocohl also engages to undertake a mission at Tinsori Light and is successful, supported by a few allies.[15]


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