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Clans alphabeticalEdit

Clan Abra (high? mid? low?)

Clan Aragon (High House[3])

  • Delm Aragon (M)[4]
  • Vin Sin chel'Mara -- (M) card sharp, who loses a ship to Aelliana Caylon[3]
  • Sofi pel'Tegin -- (M) the delm's sister, in charge of the clan's plantation on Aedyr[4]
  • "Aragon's third daughter", a passing acquaintance of Pat Rin's[5]
  • Beldyn chel'Mara -- (F) formerly a scout known to Val Con, subverted to an Agent of Change for The Department of the Interior[6]
  • a daughter from a contract with Alara chel'Voyon, clan Silari[7] See The Rifle's First Wife

Clan Asta (High? mid?)

  • Delm Asta was moved to send a message of solidarity to Delm Korval after Anne was insulted by Delm Sykun at one of yo'Lanna's gathers (which implies that Asta was also present at the gather)[8]

Clan Aziel (high? mid? low?)

  • based in Solcintra, members include merchants, Healers, and Scouts[9]
  • Tol Ven yo'Endoth - (M) Survey Scout, first to learn the ways of the Sanilithe[9]

Clan Baling (not High)

  • Khana vo'Daran - (M) Lord Rinork's valet[10], as his uncle was before him[11]

Clan Bindan (Mid House[12])

  • Gath tel'Izak -- (F) Delm Bindan[13][14]
  • Samiv tel'Izak -- (F) the pilot to whom Daav was engaged[12][14]

Clan Casaro

Clan Chad

  • mid-level House allied with Korval[16]
  • Lines: Wespail (not the delm's line)[16]
  • Dema Wespail -- Thodelm, pilot[16][17]

Clan Deshnol[18]

Clan dea'Gauss — (high? mid? —allied with Korval)

Clan Diot (high? mid? low?)

Clan Ebrim (high? mid?)

  • Vestin yos'Thomaz -- (F) mother of Padi yos'Galan[22]

Clan Elarnt (High or high Mid)[23]

  • Solit trading family long affiliated with Korval in general and yos’Galan in particular
  • Azia pel’Otra

Clan Erob

Clan Etgora (Mid House, with aspirations of promotion)

  • 12th century: two traders, named only as "del'Fordan" and "del'Fordan's heir" (both M), are among the allies invited to Norn ven'Deelin's dinner party[24]
  • Hin Ber del'Fordan -- (M) Etgora Himself[25][17]
  • Jen Dal del'Fordan -- (M) son & Nadelm[25]
  • Kesa del'Fordan -- (F) daughter aged perhaps 12 standards[25]

Clan Forban[7]

  • Formerly a long-standing ally of Silari, before taking opposite sides over Korval's actions in I Dare (The Rifle's First Wife)

Clan Gabrian[17]

  • mid-level House[16]
  • Lines: Anaba[16]
  • Len Sar Anaba -- Port merchant, a favored dining partner of Lady yo'Lanna[16][17]

Clan Guayar

Clan Hedrede

Clan Idvantis (high? mid?)

  • Anthara ter'Gasta - (F) Scout Commander[26]
  • Nasil ter'Gasta - (?) a guest at one of yo'Lanna's gathers, known to Daav[17]

Clan Imtal (High House)[5]

  • Delm Imtal -- (F)[5]
  • Fal Den ter'Antod -- (M) who nominated his friend Pat Rin to close out his debt book[5]

Clan Ixin (High House[4])

  • Lus Tin ven'Deelin -- (M) Delm Ixin, uncle of Rema ven'Deelin, grey brows, triangular face[14]
  • (M), Rema ven'Deelin's father[14]
  • Rema ven'Deelin -- (F) Scout corporal, one of Aelliana's best students[14]; eidectic memory;[27] partner to Var Mon pin'Aker[4]
  • Norn ven'Deelin -- (F) a Master Trader (12th century)[28] who killed card cheating Delm Rinork in a duel and 30 years later adopted Jethri, son of Arin, a Terran, clone
  • Norista ven'Deelin -- (?) a playwright[29]

Clan Justus

Clan Kia (probably mid or high because they are trading partners with Korval. Courier 12 at "Breath's Duty, but pilot rescued in time. Breath's Duty

Clan Kinth (mid? high? low?)

  • Geastera vin'Daza -- (F) attempts revenge on Delm Korval for the death of her lover in the Battle of Solcintra[30] (Street Cred)

Clan Korval

Clan Lazmeln (high? mid? low?)

  • A daughter with pilot potential from a contract marriage with Shan yos'Galan.[31]

Clan Lyderg (Mid House)

  • A "cousin-house" of Mizel. The Mizel nursery is fostered with them.[32]

Clan Mandor (high? mid? low?)[33]

Clan Midys (Mid House)

  • 12th century: Rantel pin'Aker, Master Trader on Barskalee[34]
  • 12th century: Samay pin'Aker, his niece, assistant trade accountant on Barskalee, a'thodelm pin'Aker[35]
  • Var Mon pin'Aker -- (M) Rema's partner, 18 Standards[4]
  • Lyn Den Kochi -- (M) Var Mon's cha'leket, 17 Standards[4]
  • Var Mon pin'Aker's mother -- (F) also Lyn Den Kochi's aunt[36]
  • Lyn Den Kochi's father -- (M)[36]

Clan Mizel (Low Mid House[4])

  • Birin Caylon: Mizel Herself, mother of Ran Eld, Voni, Aelliana Caylon and Sinit[37]
  • Hanelur Caylon: Birin Caylon's mother, who preceded her as Delm[12][38]
  • Ran Eld Caylon: Nadelm Mizel, Birin's son,[37] recently deceased (actual text states: "the Delm is unable to do otherwise than declare you dead....You are clanless and outcast." (Chapter 37)
  • Voni Caylon: Birin's eldest daughter; supports the clan through serial marriage, counted a beauty[37]
  • Aelliana Caylon: Birin Caylon's middle daughter,[37] 26 Standards,[39] tawny hair, changeable green eyes, left-handed, revisor of the ven'Tura Tables, Honored Scholar of Sub-rational Mathematics, lifemates Daav yos'Phelium (Delm Korval) near the end of M&D
  • Sinit Caylon: Birin's youngest daughter, still in school,[37] brown eyes (14 Standards, M&D, Ch. 5), fostered with yo'Lanna as result of agreement with Korval, later becomes Delm (ref needed).
  • Tiatha Caylon:  Aelliana's daughter, fostered with Clan Lydberg[32]; 10 Standards[39]

Clan Nexon (Mid House[40])

  • Rakina Lirgael -- (F) Delm Nexon[41]
  • Syntebra el'Kemin -- (F) the wife-to-be chosen for Er Thom by his thodelm[42][41][40]
  • Syntebra el'Kemin's father -- (M) presumably Thodelm el'Kemin[41]
  • -- (M) a Healer at Anlingdin Piloting Academy[43]

Clan Nosko (mid? low?)

