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Big Bad Hydra[]


Department Ascendant

The Department of the Interior has been the arch-villian of the Liaden Universe since the first book - Agent of Change - was published years ago. A secret organization dedicated to the ascendancy of Liad above all worlds, which would require the subversion or nullification of Korval and the disollution of the clan system.

Date of Origin?[]

Only speculation on The Department's origins, but it's been active for decades, possibly centuries:

About 240 years ago, Jethri purchased an Old Tech helmet from the Elsavair crew — who seem like the Bedel - and placed it on his head. It nearly overwhelmed him, perhaps because his genes were tweaked to make him more responsive to fractins. [1] Perhaps this device eventually fell into rogue hands and was employed to create DOI puppets?? ?

DOI implied to be centuries old:

“Perdition Enterprises [a DOI cover, prolly] had no more behind it than the willful conniving  of a failing scheme throwing the last of their money at an operation meant to justify centuries of sabotage, intrigue, and deception.”[2]

However, other clues suggest it’s not centuries old:

Commander sen’Ager “had since the very early days of the Plan, personally monitored the search for Old Technology.” (how old can she be? Is the Plan as old as the organization?)[3]
“Korval must fall. They had almost been eliminated twice now. The Commander [Bar Vad yo'Tornier] blinked. This time, perhaps. On his watch.” [4] (Perhaps destroying Korval was not always part of the Plan. History fuzzy)

Also, see Liad - Brief History section

Headquarters & Bases[]

Department of Interior Command Prime HQ
  • Command Prime Headquarters beneath Solcintra — “the underground control center that would one day be the command post for a galaxy.”[5]
  • Daglyte Seam in Runcible System[6], [7]
  • Sinfreed Hub - communications and data center [8]
  • Engthrelt and Oonabrij - purpose unclear[8]
  • “Ozpart Quick Strike Center [9]
  • Transfer Points - where a supplicant dons the helmet to become Commander of Agents. There are several such places, including Daglyte Seam. [6]
  • The fourth transfer point is the oldest, roughly carved into a small moon.[10] This is probably Hols Senneth recruiting station[11]

Objectives (Access Grid 703)[]

The Department of Interior's Objectives and Guidance (Mission Statement):

"Allegiance to a single clan is addiction to an outdated and life-threatening philosophy...Terra seeks to overpower and annihilate us....Several clans have allowed Liaden blood to become diluted and have granted these half-breeds full rights...It is the part of the intelligent person to forswear allegiance to clan, and instead to ally himself with Liad, through this department. It is the prime objective of this department to establish the supremacy of Liad and true Liadens."[12]

The Plan[]

  • Phase One: Control Liad by breaking Korval: "The Plan encompassed the breaking of Clan Korval. Break Korval and Liad wavered." [7]

  • Phase Two began with the Nev'Lorn attack [13]
“Clonak’s news indicates that, far from giving up, the Department is moving into Phase Two of the Plan...They move more openly, dispose of their enemies, disband the Council of Clans, and establish themselves as a government.[14]

Newly comfirmed Commander sen'Ager felt they'd achieved the first phase of the plan:

“Break Korval and Liad wavered. Indeed. What had they of the Department accomplished but precisely that? Korval was on its knees, banished from the homeworld, its power base destroyed. As a result, the homeworld stumbled, and became more susceptible to manipulation. Agents of the Department who had long trained for this day were even now exploiting these new advantages.” [7]

But the Department had taken a beating, at Nev'Lorn and Command Prime on Liad. The Plan needed revision. So the Commander updated the original plan with three prongs:

  1. "Prevent Korval from building a position of strength at its new base, Surebleak, while harrying those of, and those affiliated with, Korval, whenever and wherever they were encountered."
  2. "Strengthen the Department...Purchase allies."
  3. "Renew and intensify the search for operating Old Technology. Secondary Headquarters must be well defended. Impregnable." [7]


The mantra of cool-headed logic is recited when needed [15] [16] Agent sig’Alda found himself reciting the formula: "Dispassion. Control. Calculation. Success." [17]

“She closed her eyes, reviewed one of the top-level exercises, and sighed to feel cold objectivity flow into her. Yes. With another breath, she allowed the Department’s mantra to rise and weave its spell: Dispassion. Control. Calculation. Success. Yes, exactly.”[18]

DOI Ships[]

sleek corsairs that look very similar to Scout ships, only black

Clarence grabbed a close-up of one of the ships in question— “They look like Scout ships, Bechimo!” “Yes—they do. They are nearly indistinguishable and likely of Liaden origins; perhaps of the same shipyards, else they are built to confuse, which is a significant probability.”[19]
“The three corsair-class ships are near stealthcraft and match the design details of the ship which attacked me during your rescue.” [19]

Old Tech & Logics[]

The Department employs Old Tech created by the Great Enemy Sheriekas. They search for The Uncle, an expert in Old Tech, [20] and raid the Scouts’ warehouses of forbidden technology, locked away in stasis storage. [21] The DoI also hunts self-aware ships and other Independent Logics, like Bechimo. [22]

"This Department of the Interior. They wished to have the galaxy under their control, and they saw in the works of the Oldest Enemy the means to bring their ambition to fruition."[23]
"twelve dozen wires pierced her skull and sunk, burning, into her brain"[6]
"This room - that chair - downloads the Commander of Agents"[24]

Council of Clans[]

The Department employs covert elements in the Council of Clans — an organization that has long proven susceptible to bribes and blandishments

In SY 1119, almost three centuries ago, Clan Rinork had spies in the Council, and employed disgraced Scouts as couriers[25]

"Meanwhile, at the Council of Clans, the Protocol Officer, long ago subverted by the Department, consulted with the Speaker..." [26] (Council Protocol Officer Her Nin yo'Vestra?)
“You need only mind the Department’s interests with the Council of Clans. Advisories and information will be delivered to you at the appropriate times.” [27]

Anti Scout[]

Breath’s Duty excerpt

Some members of the Council —perhaps planted — display fascist nationalistic attitudes, diametrically opposed to values espoused by the Scouts:

“There's always been a faction in the Council of Clans that wants to shut funding for the scouts off, or reduce it. Some of them don't want us doing anything that might benefit Terrans"[28]

Perhaps the DoI incited a rift within the Scouts, or simply exacerbated the rift already present back in SY 1119, when Jethri’s notebook — with Arin’s notes on Old Tech — was stolen. Scout Captain Jan Rek ter'Astin told Jethri someone within the Scouts — allied with a group outside the Scouts — took it from a secure Scout lock-up, with permission:

“That notebook and some related material have been appropriated— or perhaps misappropriated— by an internal agency allied with our organization. They’ve removed it from our facilities and taken it, we believe, in order to take control of several other pieces of property which may be forbidden technology...Some of the permissions given to make this happen came from levels well up within my (Scout) organization. ”[29]
"The name of the problem is the Department of the Interior; their purpose is to eat the Scouts, among other things."[28]

The Department monitors Scout Net comm channel[28] They attacked The Scouts at Nev'Lorn auxiliary HQ, [21] , [30], [28]

Anti Korval[]

The Department fears Clan Korval and have taken steps to diminish the clan.

Excerts Carpe Diem, Plan B

“Of all the Clans, only Korval might mount a respectable military threat against Liad without allies.”[31]

“We have considered eliminating the current leader, Nova yos'Galan. The house is tainted with Terran blood”[32]
“The Plan encompassed the breaking of Korval. Break Korval and Liad wavered."[7]


The Department needs many operatives: Spies, assassins, doctors, healers, dramliz, accountants, technicians, agent provocateurs / political manipulators and the rare super-powered Agent of Change. Recruitment Officers steal Liadens of all skills as needed, from all clans, including scouts active and thought eklykt’i, and distort them into mindless puppets.

The Department also steals pilots from Low Port, Solcintra [33][34] and off-world Liadens, as done in 1387 to Rys Lin pen'Chala, a young pilot[35]

In SY 1346 — almost 50 years ago — numerous pilots disappear from Low Port.[36] It is the Captain’s responsibility to walk Low Port once a year, for the Passenger’s safety, [37] so when eight Pilots disappear, Chi yos'Phelium sends nadelm Daav yos'Phelium to investigate. He meets new Juntavas Boss Clarence O'Berin, engaged in the same mission. They capture an agent spitting anti-Terran venom. For some time afterwards, it seems the pilot-stealing stops, but Daav likened the villain to a hydra, and they never find the mastermind.[34], [33]

Daav’s POV Mouse & Dragon excerpt

Mouse & Dragon excerpt

Pilot Lore — pilots vanishing in the Out:

“It was Plemia lost an elder pilot in the Out," yo'Taler was saying. "The most curious affair imaginable. She had delivered her cargo, and taken on the return, went onto the port for a bite and a glass— and never returned to her ship. It was like the port swallowed her up." [38]
"I've got pilots— solid, port-worthy pilots who know how to keep clean— coming in from Out and Farther Out. They're telling the same tale, all independent of the other." He shrugged, bringing his shoulders high and letting them drop suddenly, nothing at all like a proper Liaden shrug. "Ghost stories— that's what I got."[39]

Low Port pilot-snatching swells again, even into Mid Port.[33] Daav investigates again, nearly dying because he "had a bounty on his head" -Aelliana and Clarence O'Berin rescue him.[40] (Likely the DoI was responsible, stipulating they are behind the "Someone who is trying to set themselves up as boss" of Low Port[40][41]

“At worst, I will verify that we stand against ghosts who lure the unsuspecting into the mists and steal their self-will.”[33]

Collecting Lucks[]

The Commander sent Tarona Rusk and other dramliz to entrance anyone with a gift for The Luck. This happened to Mar Tyn eys'Ornstahl and many others from Low Port Solcintra and elsewhere. The were “taken” by “the collector” and never seen again, in most cases.

"Taken?" she asked, her voice thin.  "Taken where?" "That we never knew," Mish said.  "We said taken, you know, not dead, because there were never no bodies found.  People just– vanished.  Just like, the Hall Master said, somebody was making a collection of Lucks.  We thought there was someone daft enough to believe, if they had all the Lucks, than no one would be so lucky as them." [42]

Making a Mindless Agent[]

Department Puppet

Loyal Operatives

“The agents of change, the directors, the field agents. . .each and all had their minds broken, and rebuilt into the Department’s image by a combination of torture and the dramliz arts. Others —the majority of those recruited —were kept. . .complacent and unquestioning by the dramliz, most usually Healers, who had been assigned to each posting. We made certain that there were no questions, that all were convinced of their importance to the Plan, and of the Commander’s specific and personal regard for them.” [43]

There were, as we know, several steps necessary in order to produce an agent. First, there are the tangible tortures which are applied during training. Once the proto-agent is in a malleable state—confused, in pain, and frightened—someone with the necessary skill binds them to an . . . an alternate reality—”[44]

A machine Old Tech “learning” helmet:

"The only thing the machine did was eradicate, totally, the prime personality....The person was gone, irretrievably, though the body might live on to a very old age."[45] (But the prime personality is not truly gone, for some at least)

Wizards reinforce the process, especially “Mistress” Tarona Rusk:

"Once the proto-agent is in a malleable state - confused, in pain, and frightened - someone with the necessary skill binds them to alternate reality...To a lie."[44]

The pain is Torturous. A horrific subversion process, as Val Con yos'Phelium -- and perforce his lifemate Miri -- relived it via Rys and The Bedel's immersion dream simulation:

“...a blare of agony so encompassing that she didn’t hear her own scream. It was like — it was like hot lead being poured directly into her heart; it was like a million knives slicing into her brain, excising memories, stitching in patches with burning needles . . . she was disappearing; she was being remade, by blade and fire, and everything she’d ever known was twisted; she was twisted...”[46]

💊After the machine does its mind-control thing, and after the dramliz do the dirty, top agents are regularly treated with drugs, by specialists in biomed and exotic pharmaceuticals[47]

