Mercenary UnitsEdit

  • Lizardi's Lunatics -- Commander Angela "Liz" Lizardi, who recruited young Miri in Fighting Chance
    • All but five died at Klamath. See Misfits.
  • Higdon's Howlers -- Commander Octavius Higdon
    • Took part in the attack on DoI in Solcintra. See I Dare and Skyblaze
  • Relgen's Raiders -- Commander Relgen[1]
    • scheduled to interview the Pathfinders on Surebleak
  • The Gyrfalks / Gyrfalcons -- Senior Commander Suzuki Rialto, Junior Commander Jason Carmody.[2]
    • the unit Sergeant Miri Robertson belonged to before she retired, even though she originally recruited into Lizardi's Lunatics
  • Lytaxin Irregulars -- Captain Miri Robertson and Commander Carmody led this hastily cobbled together unit from stranded Gyrfalks and local Lytaxins when the Yxtrang attacked. Disbanded immediately afterwards. Not truly merc, perhaps...[3]


  • Lufkit "Merc Hall"[4]
  • Fendor Merc HQ[5]
    • "There is a database, Elder Brother, containing the active rolls of every unit of mercenary soldier with Command upon the planet Fendor. It is accessible from yon device."[6]
    • Registered home planet of Lizardi's Lunatics.[7]
  • Possibly a Merc Hiring Hall on Surebleak ??
    • Or was Commander Relgen of Relgen's Raiders coincidentally on planet that day, to interview the Pathfinders??[8]


  • Some merc soldiers are retiring to Surebleak to provide security at the port:

"What was strange was the number of 'Bleakers who came home after they'd got done in the merc, which Miri had always sworn she wouldn't do -- and look how good that'd worked."[9]

  • “And in the meantime,” the Judge said, jovially, “it’s not like you don’t have protection. There’s enough mercs on this planet to start a war. Or end one.”[10]
  • Retired merc commander Angela "Liz" Lizardi is Chief of Port Security: Port Security Chief Liz Lizardi considered the man in the orange coat as one might consider an insect found in a half-eaten ration bar. “I might not arrest a man for having a joke. But I do—and I require my security officers to—arrest people who are inciting to riot”[11]
  • There might be a Hiring Hall on Surebleak, given how quickly the Pathfinders connected with Commander Relgin[12]

Short StoriesEdit


Merc soldiers played a key role in several novels, especially Plan B and I Dare. They first appeared in the first novel, Agent of Change.


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