  • Delm Nosko -- (M)[44]
  • Cyra chel'Vona -- (F) his niece, a jeweler[44]

Clan Ochrad

  • Chi yos'Phelium arranged an alliance between Korval and Vishna to deny Ochrad an advantage[45]

Clan Omterth

  • Beslin vin'Tenzing -- (F) a trader (experienced but not Master level) on Habista; seeks Balance for the death of her heir[46][47]
  • Kyr Nin vin'Tensing -- her heir, killed when Korval fired on Solcintra[46]

Clan Persage (Outworld, based on Avontai[48])

  • associated with Clan Hedrede[48]
  • Bre Din sig'Ranton -- (M) the gentleman into whose very hands the dulciharp must be placed (aka Rose)[48]
  • (F) his grandmother, who was Dath jo'Bern's cha'leket[48]

Clan Pinarex

  • Delm Pinarex (?)[49]
  • Ms kaz'Ineo -- (F), a qe'andra who opens for business on Surebleak and takes apprentices for the Storefront Qe'andra Project[30][49] (Street Cred)

Clan Plemia Olanek, primary. Yo’Vaade, secondary.

Clan Pyx (high? mid? low?)[33]

Clan Quiptic (Mid House, dissolved c. SY 1100)

  • Quiptic Himself -- (M) inherited the delm's ring young; was entrapped and outmaneuvred by Infreya chel'Gaibin, clan Rinork, leading to the dissolution of his clan and his suicide[28]
  • Tan Sim pen'Akla, born to clan Quiptic -- (M) son of the last Delm Quiptic by Infreya chel'Gaibin clan Rinork; following the dissolution of the clan, was adopted into his mother's clan, Rinork (q.v.)[28]
    • “the only reason Rinork started the kid in the first place was to trap Quiptic and steal his mines”[50]

Clan Ranvit (mid? low?)

  • Ban Del pak'Ora -- (M) butler at Trealla Fantrol[51] until recalled by Ezern pak'Ora Delm Ranvit.[52] See Intelligent Design
  • Ezern pak'Ora -- (F) Delm from c. SY 1375, not noted for subtlety (nor for good sense)[52]
  • Wal Tor pak'Ora -- (M) Ezern's predecessor as Delm[52]

Clan Reptor (Mid House)

  • Zan Der pel'Kirmin -- (M) Reptor Himself, soft body and sandy hair; bright, intelligent eyes, about 40 Standards,[53] Yolan's father and Sed Ric's uncle[16]
  • Yolan pel'Kirmin -- (F)  ] aka[53]
  • Sed Ric bin'Ala -- (M)    ] "the pirates"[53]
  • "Uncle Lip Ten", who left Yolan and Sed Ric a crate of things he'd gathered, star-hopping[54]
  • "Aunt Fris", who said it was junk and wished them joy of it[54]
  • "Cousin Peri, who kept warehouse on Mordra"[16]
  • a boy of around eight Standard Years[53]
  • a girl of around nine Standard Years[53]

Clan Rinork (High House in 12th Century) [55]

Clan Serat (high? mid? low?) -- wealth gambled away by the Delm by the time Don Eyr returns from Parisian Lutetia (Degrees of Separation)

  • Delm's line: fer'Gasta[56]
  • Clan colors: puce and green[1]
  • (M) Delm[56]
  • Vyk Tor -- (M) Nadelm, son of the delm[56][1]
  • Don Eyr -- (M) deceased, the current delm's father and predecessor[56]
  • Telma fer'Gasta -- (F) deceased, the current delm's sister; banished by a delm jealous of his authority to tend the clan's outworld business interests on Ezhel'ti, committed suicide after those interests were destroyed in a market crash[56]
  • Don Eyr -- (M) Telma's son,[56] "the least of the clan's children", a baker[57]

Clan Severt (Mid House, based in Chonselta)[58]

  • Jow Lit pen'Chapen -- (M) Delm, given to intrigues and gambles to increase the clan's position
  • Manza pen'Chapen -- (F) Nadelm, Jow Lit's daughter. Becomes Delm after Jow Lit.
  • Elza pen'Chapen -- (F) Jow Lit's daughter. Deceased.
  • Tom Lei pen'Chapen -- (M) Elza's son, a sergeant in The Mercs specializing in languages, protocol. Code of Honor

Clan Shelart ( allied with Clan Korval: "As nearly allied as the clans were, he had to wish to exchange extended pleasantries with Merchant bel'Urik today." Daav, in Mouse & Dragon)[59]

  • mid-level House[16]
  • Lines: bel'Urik[16]
  • Gus Tav bel'Urik -- (M) Port merchant[16][59]
  • Dela bel'Urik -- (F) an acquaintance of Pat Rin's[5]

Clan Silari (?probably High or high-Mid, since their contract-partners are people like Aragon and Korval)[7]

  • Valad chel'Voyan -- (M) Delm
    • Delm Silari, long thought to be in bordering his dotage, not unexpectedly favoring the Korval side of the business of the great hole put in Liad by Korval’s forces.
    • His having been a deciding vote in allowing the quite young Pat Rin yos’Phelium into Teydor’s at Daav yos’Phelium’s suggestion also figured into the question, but then he’d been a contemporary of that Delm’s mother.
    • Silari had been the subordinate business partner in an arrangement generations old … and so Clan Forban taking both the other two daughters of Silari – and the daughters of those daughters had not seemed so out of place until the weak-brained council had thrown Korval off world. Forban supporting the Council, Silari – in the person of Delm Valad chel’Voyon – had opted out of the partnership
    • Alara chel'Voyan -- (F) his daughter, nadelm, a Scout field ecologist / botanist who marries Diglon Rifle (The Rifle's First Wife)

Clan Sykun — insulted Thodelmae yos'Galan / Anne Davis:

  • Er Thom took a hard breath. "Delm Sykun found it fitting to turn her back upon Thodelmae yos'Galan at a public gather this morning..... Mr. dea'Gauss has been instructed to sell any stock yos'Galan may hold in Sykun's concerns—at a loss, if necessary, and noisily. Letters of cancellation have been issued on all contracts yos'Galan holds with Sykun. Mr. dea'Gauss has advised that he will also be selling his private holdings of Sykun business."[60]

Clan Tangier (mid ? high ? low?)

  • Zed ter'Janpok - Delm, a chef[61]

Clan Tarnia (outworld, based on Irikwae)

  • Stafeli Maarilex - (F) Delm, with a fearsome reputation; Norn ven'Deelin's foster mother[62]
  • Ren Lar Maarilex - (M) her son, master of the vine[63]
  • Pet Ric Maarilex - (M) his son[63]
  • Meicha Maarilex - (F) a twin[63]
  • Miandra Maarilex - (F) a twin[63]
  • Pan Dir - (M) (Line not specified) a son of the house presently on Liad to complete his education[64]

Clan Telrune (Low House, scoundrels, outworld, based on Echieta) - in Due Diligence — see outworld section for details

Clan Tuxent (mid? high? low ?)

