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Internal Chronology & Reading Order(s) in graphical format (first 13 books only). And see images of Book Covers in chronological order.

Tryan's Chronological Reading Order (not checked by the authors but based on the Timeline, in google docs)

  1. Agent of Change The Man who was not Terrence O'Grady had come quietly.
  2. Conflict of Honors
  3. Carpe Diem
  4. Plan B
  5. Local Custom
  6. Scout's Progress
  7. I Dare
  8. Balance of Trade
  9. Crystal Soldier
  10. Crystal Dragon
  11. Fledgling
  12. Saltation
  13. Mouse and Dragon
  14. Ghost Ship
  15. Dragon Ship
  16. Necessity's Child
  17. Trade Secret
  18. Dragon in Exile
  19. Alliance of Equals
  20. The Gathering Edge
  21. Neogenesis
  22. Accepting the Lance
  23. Trader's Leap
  24. Fair Trade
  25. Salvage Right
  26. Ribbon Dance (expected June 2024; submitted with ~ 133,000 words)

- disambiguate the novel Plan B from Plan B (Korval’s strategy)

Short Stories /Constellations[]

Order based on "A Liaden Universe Constellation" publications Vol 1, published July 2013; Vol 2, published July 2014; Vol 3, published August 2015; and vol 4, published June 2019 by Baen Publications

Volume 1[]

  1. To Cut an Edge -- c. SY-1379. Scout Cadet Val Con yos'Phelium meets Clutch Turtle, The Edger.
  2. A Day at the Races -- c. SY-1384. Shan and Val Con race a skimmer at the "Little Festival."
  3. Where the Goddess Sends -- Moonhawk and Lute meet in a pit and rescue a couple of travellers.
  4. A Spell for the Lost -- Moonhawk finds Tael who was killed accidentally.
  5. Moonphase -- SY-1375. Moonhawk and Lute help Priscilla Delacroix y Mendoza escape the Circle.
  6. Pilot of Korval -- SY-1339. As 14-year old halflings, Er Thom yos'Galan rescues a crewmate while saying good-bye to Daav yos'Phelium.
  7. Breath's Duty -- c. SY-1393. Daav yos'Phelium at Nev'Lorn.
  8. The Wine of Memory -- Lute helps Veverain work a spell so she can live without forgetting Rowan; Moonhawk witnesses.
  9. Certain Symmetry -- c. SY-1384. Pat Rin is executor for a friend's debt book.
  10. Balance of Trade -- Jethri Gobelyn meets Norn ven'Deelin; later published as a novel of same name.
  11. A Choice of Weapons -- Daav argues with Chi's choice of nadelm but then opts for water balloons when challenged to a duel, confirming her wisdom.
  12. Changeling -- Ren Zel dea'Judan is outcast from his clan and hired by Shan yos'Galan.
  13. A Matter of Dreams -- c. SY-1375. Moonhawk kills a thief and Priscilla is blamed (from the POV of Captain Fiona Betany of the spaceship crew).
  14. Phoenix -- SY-1293. Cyra chel'Vona gets help for Belansium from Scout Jon dea'Cort.
  15. Naratha's Shadow -- Scout Montet sig'Norba finds an ancient artifact and the Voice of Naratha helps her deal with it.
  16. Heirloom -- c. SY-1374. 12-year old Nova yos'Galan's dramliza talent manifests: she remembers why bel'Tarda became attached to Clan Korval.
  17. Sweet Waters -- Slade makes a life and has a child before he is rescued. Sweet Waters takes place in SY 1177, 150 years before the birth of Daav yos’Phelium, who will one day walk this world in his turn.

Volume 2[]