Loopy Agents[]

Agent of Change- Probability Loop

The Department's Probability Loop - "the greatest of all an Agent's weapons"[48] [49]

"The Loop was the secret weapon of the Department of the Interior, an impartial mental computer implanted only in the best of its agents. Its guidance was essential to the Department's ascendancy over the enemies of Liad. It was an essential part of training. Training could not be broken."[49]

The Loop might be powered by human spirituality, creativity:

"I don’t dream...I believe that the — energy — generated by certain nonsurvival functions is what fuels the Loop."... "Like, maybe, dreaming? Or sex-drive?" He closed his eyes, nodding. "Or music. Or the very faintest of — paranormal talent...The night we met was the first time I made music in nearly four years." [50]
“I am fairly certain it is not a physical artifact implanted in my brain....the tissue tends to reject an implanted machine eventually....I believe that it must be more like a- master program, superimposed”[51]

Loop Subroutines[]

The Loop’s probability routine — measures and displays Chance of Mission Success (CMS) and Chance of Personal Survival (CPS). [52]

"To some extent, it served as a predictor of coming action, and a strategy program."[53]

its energizing routine[54] — if Agent is exhausted

its self-destruct subroutine, with other core mandates to ensure loyalty "to his mission, to the Department, and to the Plan"[55]

If an agent suddenly regains true mind, or capture seems certain, the Loop initiates death:

"She accepted the Loop's Final Routine, suiciding to avoid capture."[56]

Loop’s Recapture Phrase
Coded into the loop, as with Rys Lin pen’Chala and Agent yos’Phelium:

"There is a set sequence of phrase and echo built into Agent yos'Phelium's Loop. When you present the beginning of the sequence, he will respond- he must. If you continue, he must continue. At the conclusion of this sequence, yos'Phelium will be as a tractable imbecile: He will follow orders without question." [57]
“Vaslet kyr novin Rys Lin pen’Chala.” It was nonsense, neither Liaden nor Terran nor any other language in his ken. He ignored it . . . tried to ignore it, yet the words had a peculiar, poisonous resonance. He struggled— struggled against the poison, for his liberty— And all at once he ceased to struggle, his muscles turned to water, and his thoughts to misty dreaming. “Excellent,” the woman said, releasing him. [58]

Agent Equipment[]

Top agents are equipped with scout-class ships, credit cards, an electronic picklock, explosives, and other assassin's tools (pins, blades, garrots, doodads, wire, poisons, little pillows of acid), etc.[59]

"The Department used MemStim. It induced perfect recall in the agent being debriefed; it was not a painless process, even when the dose was small and properly administered." [60]

Timeline of Attacks - Spoilers[]


(Dates from text or Timeline)

Early Attacks on Korval[]

The DOI threatened Korval long before Plan B went into effect, perhaps as far back as Daav’s mother, Chi yos'Phelium. As the Commander of Agents said, "Actions reducing the leadership of Korval have occurred in the past. The timing of a new trimming must be weighed carefully.”[61]

In SY 1346, Korval Herself, Chi yos'Phelium, takes notice when eight pilots disappear from Low Port.[36] She sends nadelm Daav yos'Phelium to investigate. He meets young new Juntavas Boss Clarence O'Berin, engaged in the same mission. They capture an agent, but learn nothing.[34], [33]

SY 1355, [36] Daav’s mother and Sae Zar yos'Phelium (a'thodelm master trader) are murdered on Ganjir. Thodelmae Petrella yos'Galan survives, but suffers a slow death by radiation poisoning,[62] dying in 1360.[36]

“Viewed by the illumination of hindsight, it is possible that your grandmother, my mother, was murdered by an action of this very Department of the Interior. That trail, though, is long cold. Unless we recover an archive . . .”[63]
Plan B excerpt
“The deliberate strike against Korval in his grandmother’s day had further reduced them... now, they were dangerously few”[64]
“The Department of Interior had long been aware of the danger presented by Clan Korval, that maverick and most oddly successful of clans. The Department of Interior had taken measures—bold measures—in the past, with an eye toward nullifying Korval’s menace.” (Commander of Agents POV)[65]

Standard Year 1360[66] To destroy evidence of a common mother tongue, Fil tor Kinrea [67]bombs a Terran University’s Language Department, [68], murders Jin Del yo'Kera, Galactic Linguist at Solcintra University,[69] and kidnaps linguist Anne Davis and her half-breed son Shan[68], almost three years old.[70] (DOI is suspected because fascist cause and because Kinrea has no sparkles and flat dead-eyes —like an Agent of Change)

Just before Aelliana dies, Daav notes increased port crime:

“Things had changed: The ports had grown chancier; Terran ports, if one were Liaden, chancier still. Ride the Luck carried weapons now...The Low Port pushed at its limits, reaching stealthy fingers out toward Mid Port's plump pockets, to the point that the Portmaster fielded more proctors, and the Pilots Guild offered warnings to those newly arrived, on a street-by-street basis.”[71]

Aelliana takes a supposedly Terran bullet, intended for Daav.[72] (timeline differs from some texts, slightly)

"Aelliana had been two years short of her 36th Name Day when she had been murdered; they had only eight years the flesh."[73]

Within a year, Daav departs Liad for Terran world Delgado, seeking Balance:

"Since... the one who had employed the assassin so earnestly wished me to look to Terra for my villain, I could scarcely do less than accommodate him....Aelliana would never have wanted me to start a war in her name -- even had it been absolutely certain that her death was called by Terra. Which it was by no means." [74]

circa 1382,[36] Anne Davis is killed by racist Terrans, manipulated by the DoI. Er Thom yos'Galan dies a year later, of heartbreak.[75]

An agent gloats over the murder of Aelliana which caused Daav to disappear, and the murder of Anne, which led to the death of Er Thom:“Yes, yes,” the agent crooned. “We had seen it, with his uncle, with his father. Cut one and the other bleeds. Kill one, and both die.”[76]