  • Har Par dea'Liss -- (M) a master of the Accountants Guild[65]
  • (F) a Scout Quin encounters on Surebleak[66] Roving Gambler

Clan Vakmont (High House)[17]

  • Lady Sera tel'Kai -- (F) a guest at one of yo'Lanna's gathers[17]

ven’Astra (High House) Lord ven’Astra wanted Korval executed, not banished. clan name unclear??

  • “Lord ven’Astra is High House. There are others of his opinion who know me. Any one of them may decide that my betrayal of his lordship deserves the true death.” See Code of Honor

Clan Vishna

  • a lesser ally of Korval since Chi yos'Phelium's time[45]

Clan Wilkin (mid? high? low?)

  • Kez Rel ter'Ista -- (M) a physician at the clinic on Surebleak[67] Chimera

Clan Yedon (mid? high? low?)

  • Delm Yedon -- (F)[33]
  • Jin Del yo'Kera -- (M) Anne's colleague and friend[68][69][33]

Clan Yrbaiela (mid? high? low?)

  • Tor Ish tez'Oty -- (M) attempts revenge on Delm Korval for the death of his cha'leket in the Battle of Solcintra[30] Street Cred

Clan Yron

  • mid-level House allied with Korval[16]
  • Lines: pen'Evrit (not the delm's line)[16]
  • Hae Den pen'Evrit -- (M) Thodelm, pilot[16]

Clan Ziergord (mid? high? low?)

  • An unnamed trader of this clan is mentioned in Balance of Trade[24]

by House StatusEdit

The number of High Houses is precisely fifty. And then there is Korval.

— from the Annual Census of Clans[70]


"Severt may, as a result of this action, rise to High House.” His grandfather expected -- no! Knew for a certainty! -- that at least one clan would seek to rise into Korval’s place. For that was how it was said: There are precisely fifty High Houses. And then there is Korval.

High HousesEdit

Should be 50 High Houses. Only 9 here?

  • Aragon
    • 12th century: It is said that to say Aragon makes porcelains would be as much an understatement as to say that Korval makes pilots.[63]
    • 14th century: Delm Aragon (M); Sofi pel'Tegin (F), the delm's sister;[4] chel'Mara (Vin Sin, card sharp[3]); Pat Rin has met the third daughter of the house in Certain Symmetry

  • Clan Hedrede -- moved up to High House after centuries at Mid level
  • Ixin (badge: Rabbit silhoutted against a full moon) - Delm's Line: ven'Deelin
    • 12th century: ven'Deelin (Norn (F), Master Trader[28])
    • 14th century: ven'Deelin (Lus Tin (M), Delm[14]; Rema (F), his niece, a Scout corporal, one of Aelliana's students[27][4]; Rema's father[14])
  • Justus — Lord & Lady yo’Lanna, Korval’s friend
  • Rinork — line chel’Gaiban. Treacherous High House at the time of Balance of Trade [28]
  • Vakmont : Lady Sera tel'Kai Clan Vakmont
    • exchanged bows with Lady Sera tel'Kai Clan Vakmont. Vakmont, Aelliana told herself, with a certain feeling of pleasure for knowing it, was High House.[71]
  • ven’Astra (High House) Lord ven’Astra wanted Korval executed, not banished. (clan name unclear)
    • “Lord ven’Astra is High House...Lord ven’Astra was a spoilt-looking man in middle years. He wore High House hauteur like a cloak about his elegant shoulders, and looked at grandfather with a slightly bored air. Tom Lei made his bow....See Code of Honor

Mid and Low HousesEdit

  • Asta - not sure of placement
  • Baling - vo'Daran (Khana (M), Lord Rinork's valet[10], as his uncle was before him[11])
  • Bindan - tel'Izak (delm's line; Gath (F), Delm[13][14]; Samiv (F), Daav's intended wife[12])
  • Chad - Wespail (Dema)
  • dea'Gauss needs to go somewhere (high or mid?)
  • Etgora - del'Fordan (delm's line) (badge: "the glass and star"[24]) (line of business is the star-trade[25])
    • 12th century: two traders, named only as "del'Fordan" and "del'Fordan's heir" (both M), are among the allies invited to Norn ven'Deelin's dinner party[24]
    • 14th century: Hin Ber del'Fordan, Etgora; Kesa del'Fordan, daughter aged perhaps 12 standards; Jen Dal del'Fordan, son & Nadelm -Ally of Korval.[25]
  • Gabrian - Anaba (Len Sar[17])
  • Grenada - mentioned in the will of a Scout killed at Nev'lorn[72]
  • Idvantis - ter'Gasta (Anthara (F), Scout Commander[26]; Nasil (?)[17])
  • Ithik - ven’Rudan
  • Kia - a Korval training partner; Daav saves the life of a Kia pilot at Nev'lorn[72]
  • Lysta - delm's line (unnamed person who was delm in 1382; male person who was nadelm in 1382 and delm in 1393, a playwright manqué; Verena (F)), Brunner (Ichliad, weatherman)[15]
  • Mandor - Involved in a land dispute with Pyx, which Pyx called on the Council of Clans to settle (and which was settled in Mandor's favour)[33]
  • Mendoza - Mendoza
  • Midys - Kochi (delm’s line)[citation needed]
    • 12th century: Rantel pin'Aker, Master Trader on Barskalee[34]; Samay pin'Aker, his niece, assistant trade accountant on Barskalee, a'thodelm pin'Aker[35]
    • 14th century: Kochi (Lyn Den (M) (not the delm)[4]; Lyn Den's father (M)[36]); pin'Aker (Var Mon (M), Scout[4]; Var Mon's mother (F)[36])
  • Mizel - Caylon (delm’s line)
  • Nexon - Lirgael (delm's line; Rakina (F), Delm Nexon[41]), el'Kemin (Syntebra (F);[42][41][40] her father (M), presumably the thodelm[41])
  • Nosko - chel'Vona (Cyra (F), a jeweler[44])
  • Pyx - Involved in a land dispute with Mandor, which Pyx called on the Council of Clans to settle (and which was settled in Mandor's favour)[33]
  • Plemia[17][73] -- Olanek (delm’s line), yo'Vaade
  • Quiptic ("lower mid-tier" at the time of its dissolution, c. SY 1100) - pen'Akla (delm's line: unnamed final Delm; Tan Sim, that Delm's son)[28]
  • Reptor - pel’Kirmin (delm’s line: Zan Dir, Scout’s Progress; Yolan); bin’Ala (Sed Ric, Scout’s Progress)
  • Rugare (not a wealthy clan, it produces pilots but owns no ships)[74] - sig'Alda (Tyl Von (M), an Agent of Change; his daughter)[75]
  • Shelart - bel’Urik (Gus Tav (M), Port merchant[16][59])
  • Simesta - Clanhouse in Chonselta - sel'Mindruyk (delm's line; Derani (?), delm), Yoltak (Rel Vad (M), Agent of the DoI)[76]
  • Sykun - not sure of placement, but either High or high Mid, as Delm Sykun was on yo'Lanna's guest list until she chose to offer Korval insult[8]
  • Vintyr - with whom Korval was engaged in unsatisfactory negotiations[77]
  • Wylan - (Low House, Solcintra taxi) dea'San (only line; Vertu (F); Fereda (F), Vertu's daughter; Chim Dal (M), Vertu's son)[78] See Skyblaze
  • Yedon - yo'Kera (Jin Del (M), Anne's colleague and friend[68][69])
  • Yron - pen’Evrit (Hae Den)