  1. Veil of the Dancer -- c. SY-1368. Inas Bhar / Natesa gets aid from the Juntavas to escape Skardu.
  2. Quiet Knives -- c. SY-1392. Korelan Zar, High Judge's courier, is rescued by his old girlfriend Midj Rolanni as Sambra Reallen takes over leadership of the Juntavas from Grom Trogar, after Clutch Turtles Edger and Sheather visit.
  3. This House -- Mil Ton Intassi reunites with his lover Fen Ris after saving Fen Ris' lifemate Endele per'Timbral.
  4. Lord of the Dance -- Non-Canon. The family proves to Pat Rin that he is a pilot after all.
  5. The Beggar King -- Clarence O'Berin becomes Juntavas Boss on Liad and encounters Daav yos'Phelium
  6. Necessary Evils -- Seltin warns the Mothers of the Vine of the House's betrayal.
  7. Fighting Chance -- SY-1379. A young Miri Robertson joins Angela Lizardi’s mercenary unit, Lizardi’s Lunatics.
  8. Prodigal Son -- Splinter of "Ghost Ship." Val Con yos'Phelium returns to Vandar with Nelirikk
  9. Daughter of Dragons -- SY-1392. In spite of Plan B (Korval’s strategy) being called, Kareen yos'Phelium yos'Phelium lingers on Liad for a pre-scheduled meeting of The League for the Purity of Language.
  10. Dragon Tide -- Distant past on The Tree’s homeworld, while dragons still lived in the trees.
  11. Shadow Partner -- c. SY-1384. young Scout Captain Val Con/ "Shadow" helps a bar owner.
  12. Persistence -- SY-1392. Conrad (Pat Rin yos'Phelium) buys rugs - including the 'Sinners Rug.'
  13. Misfits -- former Corporal Miri Robertson and Ichliad Brunner first met at Klamath in SY-1382. When they meet again in SY-1393, she offers him the Weatherman job on Surebleak.
  14. Hidden Resources -- SY-1393. Kareen yos'Phelium and Luken bel'Tarda guard Korval's children during Plan B.
  15. Moon on the Hills -- SY-1393. The Edger (see Clutch Turtles) delivers Jelaza Kazone to Surebleak while Boss Conrad negotiates with a skittish Yulie Shaper
  16. Skyblaze -- SY-1393/94. Taxi driver Vertu dea'San is banned to Surebleak for inadvertently aiding Clan Korval during their attack against the The Department of the Interior beneathSolcintra.

Volume 3[]

  1. Code of Honor -- Merc Tech Sergeant Tommy Lee, AKA Tom Lei pen'Chapen, is called home to Liad by his grandfather, the delm of clan Severt.
  2. Guaranteed Delivery -- Daav and Aelliana, early in their courier career, deliver the Ruby despite Alabaster's scheming.
  3. Intelligent Design -- Jeeves' rescue and rebuilding by Val Con.
  4. Out of True -- In the time of Balance of Trade, an itinerant freighter crew discovers that norbears can be good company.
  5. Roving Gambler -- Quin yos'Phelium meets Villy and is given keys to his own ship.
  6. King of the Cats -- Non-canon, a crossover with the authors' Kinzel series; Val Con rescues the cats for Kinzel.
  7. Kin Ties -- Ren Zel dea'Judan returns home and deals with Bethy Meriandra.
  8. Eleutherios -- A Bedel artisan repairs the organ in a monastery.
  9. The Rifle's First Wife -- Diglon Rifle and Scout Alara chel'Voyon are able to solve each other's problems.
  10. The Space at Tinsori Light -- Jen Sin yos'Phelium meets Lorith at the Tinsori Light and sends a coded message.
  11. Landed Alien -- Kara ven'Arith escapes Eylot and makes a place for herself on Codrescu Station.
  12. Moon's Honor -- Moonhawk finds Lute hiding in the garden and becomes his apprentice.

Volume 4[]

  1. Street Cred -- Liaden and Surebleak values clash over the meaning of contracts, with Val Con and Miri's lives as the stakes.
  2. Due Diligence -- How Daav yos'Phelium came to be born, and what happened to his father afterward.
  3. Friend of a Friend -- Villy Butler must use all his talents against an attack on his friend Quin yos'Phelium.
  4. Cutting Corners -- Therny Chirs, a cargo master, needs to re-up his certifications. A norbear takes a hand.
  5. Block Party -- Surebleak celebrates the holidays, with kids and love and baked goods.
  6. Degrees of Separation -- Don Eyr becomes a baker and meets Serana his captain and some children.
  7. Excerpts from Two Lives -- Origin of the "Fly on by" song from Carpe Diem; RosaRing nearly unleashes a disaster and is destroyed by its creators.
  8. Revolutionists -- Geral, a descendant of Jethri, faces a life-or-death choice.