"Clonak, my father wishes to know the name of Korval’s great enemy, that murdered his brother and his brother’s lifemate. You can tell him that, can’t you?” The older scout tipped his head. “Already did, but I don’t mind repeating it: Department of the Interior." [77]

Shan and Padi discuss his parents and Aelliana - their death:

“But that had been the Terran Party,” she said, and stopped, brought up short. “It was the Department of the Interior? So long ago as that?” “So I believe, looking at events through the lens of what we now know. Master Er Thom knew that the clan was a target.” [78]

Agent of Change Val Con yos'Phelium[]

Val Con yos'Phelium was subverted. "A most successful Agent, Val Con yos’Phelium."[79]

His “recruitment” was a five-year program”[80] but he had been an agent detached from Scouts four years when he met Miri Robertson [81]

“The culmination — the recruitment of Korval’s young nadelm into the Department and the subsequent redesign of that same Val Con yos'Phelium into an Agent of Change.”[79]

Scout Commander Clonak ter'Meulen "fed" Val Con to the enemy:

“Well, of course we gave you to them, Shadow! Who else did we have more likely to trump them than a first-in, pure-blood yos’Phelium scout commander? Concentrated random action. Would we waste such a weapon? Would you? [82]
Concentrated random action Luck

After “more than three years" detached duty with the DoI[83] on Day 242 SY 1392 (see pinbeam Edger sent Nova)[84] Val Con leaves Lufkit Prime Station on a Clutch vessel, wherein he begins to win himself back, with help from lifemate Miri and via the L'apeleka Clutch discipline:[85]

"a way of reaffirming oneself. Of celebrating proper thought."[85]

DoI seeks Val Con, but he's with Miri on low-tech Vandar from autumn SY 1392[86]to Winterfair 1393[87] -eight months on Vandar. [88]

Agents go to Trealla Fantrol seeking rogue agent yos’Phelium (because Nova logged in with his access code, which precipitated her decision to enact Plan B). Anthora yos'Galan and Jeeves refuse entry.[89]

At Vandar’s Winterfair, Agent sig’Alda attempts to reprogram Val Con with a callback phrase while Shan telepathically warns him that Nova initiated Plan B. Val Con dances L'apeleka, faltering at sig'Alda's code words, but remembering “Carpe Diem.

“Carpe Diem. ..The words were like bright sun, burning away the fog. In the instant of answering, he recognized the L'apeleka dance named "Accepting the Lance."[90]

Agent confronts Miri Robertson. Val Con intercedes. Injured, sig’Alda loopicides, partly due to accelerants and Cloud.[91]

After "Seeing" friend Hakan Meltz, Val Con takes Miri to Lytaxin on sig’Alda’s ship, renamed "Fosterling" [92], [93]

While Miri and Val Con are on Vandar, the Clutch and the Juntavas are seeking them, offering aid and comfort. The Department is seeking him. Jen Sar Kiladi is seeking him. Nova is seeking him.

Juntavas Announcement Carpe Diem & Breath’s Duty

Galaxy-Wide Announcement

In SY 1392, the DoI incites a civil war on Lytaxin, to break Korval’s oldest ally, Erob.

“The various actions against Korval, including fomenting revolution on the world of Korval’s oldest trade partner, were necessary to reduce Korval’s influence and bring about the true ascendancy of Liad.”[94]

Kea Tiazan, an Erob pilot intended for contract marrige to yos'Phelium, is shot by Clan Kenso.

"one string, not yet strung to the bow of the alliance, was now gone."[95]
“Erob became a target because of its ties with Korval. They will try again.”[96]

the Mercs- The Gyrfalks — are fighting for Clan Erob, having months ago boarded ship for Lytaxin when Miri and VC boarded the Clutch ship[97]

Meanwhile, DoI agents torture Win Ton yo'Vala for access to Bechimo. He escapes, helped by the key. Scouts take him to Nev'Lorn Hq for debriefing.[21]

The DoI attacks The Scouts at Nev'Lorn [98] Caylon’s ship Ride the Luck joins the battle. [99]

“the Department of the Interior mounted an armed attack against a scout base and dozens of his comrades are dead of it.” [100]

Meanwhile, as per Plan B, Clan Korval is lying low, preparing to regroup.

Plan B Retreat & Regroup[]

Excerpt, I Dare

SY 1392: Not long after reading the DoI's objectives via Access Grid 703[101] Korval’s First Speaker Nova yos'Galan puts Plan B into effect:[102]

"It means that Korval is in deadly danger," that Dutiful Passage must become a battleship, "that we evacuate Liad..."[103]
The DoI sends Council Protocol Officer Her Nin yo'Vestra to subvert Kareen yos'Phelium at home, right before she departed Liad. She kills him. [104]
"He attempted to bribe me to overthrow the Line Direct in favor of my heir!"[104]
“The clan vanished — ships, children, servants, and pets — all, all gone from Liad. Not quite all.”[105]

Day 286, SY 1392, Teriste: Pat Rin yos'Phelium cannot access his bank funds at Teriste, so he gambles to win, until Agents try seducing him with Korval’s ring, hailing him “Korval”

“All your kin are dead" - (but instead, all these operatives die )[106]

Meanwhile, Agents infiltrate Korval’s warehouses and sabotage the weapons stored there. Adhering to Plan B, Shan yos'Galan orders those same weapons installed on Dutiful Passage, never guessing they would explode:

“Weapons pod six has been -- mined. Booby-trapped. Sabotaged while in storage.”[107]

Meanwhile, Boss Conrad is uniting Surebleak, from arrival on Day 307 SY1392 until Day 54 1393, Solcintra Skyblaze — about 131 days, given the glossary definition of 384 days in a Liaden year equaling 96 Standard days. Four relumma equal one year.”[108]