Outworld ClansEdit

  • Dartom - wiped out by a plague, along with the entire population of the outworld on which they were based, about 50 years before Balance of Trade[79]
  • Erob - based on Lytaxin
  • Flenik - one of Korval's trading partners; Delm Flenik (F)[80]
  • Jabun - Meriandra (delm’s line); based on Casia, and a High Clan by local reckoning; pilots: Jabun Himself; Elsu Meriandra, his daughter;[81] Cyrbet Meriandra, her daughter[80] (See Changeling and Kin Ties)
  • Kenso - based on Lytaxin; the aggressors in the Lytaxin revolt[82]
    • Kel Bar Rentava, a leader in the revolt[82]
  • Menlark[83] - ven'Arith (delm's line); based on Eylot; "pilots for hire, the lot of us"; Kara (F), Theo's schoolmate and friend; Kara's mother, the delm;[84] "Uncle Bon Sel", who runs a repair shop[83] at Portcalay;[85] "Aunt Feramayn", a prize-winning gardener;[86] there is also an uncle who lives in Chonselta on Liad[84] (See Landed Alien)
  • Obrelt - dea'Judan (delm’s line); based on Casia; shopkeepers: Arn Eld (M), delm; Chane (F), Arn Eld's sister, thodelm; Ren Zel (M), nephew to Arn Eld and Chane, a pilot; Eba (F), youngest of Ren Zel's three elder sisters; Farin (F), another of Ren Zel's three elder sisters, Arn Eld's successor as delm; Wil Bar (M), Chane's successor as thodelm; Son Dor (M); Den Ton (M), who calls Chane "grand-aunt"[81][80] (See Changeling and Kin Ties)
  • Persage -- from when springs Bre Din sig'Ranton
  • Selbry - vin'Eved (delm's line); based on Eylot; delm (F); Lef Nal (M), a student pilot who graduated from Anlingdin at the same time as Kara ven'Arith[83] (Landed Alien)
  • Tamishon - the clan Miri-eklykt'i was to have been contracted to (not clear whether it's a local Lytaxin clan, but that seems most likely)[82]
  • Tarnia - Maarilex (delm's line); based on Irikwae; badge: "a grapevine, heavy with fruit"; noted winemakers[62][63]
    • 12th century: Maarilex (Stafeli (F), delm[62]; Ren Lar (M), master of the vine[63]; Pet Ric (M); Meicha (F) and Miandra (F)[63]); unspecified Line (Pan Dir (M)[64])
  • Telrune - Low House; based on Echieta[87]
    • cho'Fadria[87] (delm's line): Delm Telrune (M), Jai Kob (M), Jezmin (F), Vin Dir (M)[88] (Due Diligence)
    • pen'Uldra: Arl Fed (M), trader and trade commissioner; his lifemate (F); their child [not explicitly stated, but probably daughter given the list of family heirlooms][23]; Fer Gun (M), Daav's father[8], last of the Line[88], heir and grandson of Arl Fed[23] (Due Diligence)
    • Fer Gun's inheritance/birthright includes the ship Lady Graz and some substantial funds [89] He won a scholarship to Anlingdin and graduated early from an accelerated course, apprenticed on a Looper for the long-side and mastered Jump before turning 24 [87] Captain of the small trader ship Comet, out of Chonselta, Liad, jointly owned by Fer Gun and Korval.[87][90] Having been cheated out of his inheritance by his cousins Jai Kob and Vin Dir before coming of age he accepts help from dea'Gaus in getting his birthright back. [89] After Daav's birth he and Trader Karil Donac-Joenz and their children incorporate as family Uldra-Joenz on Fetzer’s World, severing his connection with Clan Telrune. [91]
    • pen'Uldra: Arl Fed (M), grandfather of Fer Gun, had been for many years an influence in the Divers Trade Association (one of 12 seated commissioners -- 6 Liaden and 6 Terran -- and 1 of 24 ombudsman), and owned at one time together with his lifemate a fleet of four small traders. The success of the Divers Trade Association made its members targets of pirates. Losing his ships, lifemate and children to enemy attacks, he sought refuge with his heir and grandson Fer Gun at Echieta, with his cousins of Clan Telrune.[23] (Due Diligence)
  • Danut - small clan with their principal warehouse on (planet? not Lytaxin or Liad). Invoke their war-impaired shipping clause[92]
  • Venari - one of Korval's trading partners; Delm Venari (M)[80] ( Kin Ties)

