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Redland System[]

Colemeno, Ribbon Hill and the “ambient”

Redlands System

Redlands System has three originally Liaden worlds with a mix of Terrans. The planets orbit a red dwarf. [1]The system was cut off for almost three centuries by Rostov's Dust [2] before reconnecting with the wider galaxy in Trader's Leap.[2]

  • Colemeno is the main inhabited planet, with farming and other agriculture, system administration, and a trading port. The more sedate talents live in the grid, in “Civilization” while the wild-cards live off-grid, the Haosa. It also has Ribbon Dance Hill, where a phenomenon known locally as "the ambient" enhances dramliz abilities. There is a large mosaic enhancing the facade of the council building, depicting The Arrival of the Outcasts at Colemeno Port. [3]
  • Ukarn has a mining operation.
  • Metlin is the site of a research station with Metlin Ear, long-range receivers.

Wu & Fabricant[]

Guidebook: Wu and Fabricant’s Guide to The Redlands

“The guidebook was published nearly three hundred Standards ago. At that time, The Redlands had not yet been engulfed by Dust.”[2]
“Wu and Fabricant had ascended into eloquence regarding the invigorating environment of Colemeno”[4]

Colonization History[]

The Redland System was first settled about seven hundred years ago, after the Terran AI Wars. This first wave of immigration occurred long before Rostov's Dust bubble encompassed the seventeen worlds of Arin Gobelyn’s Envidaria, which includes the three Redland planets.

“Liaden worlds?” she repeated. “At the edge of the Dust, orbiting a red dwarf?”

“It scarcely seems likely, does it? In actual fact, we ought say two parts Liaden and one part Terran, with a lovely, convoluted history, and what may be called an interesting location, now that the Dust is swirling in other patterns.”

The Scouts opened The Redlands for colonization at the end of the Terran AI Wars. Two of the three planets were quickly colonized, due to the discovery of minerals and plants and other things of interest to various small Liaden companies. The third planet attracted farmers— Liaden, and also ethnic Terrans who had been displaced by the war.”[1]

More than half the immigrants died, because they weren’t aware of the strange effects of the ambient:

“While the ambient supported and sustained Civilized and Haosa alike, it did have — as the air — the power to harm those who were too trusting of it. Trust had claimed more than half of Colemeno’s original settlers, who had neither training, nor shields, nor knowledgeable kin to protect them. They had therefore succumbed to hallucination and the effects of Chaos, and thereby died.”[5]

Safe Passage w Korval & Ixin[]

The Second Wave of colonization occurred several centuries ago, just before the Dust enveloped the seventeen worlds. At that time, the Council of Clans decided to have done with small talents, the vas'dramliz. [1]

“All those in possession of small talents were held away from joining with the Healers in their guildhall, were declared dangers to society and to the homeworld, and ordered to submit to sterilization, execution, or banishment.” [6]

Korval, Ixin, and Tanitha took the side of the vas’dramliz in Council debates. Then, when outvoted, they provided support, passage, and a safe harbor for all those small variant talents who were persecuted by insular Liadens and exiled by Council decree. [1]

The dramliz of the Redlands are likely none too pleased with the Luminous Homeworld, but they may think kindly of Clan Korval and Ixin:

Bentamin blinked thoughtfully. Tree-and-Dragon had a special place in the history of The Redlands. It might, in fact, be said that Tree-and-Dragon had made The Redlands what they were today. There had been two high clans willing to risk themselves and bring the vas’dramliz of Liad away from certain danger into an uncertain future. The Dragon and the Rabbit, so history had it—Clans Korval and Ixin—had made themselves responsible for the safety of the persecuted small talents, with the majority of ships and pilots coming from the Dragon.
It had been the Dragon who had found The Redlands, thereby providing the small talents with a home that suited them as no other could. The Redlands, Bentamin thought, were very much in debt to Clan Korval.[7] (but note that Scouts first discovered Redland system, as quoted above, so perhaps Korval found not a new place, but a safe place, for vas’dramliz)


  • Festival of the Seedlings[8]

System Planets[]

Three planets are — so far — discussed in the Redlands System

Redlands System

Planet: Colemeno[]

This planet is well populated, with Agriculture, Arts, Education, Commerce, Trade, etc. The largest population centers are on Colemeno.

The Port[]

The main (only?) spaceport on Colemeno is Colemenoport [9]

Various traders in the Dust are mentioned: the Iverson Loop, the Evrits, the Mikancy Family. The Iverson Loop includes Trader Isfelm -— the Isfelm Trade Union is a principal. (Ribbon Dance)

“Not that Colemeno had lacked for trade—the Iverson Loop was regular, as were the Evrits; the Mikancy less so—traveling from worlds likewise caught inside the cloud. Colemeno had been the terminus of their routes.” (Ribbon Dance ch 1)

The port is fairly safe. “Colemenoport is not as a rule dangerous. In addition, it has its own guard house, with a full complement of proctors, and Truthseers. There are holding cells, which Chief bennaFalm assures me are seldom in use.” (Ribbon Dance)

The Grid ("Civilization")[]

    • Arthenton Vane[8]
    • Great Hall[4]
    • The Wardian — a fortress, where the Oracle is housed and the Warden works
    • Haven City
    • The Sakuriji Council Chambers where the Council of the Civilized meet


Wilderness - with dangerously strong ambient effects

Colemeno, Ribbon Dance Hill, the ambient

Colemeno, Ribbon Dance Hill, the ambient

    • the news-tree[8]
    • Peck's Market[8], end-point of a route connecting Grid and Off-Grid[10]
“Tekelia was at Peck’s Market at a time so early the mist still clung to the treetops that marked the boundary of the Off-Grid”[10]
    • Ribbon Dance Hill[11]
    • Ribbon Dance Village[10]

