Liaden Code of Proper Conduct Edit


The first edition was compiled during Exodus by a committee made up in equal parts of the Solcintran House, the dramliz and the pilots. It was little more than a protocol for shipboard life, consisting of approx. 85 pages. The second edition circulated 12 years after planet-fall. Lady Kareen yos’Phelium updated and published the 358 edition.

So the code of socially correct behavior evolved from a protocol for shipboard life, which became necessary because most passengers on Quick Passage had never left their planet before and didn’t know and understand the restrictions and priorities ship life placed upon them. It is interesting that the Code preserved the Duty of Captain and of Passengers in its first chapter.

Quotes form the CodeEdit

"Each one of a Line shall head the voice of the thodelm, head of that Line, and give honor to the thodelm’s word. Likewise the thodelm shall heed the voice of the delm, head of the clan entire and the delm’s word bow low.

Proper behavior is that thodelm decides for Line and delm decides for clan, cherishing between them the melant’i of all."  [1]

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