Lines UnClannedEdit

Information about the clan is not provided, or there is no clan

  • al'Findosh (Kensi (F), Luken bel'Tarda's assistant in his shop on Liad[93])
  • ana'Tak ((F), Jelaza Kazone cook on Surebleak[94][95])
  • ana'Tilesty (Jen (F), a Healer at Chonselta Healer Hall, who teaches Empathic Sensuality[96])
  • Andresi (Lord Andresi (M), a High House gentleman identified by Daav as "one of his mother's cronies"[25][17])
  • Artelma ((?), a composer[97])
  • as'Barta (Finlee (F), society page editor for the Gazette[23])
  • Balatrin (Gil Don (M), third mate of Dutiful Passage[98])
  • ban'Teli (? (F), pastry cook to Clan Serat[56])
  • Barq ((?), Director of Chonselta Technical College[27])
  • bar'Abit (Melsilee (F), a Senior Field Agent of the Department of the Interior[45])
  • bar'Obin (Isphet (F), an Agent of Change[99] who first appears posing as a member of the Blair Street Patrol[100])
  • bel'Fasin (San (M), to whom Ran Eld owes a considerable amount of money[101])
  • bel'Ulim (Vesa (F), host of the Garden Gate Café[102])
  • bel'Verand (? (F), Trade Mistress at Finifter[103])
  • bel'Witnin (Kar Sin (?), technician aboard Elthoria[104])
  • ben'Darble ((M), butler to Mr dea'Bon[1])
  • bin'Dekel ((M), a Master Tailor with premises on East Port Street in Chonsela[58])
  • bin'Flora ((M), merchant who buys Jethri's consignment of hand-loomed cellosilk[105]; Sisilli (M), a merchant specialising in textiles, a friendly rival of Luken bel'Tarda[106])
  • bin'Tabor ((?), an Agent of Change[107])
  • Byneta ((F), Master Gardener, head gardener at Jelaza Kazone in Chi's lifetime[23])
  • chel'Venga (? (?), a pawnbroker in Solcintra Low Port[44])
  • cor'Wellin ((?), presumable founder of cor'Wellin Warehousing[108])
  • Cozin (outworld?) ((?), a presumptuous tourist[109])
  • dea'Blanco (? (M), Captain of Coyander Kenso[103])
  • dea'Bon (? (M), qe'andra to Clan Serat; ? (?), his heir[56])
  • dea'Cort (Jon (M), a Scout[44], later Master Pilot and Daav's instructor at the Scout Academy[110], later proprietor of Binjali Repair Shop[3]; his son, a binjali pilot who died untimely[39])
  • dea'Gauss ((M), Korval's man of business,[25][51][111][77][112][113][8][114][102][115][59][116][117] one of the Masters of the Guild of Accountants[118]; (F), his heir[116][117]; one of his ancestors handled the paperwork for the founding of Clan Korval and the contract with the High Houses of Solcintra[119])
  • dea'Ken (Din Ref (?), was a hydroponics tech on Dutiful Passage[22])
  • dea'Ladd ((?), a Scout, killed at Nev'lorn)[72]
  • dea'Linea (associated with gambling in Solcintra Port; dissolved following "that tedious scandal"[5])
  • dea'Lorn (Eyla (F), society tailor with the patronage of Korval[120][77])
  • dea'Luziam (Daria (F), trainee Scout a year ahead of Val Con at the Academy, whom he loved, and grieved when she was killed on her Solo[121][122])
  • dea'Lystra (Del Orn (M), master of the Modrid Trade Hall[123])
  • dea'Maan (Bern (?), pilot serving on Daxflan[124])
  • dea'Nobli ((?), presumable creator of Pat Rin's show pistol[125])
  • dea'Starn (Fantile (F), an agent of the Liaden planetary council of qe'andra[58])
  • del'Pemridj (Bobrin (F), a High House lady of Daav's acquaintance[25])
  • el'Fasyk ((?), fell foul of Tarona Rusk for failing to complete a task[126])
  • el'Thrassin (Shan (M), person appearing in Liaden literature who faced a difficult matter of Balance in days of old[127][128])
  • Fidin (Lys (F), one of Aelliana's students, "brilliant -- and outrageous", made First-In Scout[129])
  • Galradin (Nik Laz (?), cargo-hand serving on Daxflan[124])
  • Gamkoda ((F), tutor to Syl Vor yos'Galan[130])
  • Glodae ((?), First Speaker, part of Korval's social circle when Nova was First Speaker for Korval[131])
  • her'With((?), of the qe'andra firm ver'Lyn and her'With[30])
  • Hopanik ((F), Master Pilot at Solcintra Pilot's Hall, signed Er Thom's second-class license[110])
  • Intassi ((F), an ex-Scout,[77] nurse to multiple generations of Korval's children[132]; Mil Ton (M), a Healer and storyteller[133])
  • ira'Barti (?), cargo master on Dutiful Passage after Ken Rik[134])
  • Ivrex ((?), a trader[135])
  • Jarl ((M), Master Pilot at Chonselta Pilot's Hall, supervised Aelliana's testing for second-class license[129])
  • Jinmaer (Frad, a Scout, a cartographer, formerly one of Daav's teammates and remained a close friend[8][136][137])
  • jin'Bardi ((M), lives on Lytaxin, serves in the Irregulars during the Yxtrang invasion)[138]
  • ker'Eklis ((M), one of Syl Vor's tutors[139])
  • ker'Emit (outworld, perhaps Moraldan) ((M), a presumptuous tourist[109])
  • Kinrae (Fil Tor (M), the man who abducted Anne and Shan; owing allegience to the DOI, he gave no clan in his introduction[111])
  • kin'Joyt (outworld?) ((F), a presumptuous tourist[109])
  • kor'Entec (Alisa (F), trader on Irikwae[140])
  • Kornad (Pallin (M), serves on Dutiful Passage, teaches self-defence[141][142]
  • lar'Adrin ((M), agent of the Department of the Interior who bought Rys Lin pen'Chala's contract[143])
  • lo'Vanna (Cochel (?), shipbuilder of high repute[15])
  • Ne'Zame (Kayzin (F), first mate of Dutiful Passage[42][16], Conflict of Honors; Shadia (F), a First-In scout, Carpe Diem, Plan B; Shadia's daughter[145])
  • Ongit (staff at Ongit's restaurant include "the elder Mr Ongit";[146][147] "the second Mr Ongit";[59] and two youngsters, Pendra Ongit (F) and Felae Ongit (M), who are siblings[59])
  • Onida (Bon Vit (M), the third agent of the Department of the Interior to be successfully returned to himself by a deliberate outside effort[148])
  • pak'Epron (? (M), butler to Clan Serat[56])
  • paz'Kormit (? (M)[2])
  • pel'Arot (Rod Ern (M), Scout Pilot, missing three fingers on one hand[110])
  • pel'Cheela ((F), Val Con's nurse[149])
  • pel'Esla ((F), nurse to Mik and Shindi[150])
  • pel'Endra ((?), presumable discoverer of the pel'Endra Ratio used in pilot math[27])
  • pel'Iso ((?), Agent of Change sent unsuccessfully against Anthora[151])
  • pel'Jonna ((M), tutor to Padi yos'Galan[130])
  • pel'Kana ("Mr. pel'Kana" (M), butler at Jelaza Kazone when Daav was delm[152]; "the young Mr. pel'Kana" (M), butler at Jelaza Kazone when Val Con is delm[94][95])
  • pel'Mandra (Pequi (F), stationed at Liad Defense Station Five[117])
  • pel'Mather (Kar Min (M), an agent of the Department of the Interior[153])
  • pel'Meret (Kilon (F), bystander during the battle of Solcintra; Nev Art (M), her son; (F), his grandmother)[107]
  • pel'Nara (Karin (F), Agent of Change leading Uplift Team on Vandar[154])
  • pel'Naria (Osa (F), Operative of the Department of the Interior assigned to track Arin's Toss[155])
  • pel'Nyan ((F), a High House lady[25])
  • pel'Oban (Zer Min (M), dancing instructor on Irikwae[156])
  • pel'Odma (Zar Kin (M), a shrewd trader of Er Thom's acquaintence[144])
  • pel'Odyare ((F), Scout Linguist, Master level, favorably reviewed Anne's book[157])
  • pel'Quida (Nil Ten (M), pilot stationed at Chonselta Guild Hall[158])
  • pel'Quinot (Verisa (F), Scholar at Scout Academy, issued the invitation for Aelliana to teach there[159])
  • pel'Rula (Lord pel'Rula, intended to contract with Voni; Lady pel'Rula, his mother; the family is higher than Caylon by enough that the match is described as "a coup, indeed"[37])
  • pel'Saba (Mr. (M), butler to Tarnia[64])
  • pel'Tolian (Vesker (M), Pat Rin's manservant[5][160])
  • pel'Varn ((F), Thodelm[5])
  • pen'Chala (an outworld clan that specialised in vines and wines) (Rys Lin (M), Field Agent ofThe Department of the Interior [161]; Ifry (F), his next-eldest sibling[47]; Maysl (F), their grandmother[162])
  • pen'Dela ((F), employed by the firm of dea'Gauss[115])
  • pen'Ebit (Kilara (F), technician aboard Elthoria[163])
  • pen'Edrik (Jazla (F), pilot employed at Korval's Solcintra Dispatch Office[38])
  • pen'Erit (Tef Lej (M), security officer on Habista[46][47][164])
  • pen'Valer ((?), a social acquaintance of Clan Severt[58])
  • per'Etla (Gar Sad (M), cargo master of Elthoria[24])
  • per'Timbral (Endele (F), a gardener[133])
  • pin'Epel ((?), Master Pilot who tested the young Rys Lin pen'Chala for pilot-aptitude[165])
  • pin'Eport ((M), an Operative of the Department of the Interior stationed on Gondola[166][167])
  • pin'Ethil (Bor Gen (M), Mechanic First Class on Dutiful Passage[110])