Planet: Metlin[]

Metlin, Metlin Ear

Metlin research station with Metlin Ear

  • Metlin Science Station[7]
  • “Metlin Ear” (long-range radio receiver, possibly a tower near the science station)[7]
  • Bounce station, one light-year away from Metlin:
Metlin’s bounce station, one light-year distant. If the bounce station was still functional, Metlin might speedily resume communication with the wide universe. They had therefore sent a signal, and were now awaiting the bounce-back.[7]

Planet: Ukarn[]

  • a mining planet, so presumably. . .mines


the ambient[]

The “ambient” is a field which enhances dramliz abilities; stronger near Ribbon Dance Hill, on Colemeno.[12][13]

The Ribbons — ambient “streamers of translucent color” — appear in the night sky over Ribbon Dance Hill[12]


On Colemeno, the Wild dramliz dubbed Haosa live Off-Grid, where the ambient is dangerously strong. Everyone else lives on-grid, in what is called Civilization.

“If they were not Wild Talents, then this banishment Off-Grid was the kezlBlythe move against their lives. Off-Grid was no place for Civilized children, who would certainly succumb quickly to the rarification of the atmosphere, as the ancestors had so charmingly had it.” [10]


Some are members of the council — The Council of the Civilized

  • Asta vesterGranz (f)[4], Oracle to the Civilized[9]
  • Asta vesterGranz's uncle (m), the previous Oracle[9]
  • Aviz panerVekin (f)[8]
  • azieEm (f)[4] - a timid council member
  • bennaFalm (m) —Chief Valorian bennaFalm is in charge of security at Colemenoport (Ribbon Dance)
  • Bentamin chastaMeir (m)[4], Warden of the Civilized[9]
  • Bentamin chastaMeir's mother (f), the previous Warden[9]
  • Betya seelyFaire (f) - she may be a descendant of Clan Ixin[4] - a council member
  • Security Chief calpakVernil (?)[8]
  • Entilly (f)[11]
  • Essy (f)[10]
  • ivenAlyatta (?)[14] — councilor, council archivist / historian
  • Jasy (m), Sarrell's youngest, Asta's grand-nephew[9]
  • Kawli (f)[8]
  • “Majel ziaGorn (m) — Councilor, member of the Citizens Coalition, magically “deaf” (Ribbon Dance)
  • Ming tawEllir (?)[4]
  • Nersing carnYllum (m)[8]
  • ringZun (m) - he’s the Evaluation Expert, testing talents[4]
  • Sarrell (m)[9]
  • Saru bernRoanti (f)[4]
  • Sylk ezinGaril (f)[11]
  • targElmina (?)[14]
  • tryaBent (f)[4] Council member, Councilor tryaBent, Coracta tryaBent
  • Urta krogerSlyte (f) Portmaster krogerSlyte. “Master of Colemeno Port” [4]
  • vinsEben, Durella (f) former Councilor, retired, ceded by Majel ziaGorn (RD)
  • Zeni gorminAster (f)[4] — Chair of the Council of the Civilized
  • Zatorvia xinRood (f) - Torin and Vaiza’s mother (Ribbon Dance)

The corrupt kezlBlythe clan, claiming to be related to Line xinRood, a wealthy family.

  • Zandir kezlBlythe (f)[10]
  • Avryal kezlBlyth (f)
  • Jorey (m)
“xinRood as a family was prone to disaster, the most prominent being their association with kezlBlythe. In fact, it could be said with some accuracy that kezlBlythe was the disaster from which all others sprang.”[10]


Haosa are Wild Talents, Children of Chaos, super-powerful, able to live Off-Grid within strong ambient fields. See The Dramliz

  • Arbour poginGeist (f)[10]
  • Banedra (f)[15]
  • Emit torikSelter (f)[15]
  • Geritsi slentAlin (f)[8]
  • Kencia afrinBorer (m)[15]
  • Maradel arnFaelir (f)[15]
  • Tanin karPelin (m)[10]
  • Tekelia vesterGranz (n/a)[9], Speaker for the Haosa[11] Child of Chaos — cannot be touched:
“My connection to the ambient is very strong. So strong that those who touch me, even if they are shielded, are sometimes wrenched out of themselves and into the ether. Then, we need to find them and help them reenter their bodies and rebuild their center. All of that is time-consuming, beside being frightening for the person thrust into the ether. Best for all if we avoid the possibility entirely.” Tekelia bowed. “Among the Haosa, I am called a Child of Chaos. There are one or two born every generation.”[10]
  • Torin xinRood (f) about eight years old [10]
  • Vaiza xinRood (m) about eight years old [10]
  • Yferen (m)[15]
  • Dosent (f, a sokyum, a huge cat) Companion animal to Geritsi slentAlin.[10]
  • Eet (m, norbear) Grey-striped, somewhat small norbear. Companion and protector of Vaiza and Torin xinRood.[10]


  • Director qeenLemite (f)[7]
    • Research Boat Ayjak, out of Metlin [16]


Dallimere is also one of the seventeen worlds that were enveloped in the Dust. It still is in the cloud. It is not in Redland System but it trades with the Redlands, stopping at Colemeno Port.

  • Trader Isfelm - (f) ship Ember, out of Dallimere [17]
“we— the Isfelm Trade Union— are principals in the Iverson Loop. The Redlands are one anchor; the other is still deep in the Dust. We, of course, wish to expand outward.” [18]


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