Meanwhile, the 14th Conquest Corps of Yxtrang is attacking Lytaxin, because the DOI-provoked civil war weakened it, easy prey. Nelirikk pledges loyalty to Line yos'Phelium. Dutiful Passage and Dragon's Tooth pod outwit the Yxtrangships in orbit, until alll Yxtrang ships flee from arriving Clutch vessel. Val Con nearly dies when high-jacking a Yxtrang fighter jet, and Clonak ter'Meulen's daughter dies, but the Lytaxin Irregulars and The Mercs vanquish the remaining grounded Conquest Corps.[109]

Somewhere around this time, Agents try to intrude on Jelaza Kazone, to no avail. [110]

Meanwhile, on Day 44 SY 1393, a DoI ship shadows a Juntavas courier delivering Pat Rin's bank funds in Surebleak space.[111] Several days later, Pat Rin obtains ships for Surebleak’s planetary defense net from Korval shipstacks in the Sherzer System -- eight asteroid miners in remarkably good repair marked “reserved”[112]

Day 47: DoI ships fire on Fortune’s Reward in Surebleak space. Alone at the boards, Pat Rin fires back, destroying at least one ship.[113]

Day 50 SY 1393 the Clutch Turtles heal Val Con and Miri[114] and shortly after Diglon and Hazenthull pledge fealty to Captain Miri Robertson and Line yos’Phelium.

If a captain so wise in war will accept our oaths and weapons, we will serve her until our last bullet is spent.”[115]

Daav yos'Phelium and Aelliana Caylon are reunited with their son. Nova arrives and the ring passes. [116] Immediately afterward, operatives infiltrate Erob’s grounds, hunting Val Con, but they fail. “Agent of Change Beldyn chel’Mara” suicides. Doi loses four operatives total, and a ship. [117]

Days 54-59, 1393: Skyblaze[]

Flaran Cha’menthi I Dare

Korval’s Motto: I Dare

Agents capture dea'Gauss at the Accountant’s Guild, but he follows Chi yos'Phelium’s defense protocols, presaged decades ago.[118]

“The dea’Gauss had deprived the Department of three Agents, each dispatched with a precise shot to the head.”[119]

Anthora in dramliz box at Council Hall, trapped but for Merlin and Ren Zel. She shoots proctor and escapes. [120]

Clan Korval confronts the Department on Liad, led by Pat Rin yos'Phelium with backup from The Scouts, the Clutch Turtles, the Juntavas, and The Mercs, charging them with kin stealing, murder, etc. The Department responds:

“A team of Agents had been sent to the Council of Clans, with orders to arm the devices in place. Likewise at the Council of Clans, the Protocol Officer, long ago subverted by the Department, consulted with the Speaker on the precise placing of Balance against Anthora yos’Galan, who had casually and brutally murdered an unarmed Council Proctor. ..A second team of Agents, augmented by Departmental sharpshooters, was en route to Low Port, explosives and coordinates to hand. Another full team of Agents was attempting to invest Korval’s valley, while others undertook the infiltration of Higdon’s Howlers."[121]

DOI is routed from Low Port and Command Prime beneath Solcintra.

Korval mining ships blaze down into Solcintra from space to halt Old Tech ASPS, utterly obliterating Command Prime Headquarters - a "Skyblaze"[122]

Slightly over half the Council of Clans judge Korval at fault and banish the clan

Some Scouts side with the Council, others with Korval —- a schism in The Scouts.

The Department is now utterly determined to bring down Korval.

Plan B, I Dare, Accepting Lance, Trader’s Leap

Attacks on Surebleak & Bechimo[]

🚀 - indicates strikes against Bechimo

Day 202, 1393: Korval moves to Surebleak. Some scouts follow —- the Surebleak Scouts. However, Commander of Agents sen'Ager doesn’t rest:

"If the Department wished to rid itself of this impediment to the Plan, then it must strike while Korval was most vulnerable."[7]

She sends hunter ships to Runig's Rock, seeking Korval children and elders. They fail, but damage the safe house. ( Hidden Resources)

Ghost Ship full cover art

Bechimo rescues Theo, Ghost Ship cover

🚀The Department attempts to kidnap or kill Theo Waitley and to steal or destroy her self-aware ship Bechimo on and near Tokeoport[123]

Ride the Luck is targeted while docked on Surebleak, “in answer for her role at Nev’Lorn.” [124] Clarence foils that hit[63]

On Surebleak, Agent Isphet bar’Obin[125] and Agent Rys Lin pen'Chala[126] plan an attack. At a party at Jelaza Kazone, Otts Clark confronts pregnant Delmae Miri, but Theo dances[127]

After the strike at Jelaza Kazone failed, the Commander pulls all her agents off Surebleak cuz lost element of surprise.[128] Yet Agent Isphet bar’Obin stays and attempts to make Rys blow up the new school. Rys wins free of mind control, with The Bedel’s help. Syl Vor yos'Galan dances.[129]

Agents try to subvert Hakan and Kemmie Meltz on Vandar[130] (Prodigal Son)

Agents mortally wound Daav yos'Phelium at Moonstruck pod 78, but The Uncle...[131] Yet DOI does utterly destroy Ride the Luck. [132]

🚀DoI hunter ships attempt to box in Bechimo at Liaden outworld Ynsolt’i, allied with Orsec - orbital security, Ynsolt'i Military. The Struven is damaged but Bech escapes.[19]

Orsec Twelve: “You are wearing the Tree-and-Dragon and we are a Liaden society here. Tree-and-Dragon has fired on the homeworld, and been banished for it!”[19]
“Bechimo, Korval cannot aid you here. You must cease firing and permit us to board. We are from Liad’s Department of the Interior. Your only hope to survive this system is to turn yourself over to proper representatives of Liad!” [19]

Clan worries. Theo ignores pinbeams from Val Con and Shan to “come home”

Agent Ban Del ser'Lindri and four others attempt to kidnap Kamele Waitley when Hoselteen docks at Yonimiko-Chan station.[133] She jumps ship and boards The Judy, working her fare to Surebleak.[134]

Dragon Ship full cover art

Theo bonding w Bechimo

🚀At Jemiatha's Station, Galactic Trade Commission kidnaps Kara ven'Arith and Clarence O'Berin