  • pin'Weltir ((M), a gamester of Pat Rin's acquaintence[106])
  • Quenpalt ((?), presumable owner of Quenpalt's Casino[113])
  • ren'Gelder (Per Sea (M), Pilot Guild Master[136])
  • Robir ((?), Master Pilot, taught Er Thom and Daav their first piloting equations[110])
  • ro'Menlin (Lyada (F), person appearing in Liaden literature, whom Shan el'Thrassin loved but could not spare[168])
  • san'Doval ((F), field agent of the Department of the Interior on Vandar[154])
  • sea'Kira (? (?), Captain of Genchi[169])
  • sel'Iprith (Olwen (F), Scout Lieutenant, an old and dear friend of Daav's[170], they were teammates when Daav was a Scout[8][171])
  • sen'Ager (Iridyce (F), Commander of Agents after Bar Vad yo'Tornier[172])
  • sen'Elba (Trilla (F), a dark-skinned Outworlder, Jon dea'Cort's second-in-command at Binjali's[3][173][174] and subsequently his successor as proprietor[175])
  • sen'Equa (a family with Terran roots (the name is derived from "Seneca"), which runs gambling houses in Solcintra Port; Betea (F)[5])
  • sen'Lora (Ivdra (?), Scout Commander who certified Jeeves as sentient[52])
  • ser'Lindri (Ban Del (M), who made Kamele's acquaintance on Hoselteen[176])
  • ser'Trishan (Vazineth (F), the second agent of the Department of the Interior to be successfully returned to herself by a deliberate outside effort[177])
  • sig'Andir ((M), lost at pikit to Vin Sen chel'Mara[3])
  • sig'Ella (Tonee (?), radio tech on Dutiful Passage[178])
  • sig'Erlan (Dil Ton (M), Trader stationed on Mandrake[135])
  • sig'Eva (Dus Tin (M), driver employed at Korval's primary shipyard in Solcintra[179])
  • sig'Flava (Parvet (F), who propositions Jethri in Balance of Trade[24])
  • sig'Harat (Tilba (F), a master Healer at Irikwae's Healer Hall[180])
  • sig'Lorta (Ena Tyl (M), trader, Jethri's mentor at Irikwae's Trade Hall[140])
  • sig'Norba (Montet (F), Field Scout[181])
  • sig'Radia (? (F), a Scout Captain[44]; Cho (F), Senior Scout, Scout Inspector Specialist[61], had taught finger-talk at Scout Academy[182]; ? (F), Acting Scout Commander, about Daav's age[72])
  • sig'Zerba (Per Vel (M), med tech in the service of Clan Erob[183])
  • tal'Qechee ((M), who owns businesses in the Low Port and pays rent to Abra[2]
  • tel'Bana (Drusil (F), student and academic heir of Jin Del yo'Kera[68])
  • tel'Brakin ((?), trade master on Pale Wing[184])
  • tel'Brieri ((F), qe'andra who adjudicated the breaking of the contract between Korval and Bindan[114])
  • tel'Denvit (Ceola (F), owner-operator of The Friendly Glass; Min (F), her sister; their mother; their grandmother[185])
  • tel'Dorbit (Gaenor (F), first mate of Elthoria[186]) - clan sigil is "a geometric representation of three cut jewels, red, green, and blue"[187]
  • tel'Iquin ((F), the ever-amiable Scout Lieutenant[110])
  • tel'Jadis (Pimm (?), first mate of Daxflan[188]
  • tel'Juna ((M), a Scout Lieutenant, a friend of Ceola tel'Denvit's mother[185])
  • tel'Linden (a trader encountered on Verstal[10])
  • tel'Ofong (Jax Ton (M)[57])
  • tel'Ossa (Parin (F), an apprentice at Irikwae's Trade Hall[140])
  • tel'Ozan (Qiarta (M), a field technician, one of Aelliana's students[27])
  • tel'Pyton (Bed War (M), Master Tea Merchant, business associate of Er Thom and Shan[5])
  • tel'Vana (Tor Cam (M), Eyes of the Council of Clans on Casia[81])
  • tel'Vaster ((M), Tolly's former employer[189])
  • tel'Woda (Zena (F), a dramliza who fell victim to the Department[65])
  • ten'Ornold (Ilbar (M), technician of the Department of the Interior on Vandar[154])
  • ter'Asten (Var Ond (?), lifemate and delmae of Edil yos'Phelium Delm Korval[190])
  • ter'Astin (Jan Rek (M), Scout Captain[127])
  • ter'Fendil ((M), an Agent of Change, formerly a Scout[107])
  • ter'Volla ((M), a Scout lieutenant serving with the Surebleak Street Patrol[78])
  • tor'Beli (Mrs. (F), cook to Tarnia[156])
  • van'Kie (Sye Mon (M), the first agent of the Department of the Interior to be successfully returned to himself by a deliberate outside effort[191])
  • van'Lorin (Hestya (M), a Healer at the clinic on Surebleak[67])
  • vas'Anamac (Menolly (F), Healer, Scout, hunter of Old Tech, first mate of Chandra Marudas)[192]
  • vas'Urbil (Mae Nir (M), head chef in Arba's clanhouse[1])
  • vel'Kazik (Pen (F), Counselor mentioned in Cantra's logbook who couldn't bear to be near the Tree[157])
  • vel'Siger (outworld, perhaps Moraldan) ((M), a presumptuous tourist[109])
  • ven'Apon (Jyl (F), a Master Trader involved in shady dealings[135][144])
  • ven'Astra (Lord ven'Astra (M), member of a group of High House conspirators seeking advantage from Korval's exile, having failed to swing the Council to execute Korval and confiscate their property[58])
    • Tom Lei heard beneath the words. “There were those of us who wished to see Korval themselves executed, the Dragon’s assets come to the Council...Alas, the Dragon had too many friends on the Council..." (Code of Honor)
      • See also Clan Severt
  • ven'Ducci ((M), Master Pilot, piloting instructor on Dutiful Passage[110])
  • ven'Egut ((?), Agent of Change sent unsuccessfully against Anthora[151])
  • ven'Orikle (Claidyne (F), a director of the Department of the Interior who has a secret kept even from herself[193])
  • ven'Rathan ((F), Scout Administrative Commander responsible for prison holding agents of the Department of the Interior on Surebleak[45])
  • ven'Sambra (a trader encountered on Verstal[10])
  • ven'Tura ((M), Master Pilot, compiler of the ven'Tura Tables[194])
  • ven'Tyrlit (Ama (F), captain of Pale Wing[184])
  • ver'Borith (Rantel (F), technician aboard Elthoria[195])
  • ver'Lyn((?), of the qe'andra firm ver'Lyn and her'With[30])
  • ves'Daryl ((?), a Scout Captain with the Surebleak Transitional Team[109])
  • vey'Loffit (Her Ald (M), Scout Historian involved in Kareen's research into Surebleak's culture[196][197])
  • vey'Norember ((F), an experienced Trader considered for employment by Fer Gun pen'Uldra's new trade enterprise[108])
  • Vilander ((?), author of Vilander's Proverbs[68])
  • vin'Aqar (Ran Dom (M), a boorish tourist[198])
  • vin'Tael ((M), a guest at Lady Kareen's gather[14])
  • vin'Tayla (Narna (F), Solcintra Portmaster[136])
  • vin'Zeller ((?), the architect designing yos'Galan's new house on Surebleak[199])
  • von'Eyr ((F), a Master Pilot stationed at Casiaport[81])
  • yo'Hala (in the 7th century a contract-marriage between yo'Hala and yos'Phelium, with the child coming to yos'Phelium, inaugurated an alliance that lasted many years[200])
  • yo'Hatha ((F), part of Korval's social circle when Nova was First Speaker for Korval[131])
  • yo'Laney ((?), a trader[135])
  • yo'Lazne (Kon Rad (M), Scout Commander, Scout-in-Place at Klamath during the disaster[15])
  • yo'Nelon (Baan (M), Scout Pilot, one of Aelliana's students[27])
  • yo'Shomin (Fel Din (M), Scout Lieutenant[180])
  • yo'Taler ((?), a guest at one of yo'Lanna's gathers[17])
  • yo'Tonin (Hia Cyn (M), who made his living by leading High House lordlings into error[5])
  • yo'Tornier (Bar Vad (M), Commander of Agents in the Department of the Interior[201])
  • yo'Vala (?, Delm, can't stand cats; Win Ton, trainee scout, friend of Theo Waitley[61])
  • yo'Vestra (Her Nin (M), Kareen's close friend, another cornerstone of the League for the Purity of the Language[14][29])
  • yo'Zeamin ((?), Agent of Change sent unsuccessfully against Anthora[151])
  • yos'Arimyst (Therin (M), Hall Master at Irikwae's Trade Hall[202])
  • yos'Belin (Rand (F), a courier pilot[203])
  • yos'Casin (Elid (F), an agent of the Department of the Interior captured on Surebleak[204])
  • yos'Quentl (Nor Ton (M), a Linguist Specialist -- according to Val Con, under circumstances that cast doubt on the existence of Nor Ton yos'Quentl in particular and offer scant support for the existence of Line yos'Quentl in general)[205]
  • yos'Rida ((?), agent of the DoI[76])
  • yos'Senchul (Orn Ald (M), flight instructor at Anglingdin Piloting Academy on Eylot[206])
  • yos'Sandow ((?), a poet[207])
  • yos'Thadi (Ing Vie (M), Scout, hunter of Old Tech, captain of Chandra Marudas, gave Win Ton into the Uncle's hands after all other healing failed)[192]
  • yos'Vinder (Tir Sha (M), an Operative of the Department of the Interior stationed on Gondola[166][167])
  • yos'Wentroth (Niota (F), Scout Pilot, official observer of the Codrescu evacuation[208])