"We will release the station and your crew in exchange for Bechimo."[135]
"The GTC had taken her off Tokeoport; but they had been after Arin’s Toss, Uncle’s ship . . .Was the GTC in league with this Department of the Interior?" Theo wonders. (DoI perhaps assumed alias of GTC — see comment)

In response, Theo becomes bonded captain and, at Win Ton's suggestion, Jemiatha’s graveyard ships are roused to action. Admiral Bunter is born, downloaded into 13 computers in seven ships. He bombs Donihue's Docent.[135][136]

Tree & Dragon Tradeships[]

(events in Alliance of Equals)

Dutiful Passage at risk. All Tree & Dragon trade ships feel the pressure. The Department attempts to destroy Korval's business reputation as Tree-and-Dragon Trading, in some places successfully[137]

DoI ships attempt to take Korval trade ship Pale Wing on the approach to Liltander, a busy trade hub.[138]

Padi yos'Galan arrested by Chesselport Security.[139] Unclear - did DOI bribe someone?? (see comments)

Alliance of Equals excerpt Dutiful Passage Langlast

seed-bombs excerpt, Alliance of Equals

Langlast Orbit & Langlast port:

Captain Mendoza at helm when a (bewitched?) customs officer releases “military-grade pods, seed-bombers which would have explosively released clouds of small, limpetlike bombs, which would then attach to the hull of Dutiful Passage and explode...”[140]

Broadbeam it and send direct to the Trade Guild, the Pilots Guild, and to Langlast Port Authority.[141]

Simultaneously, on port, dramliza Tarona Rusk attempts to subvert Shan yos'Galan:

“You will be a jewel in the crown of the Department’s recruitment program.”

And simultaneously, Tarona’s agents go after Padi, to subvert her for the Department. Meanwhile, crewman Vanner Higgs is killed. [142]

Sit Rep - Spoilers[]

The situation as it stands at the end of Neogenesis - spoilers up through and including Neogenesis:

Korval’s coffers are lighter. Skyblaze and the move to Surebleak cost them, in cantra, allies, and business associates. The rest of the wide galaxy looks upon Korval’s attack on Liad with questions and concern. But Theo Waitley is become bonded captain. Bechimo did rebuild Win Ton yo'Vala.[22] Spiral Dance is home, with little tree. And Daav yos'Phelium and Aelliana Caylon are returned in good health to Korval. “Daaneka tey’Doshi and Kor Vid yos’Phelium” [143]

The Department of the Interior is still a power, even though the director lost agents and accounts and Old Tech, along with the element of invisibility. The Department is still in the fight, and relentless, even while Surebleak Scouts are hunting the agents.

"DOI operatives still sat their posts and held to their last-received orders. There were folks working on that—notably the Scouts, who felt that what happened at Nev’Lorn reason enough—but that didn’t change the fact that there were a good number of dangerous people out there in the wide galaxy who held a considerable grudge against Korval.[144]

DoI is spread thin and taking on too much:

"Following Korval's attack upon the Department's Liaden headquarters, there were not so many agents -- at all"[145]
“According to the Scouts, the new commander of agents had set about recruiting more operatives.”[146]
“If I understand the matter correctly, they’re also in pursuit of the Scouts, and not too pleased with the Juntavas, neither...What I take from this is that they’re spread just a little thin, the DOI, while those they’re in pursuit of are starting to solidify their bases and pull in new allies. You take Theo as captain, you become part of the group that’s getting stronger.”[147]

The DoI has a newly re-formed Salvage Team, seeking out Old Tech, to replace the tech and the experts Korval destroyed beneath Solcintra. But not so easy to steal it any more:

"The Scouts had. . . sealed and now actively patrolled the treasure house of Old Technology that they had been gathering for so many centuries."[3]

With Korval removed, planet Liad is vulnerable from an economic angle:

“Were Korval to abandon Liad and accept sanctuary from Terra, the balance long in favor of Liaden trade missions and Liaden expansion would be at risk. The children of yos’Galan were half-Terran.”[148]
“The world [Liad] in some measure, required Korval...a clan which held controlling interest in a triple-dozen industries was no part of the Department’s Plan that Liad should be made bankrupt. It was all to the Department’s good that Liaden economy flourish and expand.”[149]
Rys Lin pen'Chala - his names

Rys leads strike team

Former Agent of Change Val Con yos'Phelium still has inside knowledge of the Department, along with former agent Rys Lin pen'Chala /Rys Newman, and four more former operatives: Vazineth ser'Trishan, Sye Mon van'Kie, Claidyne ven'Orikle, and Bon Vit Onida. The five will strike at the Department’s core, while Val Con stays home, as a decoy. [150]

"They were away, the five champions the Luck had selected to bring an end to Korval's...most recent...enemy, and his part -- uncharacteristic for Korval -- to sit in plain sight, and do nothing."[151]

The Juntavas now openly and uniformly oppose the Department:

“New Juntavas policy, straight from Chairman Reallan: whenever the Juntavas meets with operatives of the Department of the Interior, we’re taking them out. They’re no good for anybody’s business.”[152]

Dramliza Tarona Rusk is getting set to destroy her captors in the DOI:

"I have key and codes, and knowledge, and I mean to use them well...I thank you for the gift of my life, and the opportunity to achieve Balance within it."[153]
“That Witch will take a hundred lives,” Lute commented, “and confound your enemies, also.”[153]

Young Padi yos'Galan has accepted her inner dragon. She’s a powerful dramliza. [153]

And...the Luck !? The Uncle’s “sister” Tassi /Seignur Veeoni posits that Surebleak has become a safe place of refuge:

“Surebleak shelters Clan Korval, making the entire planet "The Dragon's Lair" and as such, the planet is inside a consistent and quiescent field of Luck -- captured by the gravitational field.”[154]


Major SPOILERS for Accepting the Lance and Trader's Leap novels

Perdition Enterprises /DOI agents fail at hiring mercs and Yxtrang to attack Korval [155]

Dozens of Healers are freed from mind-control when dramliza “Mistress” Tarona Rusk is freed by Shan yos'Galan (in Alliance of Equals). The Healers, once freed, free others, or kill /capture those lost to envy and hatred [156]

Scouts Accepting the Lance excerpt

Surebleak Scouts (and possible Liaden Scouts?) eradicate DOI bases:

“The Scouts, the damned meddling Scouts, ever more temerarious, brazenly pursuing their agenda of eradication. Not satisfied with the destruction of Sinfreed Hub, the Department’s last intact communications and data center, the Scouts had pressed on, capturing Engthrelt and Oonabrij. [8]
Accepting the Lance full cover art

Bechimo and Old Tech; Accepting the Lance cover

“Six of us” — Rys, Claidyne, and Vazineth infiltrate the Department. Commander of Agents sends Old Tech ships to Surebleak space, to rain hell on the planet. But Sye Mon and Bon Vit.[157] And Team Bechimo. And maybe The Luck. [11]

Tarona Rusk does her proper business, dealing death to DOI directors and recruiters. [158]

Aberthaz Ferry takes Commander of Agents for a ride. Old Tech Hols Senneth recruiting station /transfer point is obliterated — the Ancient Enemy’s device is gone[159]

Surebleak Scouts, led by elder Scout Strategist yo’Vremil and collaborating with new DOI Commander Claidyne ven'Orikle, begin shutting down all DOI bases:

“The message is from one Claidyne ven’Orikle, who styles herself Commander and states that she will be overseeing the transition. She offers to work with the Scouts for the orderly shutdown of Department of the Interior systems and outposts, and the proper care of personnel.” Scout yo’Vremil paused. . .[160]

Rys Newman takes a mortal blow. But. ..[161]

DOI agents infiltrate Surebleak and cause mayhem under the guise of “Boss Surebleak” - who also attempts to murder Korval. But. . .[161]

Surebleak gets a vote [161]

Lady yo'Lanna of Clan Justus comes to Surebleak[161]

TerraTrade completes its survey[161]

Game over!? Meanwhile, Clan Korval is not shrinking any more, despite all the Department has done. See Clan Korval- Newest Clan Members section: Clan Korval#Newest Clan Members

DoI Commanders[]

  • Commander of Agents Bar Vad yo'Tornier, Solcintra -- dead[162]
  • Commander of Agents Iridyce sen'Ager -- Promoted from Fourth Commander position when superiors died [6]


  • Sub-Commander Chona pel'Bisit (f) — Assassinated by Tarona Rusk.

    So it was that Chona pel’Bisit died in her sleep—an aneurysm in the brain—and the universe was spared any more of her particularly loathsome cruelties. Surely, Tarona Rusk thought, ironically, the universe was grateful. [163]

  • Captain Baz Lyr ten’Veila — probably originally a scout captain, he seduced and recruited Tarona Rusk. Once freed, she killed him[164]
  • Tarona Rusk - Section Head, “Mistress” of the Dramliz section.[165] A powerful dramliza who drew power from dozens of human batteries[166]

DoI Roster[]

All personnel, all levels. (Work in progress) 🌟Freed from DoI control and seeking balance