Clans and Lines DirectoryEdit


Andresi (Lord, A Choice of Weapons)

Aragon (High Clan), chel'Mara Vin Sin Scout's Progress; Aragon makes porcelain (BoT)

Aragon (High Clan), pel'Tegin Sofi, Sister to Aragon Himself, lives on Aedyr

Asta (Middling uncertain)


Bindan (Middling), tel'Izak Samiv Scout's Progress, Mouse and Dragon


Chad (Middling), Wespail Dema Thodelm

chel'Gaibin, Infreya, Bar Jen (Clan Rinork) (Balance of Trade)


Danut (Unknown) (Plan B)

Dartom (Unknown)

Clan dea'Gauss qe’andra to Korval since Old Solcintra

dea'Linea (Certain Symmetry)

dea'Luziam Daria; Val Con's lover, dead during Scout Solo testing, one year older (To Cut an Edge)

del'Pemridj Bobrin (A Choice of Weapons)

Deshnol (Unknown), Faaldom, Lina

Diot (Unknown), pel'Ongin Elabet poet


Erob (Middling), Taizen badge: stylized mountain-and-hawk; delm's Line; Lytaxin

Erob (Middling), tel'Vosti

Erob (Tiazan)

Etgora (Middling), del'Fordan, Hin Ber (Delm), Jen Del (brother), Kesa (12 year old, female) (A Choice of Weapons), Delm's line




Gabrian (Middling), Anaba, Len Sar, Port merchant family


Guayar (High), ter'Meulen, Clonak, Delm's line


Clan Hedrede high house


Imtal, ter'Antod Fal Den, male, dead, Certain Symmetry

Ithik (Middling), ven'Rudan

Ixin (High), ven'Deelin, Norn, badge: Rabbit silhoutte on a full moon, ( Balance of Trade)

Ixin (High), ven'Deelin, Rema (Scout's Progress)


Jabun (Middling), Meriandra Elsa (Ren Zel's wife, dead, Changeling) delm's line, Cyrbet Meriandra, last of her Clan, delm's line, based on Casia -- Clan is known for pilots (Changeling),

Justus: yo'Lanna, Ken Rik (Agent of Change)


Kenso (Unknown) (Plan B)

Kia (Middling) Korval's trading partner, Courier 12 Breath's Duty

Kiladi -- Jen Sar (Fledgling) (See also Daav yos'Phelium)

Korval (Highest), line bel'Tarda, from a clan specializing in fine rugs. Rug merchants. According to Heirloom, Line bel’Tarda was brought into Korval because a scoundrel yos’Phelium broke the clan into bits. Luken is Pat Rin’s beloved foster father. (Certain Symmetry). He has at least one daughter.