  • 🌟Aei Vin (m) -- A member of Tarona Rusk's network. Freed when Shan healed Tarona Rusk.[167]
  • Agent lar'Adrin -- (first name ?) -- bought Rys Lin pen'Chala from Jasin's brother, off Momma Liberty, fate unknown[35]
  • Agent pen'Chouka (m) — (first name?) He sought to recruit Yxtrang Ambassador Vepal to attack Clan Korval, see also his “assistant” thug, Agent ter'Menth,[168]
  • Agent ter'Fendil -- ( first name ?) -- originally a member of The Scouts, he used his training to find Old Tech for DoI. Captured by Val Con yos'Phelium and Anthora yos'Galan. Last seen alive, his fate is unclear [169]
  • Agent ter'Menth — (f) sought to intimidate Yxtrang Ambassador Vepal to join Perdition Enterprises attack on Clan Korval, see also Recruitment Agent pen'Chouka,[168]
  • Aph Zed (m) -- A member of Tarona Rusk's network. Died of separation trauma when Shan healed Tarona Rusk.[170]
  • Ban Del ser’Lindri - "befriended" Kamele Waitley on her trip to Surebleak, almost certainly an agent. Fate unknown[171]
  • Baz Lyr ten'Veila (m) -- Captain, prolly originally a Scout. He ensnared dramliza Tarona Rusk. She assassinated him after Shan freed her.[164]
  • Beldyn chel'Mara Clan Aragon -- dead by suicide. She'd been a scout once.[172] (Related to the chel'Mara who lost Ride the Luck to Aelliana)
  • 🌟Bon Vit Onida -- free, with coordinates to Secondary Headquarters. He gladly lost three decades to remove dark seed in his soul[150] In away mission strike team, he partners with Sye Mon van'Kie[157]
  • 🌟Caz Dor vin'Athen -- A member of Tarona Rusk's network; a Healer. Freed when Shan healed Tarona Rusk.[173]
  • Chona pel'Bisit (f) -- Sub-Commander. Guilty of many atrocities. Assassinated by Tarona Rusk.[174]
  • 🌟Claidyne ven'Orikle -- DoI Director, now free via Bedel dream device. She has her soul pinned together with Anthora’s dagger. Seeking Balance. She has the location of the quaternary transfer point and the entry codes. [150][175] She partners with Rys and Vazineth ser'Trishan on “Six of Us” mission [10]
  • Desa ven'Zel -- female agent in Friend of a Friend who accosts Villy at Ms. Audrey's House of Joy in order to get info on Quin yos'Phelium[176]
  • 🌟Fel Pin (m) -- Tarona Rusk's second in command of the dramliz section. Freed when Shan healed Tarona Rusk.[167]
  • Her Nin yo'Vestra -- Kareen yos'Phelium's oldest lover, he attended her party intended to disgrace Aelliana [177]. Protocol Officer for Council of Clans, appointed to the League for the Purity of Language. Shot dead.[104]
  • 🌟Hosilee ver'Fonat (f) -- A member of Tarona Rusk's network; a Healer. Freed when Shan healed Tarona Rusk. Called shortly afterward to attend to the Commander of Agents, she took the opportunity to nudge the Commander's attention away from what had just happened.[167]
  • Ilbar ten'Ornold — Technician on Vandar, in Prodigal Son
  • Isphet bar'Obin -- “I am Agent of Change Isphet bar’Obin. You are under my command, Field Agent pen’Chala." She may have been a Scout, as she has a Scout lantern.[125] She died on Surebleak. [129]
  • Kin Jal vas’Tezin - in a meeting at Daglyte Seam HQ, he declares his grievances against Korval. [161]
  • Kar Min pel'Mather -- freed, but chose to die, gratefully [178]
  • Karin pel'Nara / Zhena Pelnara -- (see Prodigal Son)
  • 🌟Kethi vay'Elin (f) -- A notable healer. A member of Tarona Rusk’s network. Freed when Shan healed Tarona. Led the freed Healers' actions to take over the Department from the inside.[179][180]
  • Melsilee bar'Abit -- Senior field agent, dead by Val Con in self-defense[181]
  • Osa pel'Naria -- with two other agents (maybe pin'Eport and yos'Vinder) she attempted to kill or capture Theo Waitley and Arin's Toss on Tokeoport[182]
  • Operative pin'Eport -- (first name not found) -- hunted Theo (Arin's Toss) and The Uncle's Smalltader on Gondola[183]
  • Rel Vad Yoltak -- in charge when agents sought out rogue agent yos’Phelium at Trealla Fantrol. Anthora upset his Probability Loop.[184]
  • 🌟Rys Lin pen'Chala -- Senior Field Agent sent to destroy Korval on Surebleak.[185] He won free by his own will.[129]. He has become a member of The Bedel and is a newly adopted foster-brother to Val Con yos'Phelium [186] He now leads a group of freed agents to attack the DOI [150], partnered with Claidyne and Vazineth[10]
  • 🌟Sondi (f) -- A member of Tarona Rusk's network. Freed when Shan healed Tarona Rusk, but committed suicide because she couldn't live with the memories.[167]
  • 🌟Sye Mon van'Kie -- free. He has recall codes for the Old Tech that has been deployed[150] - he is one of a few who mastered communication with old tech via fractins and frames (old style). On strike team, he partners with Bon Vit Onida[157]
  • 🌟Tarona Rusk - a section head, a director, a powerful dramliza, who drew power from many dramliz and Healers, until Shan yos'Galan set her free.[187]
  • Operative Tir Sha yos'Vinder -- hunted Theo (Arin's Toss) and The Uncle's Smalltrader on Gondola[188]
  • Tyl Von sig'Alda Clan Rugare -- dead on planet Vandar by MemStim-and Cloud- accelerated Loop-icide. Had been a pilot-for-hire before DoI.[189]
  • 🌟Val Con yos'Phelium -- Senior Field Agent. Now free. Was handpicked from The Scouts.
  • 🌟Valisa dea'Manz -- A member of Tarona Rusk's network; a Healer. Freed when Shan healed Tarona Rusk.[180]
  • 🌟Vazineth ser'Trishan -- an agent, now free, by the "dream" Rys conceptualized. Goes on strike mission led by Rys, along with Sye Mon van'Kie, Claidyne ven'Orikle, and Bon Vit Onida. Five total in away team, plus stay at home in plain sight Val Con.[150] - she is a former scout with mastery of data research[10]
  • 🌟Veesha -- A member of Tarona Rusk's network. Freed when Shan healed Tarona Rusk.[167]
  • Zara Chance (alias) -- probably an agent; seduced desperate pilots at Low Port. When captured, swallowed her poison pill.[34] (See The Beggar King)
  • 🌟Zaylana (f) -- A member of Tarona Rusk's network. Freed when Shan healed Tarona Rusk.[167]

Crimes List[]

Department of Murder

Korval’s Casualties[]

  • Chi yos'Phelium, Korval herself (circa 1355)[193] [63] (Sae Zar and Petrella were attacked same time)
  • Sae Zar yos'Galan -- died trying to save Chi[193] [63]
  • Petrella yos'Galan — slow death by radiation poisoning, ~five years later, by whoever killed Chi and Sae Zar (probably DOI)[194]
  • Anne Davis -- Murdered. The DoI manipulated fascist Terrans [195]
  • Er Thom yos'Galan -- died within a year of his lifemate Anne, due to heartbreak[196]
  • Aelliana Caylon -- [197], Dol manipulated the Terran shooter. [198]
  • Daav yos'Phelium, mortally wounded by assassins at pod 78: "left arm nearly severed, blood sheeting his face".[199]
  • Destroyed Runig’s Rock, attempted to kidnap Korval children and elders [200]
  • Subverted Val Con, attempted to kidnap Anthora, Shan, Padi, Theo, Kamele. Attempted to subert Kareen and Pat Rin. Attempted to kill Miri and Val Con numerous times. Blew up Ride the Luck. Fired on Bechimo. Attempted to highjack Pale Wing. Attempted to seed Dutiful Passage with hull-bombs. Attempted to blow up Syl Vor and all schoolchildren. Attempted to pulverize Surebleak.


  • In Saltation, Win Ton said: “And my keepers told me they would unleash these devices they’d collected, to destroy Liad…They promised, as if it were a chernubia, to allow me to help!”[21]
    • So...why would the Dept of Interior destroy Liad? They are pro-Liadian fascists, according to their goals, etc.
  • Yet when Val Con captured the Commander of Agents beneath Solcintra, he activated the Old Tech ASPS:
    • “Agent ter’Fendil was beside him. “They will destroy the planet. Give me the control.” Val Con looked at him, seeing honest fear in the Agent’s eyes.[201]
  • Is there a schism within the Department? Or a hidden agenda, to destroy Liad? Prolly, they’re all just crazy.


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