Korval (Highest), yos'Galan, Er Thom (Master Trader), Shan. Founder Tor An yos'Galan — a young pilot from a clan that has produced pilots for centuries

Korval (Highest), yos'Phelium, Chi, Daav, Val Con, Pat Rin, Delm's Line. The delm must be a pilot, so Kareen turned instead to mastering The Liaden Code of Proper Conduct


lo'Vanna Cochel clan sells ships, but only to members of registered clans (Misfits)

Lyderg (Middling?), Mizel's cousin-house, controls the nursery

Lysta (Middling), Brunner Ichliad, weatherman (Misfits)

Lysta (Middling), Verena Cousin to Ichliad Brunner


Mandor (Middling)

Mendoza (Middling) Mendoza

Midys (Middling), Kochi Lyn Den Delm's line, but Lyn Den is not delm

Midys (Middling), pin'Aker Var Mon Scout's Progress

Mizel (Middling), Caylon, Birin (Delm), Ran Eld, Voni, Aelliana, Sinit, Tiatha

Mizel Scout's Progress, Mouse and Dragon, I Dare


Nexon (Middling), el'Kemin, Syntebra (Local Custom)

Nexon (Middling), Lirgael Rakina delm's line, Local Custom

Ne'Zame Shadia. (Breath's Duty


  • Obrelt (Middling). See stories Changeling and Kin Ties
  • Clan members: Ren Zel dea'Judan - deceased, Aunt Chane, Uncle Arn Eld, Eba (youngest sister), Farin (sister), Wil Bar (cousin), Son Dor (male child) delm's line
  • Obrelt is based on Casia, a Liaden outworld
    • known for shopkeeping


pel'Arot Rod Ern Scout (Pilot of Korval)

pel'Nyan (Lady, A Choice of Weapons)

pel'Tolian Pat Rin's general man (Certain Symmetry)

pel'Varn (Certain Symmetry)

pen'Akla, Tan Sim (Clan Rinork) (Balance of Trade)

Persage (unknown), sig'Ranton Bre Din, dulciharp delivery, Mouse and Dragon Ch. 19

pin'Ethil Bor Gen Mechanic First Class, Dutiful Passage (Pilot of Korval)

Plemia -- See Olanek, Clan Plemia

  • Clan Plemia, (Middling), Line Olanek is Delm
  • Nalli Olanek, Taam Olanek, Sav Rid Olanek
    • Line yo'Vaade are cousins to Line Olanek
      • Chelsa yo'Vaade, captain of Daxflan
Pyx (Middling)


Quiptic (unknown) (Balance of Trade)


  • Ranvit. Line pak’Ora. Service family. Mr. pak’Ora was butler at Trealla Fantrol until his delm summoned him away from Korval— a clan that intermarried with Terrans. See Intelligent Design

Reptor (Middling), bin'Ala Yolan and Sed Ric Scout's Progress

Reptor (Middling), pel'Kirmin Zan Dir delm's line, Scout's Progress

Rinork. delm— line chel’Gaiban. High House at the time of Balance of Trade [28] . Bar Jan chel’Gaiban, nadelm, hates Jethri Gobelyn van’Deelin, his Terran Gobelyn kin, and his Liaden adoptive kin, Clan Ixin. He keeps a frighteningly vindictive and petty debt book. His mother, Delm Rinork, schemes to ensure that Liadens dominate the trade routes, with Rinork at the top. She adopted Tan Sim pen'Akla (Balance of Trade and Trade Secret)

Rugare (Unknown), sig'Alda, Tyl Von. Had been a pilot-for-hire till The DOI subverted him.


Shelart (Middling), bel'Urik Gus Tav, Dela (Certain Symmetry) Port merchant family


sig'Radia (Unknown), Cho (Senior Scout) (Fledgling)

Silari — (supports Clan Korval) Valad chel'Voyan, clan Silari, Delm. Alara chel'Voyan, daughter and Nadelm and scout field ecologist.

  • "with Forban (primary business partner) supporting the Council, Silari -- in the person of Delm Valad chel’Voyon -- had opted out of the partnership....Silari himself had long muttered about the Council of Clans eating up progress for comfort. His having been a deciding vote in allowing the quite young Pat Rin yos’Phelium into Teydor’s at Daav yos’Phelium’s suggestion also figured into the question, but then he’d been a contemporary of that delm’s mother."
  • Silari is moving to Surebleak. (The Rifle's First Wife)

Simesta (Middling), sel'Mindruyk delm's line

Simesta (Middling), Yoltak Rel Vad (Carpe Diem)

Sykun (Middling) uncertain


Tangier (unknown), Zed ter'Janpok (Delm)

Tarnia (unknown), Lady Maarilex, Miandra (Balance of Trade)

tel'Denvit Ceola, Min (sisters)Shadow Partner, Eidolon

tel'Iquin Scout Lieutenant, Female (Pilot of Korval)

tel'Pyton Bed War male tea merchant (Certain Symmetry)

Telrune (Low), pen'Uldra Fer Gun Daav's father, Val Con's grandfather

tel'Vana Tor Cam the Eyes of Casia's Council of Clans (Changeling)

ter'Janpok, Zed (Clan Tangier, Delm)





ven'Ducci Master Pilot on Dutiful Passage (Pilot of Korval)

Vintyr (Middling)

Vonlet (Unknown) (Scout's Progress)


Wilkin - Kez Rel ter'Ista, physician (Chimera)



Yedon (Middling), yo'Kera Jin Del, Learned Scholar, deceased (Anne Davis correspondent)

yo'Lanna Ilthiria (Lady) (A Choice of Weapons), Eyan (f) (Certain Symmetry)

yo'Lazne Kon Rad Scout Commander (Misfits)


yos'Galan = yos' GAL-ahn (rhymes with talon) Second House of Korval


yo'Tonin Hia Cyn male, scammer, dies (Certain Symmetry)

yo'Vala, Win Ton (Trainee) (Fledgling)

Yron (Middling), pen'Evrit Hae Den Thodelm


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