PS. where is Chimera? — is this included in any constellation? (Published in chapbook with Friend of a Friend)

Volume 5[]

  1. Fortune's Favors -- Mar Tyn, a Luck, comes across Don Eyr and Serana's bakery, and they rescue him and Aazali.
  2. Opportunity to Seize -- Youthened Daav and Aelliana spend the night and morning with Kamele.
  3. Shout of Honor -- On Inago Station, Vepal meets JinJee Sanchez again and Ochin thwarts the DOI.
  4. Command Decision -- Lizardi and Bjarni save the fungi fertilization on InAJam.
  5. Dark Secrets -- Simon Kilsymthe helps save Caerli yo'Dira from the secrets of her past
  6. A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom -- Scout Lina yo'Bingim arrives on Surebleak and discovers why the Surebleak Scouts have split from the Liaden Scouts.
  7. The Gate that Locks the Tree -- Vertu, Yulie, Mary, Anna and Rascal rescue a cat mother and a Tree friend and the Tree learns to keep its promises.
  8. Preferred Seating -- Can Ith yos'Phelium becomes eklykt'i.
  9. Ambient Conditions -- Kishara arrives from Liad and defeats Mor Gan with Can Ith's help.
  10. Dead Men Dream -- Khana and Bar Jan make new lives for themselves after their deaths.


Prior to the "Liaden Universe Constellation" collections most short stories and novellas were published in chapbooks called "Adventures in the Liaden Universe" (all still available at This is a list of the chapbooks with their content.

  1. Two Tales of Korval -- contains: To Cut an Edge and A Day at the Races
  2. Fellow Travelers --contains: Where The Goddess Sends, A Spell for the Lost, Moonphase
  3. Duty Bound -- contains: Pilot of Korval, Breath's Duty
  4. Certain Symmetry -- contains: The Wine of Memory, Certain Symmetry
  5. Trading in Futures -- contains: Balance of Trade, A Choice of Weapons
  6. Changeling -- contains: Changeling
  7. Loose Cannon -- contains: A Matter of Dreams, Phoenix
  8. Shadows and Shades -- contains: Naratha's Shadow, Heirloom
  9. Quiet Knives -- contains: Veil of the Dancer, Quiet Knives
  10. With Stars Underfoot -- (not canonical) contains: Lord of the Dance, This House
  11. Necessary Evils -- contains: Necessary Evils, The Beggar King
  12. Allies -- contains: Fighting Chance, Prodigal Son
  13. Dragon Tide -- contains: Dragon Tide, Daughter of Dragons
  14. Eidolon -- contains: Shadow Partner, Persistence
  15. Misfits -- contains: Misfits
  16. Halfling Moon -- contains: Hidden Resources, Moon on the Hills
  17. Skyblaze -- contains: Skyblaze
  18. Courier Run -- contains: Kin Ties, Guaranteed Delivery
  19. Legacy Systems -- contains: Intelligent Design, The Space at Tinsori Light
  20. Moon's Honor -- contains: Moon's Honor
  21. Technical Details -- contains: Landed Alien, Eleutherios
  22. Sleeping with the Enemy -- contains: Friend of a Friend, Chimera
  23. Change Management --contains: Street Cred, Wise Child
  24. Due Diligence -- contains: Due Diligence
  25. Cultivar -- contains: Out of True, The Rifle's First Wife
  26. Heirs to Trouble -- contains: Roving Gambler, Code of Honor
  27. Degrees of Separation -- contains: Degrees of Separation
  28. Fortune's Favors -- contains: Fortune's Favors, Opportunity to Seize
  29. Shout of Honor -- contains: Shout of Honor
  30. The Gate that Locks the Tree -- contains: The Gate that Locks the Tree
  31. Ambient Conditions -- contains: A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom, Ambient Conditions
  32. Change State -- contains: Command Decision, Dead Men Dream
  33. Bad Actors -- contains: Excerpt from Two Lives, Dark Secrets, and Revolutionists
  34. Bread Alone -- contains: Degrees of Separation, Fortune's Favors, Block Party, and Our Lady of Benevolence
  35. From Every Storm - Adventures in the Liaden Universe #35, expected 11-23-22, will contain “Songs of the Fathers” and previously released Standing Orders and From Every Storm a Rainbow

in Multi-Author Anthologies[]

  • Standing Orders - A Liaden® Story about the Terran AI War. Published in Derelict, edited by David B. Coe, Joshua Palmatier, and Zombies Need Brains LLC. Copyright © 2021
  • Gadreel’s Folly - A Liaden® Story about Kasagaria Mikelsyn. Published in Chicks in Tank Tops, edited by Jason Cordova. To be released, Baen Books January 2023 (Earc avalaible fall 2022)

Omni Collections[]

The following four collections contain a mix of Local Custom (LC), Scout’s Progress (SP), Conflict of Honors (CoH), Agent of Change (AoC), Carpe Diem (CD)

Digital Freebies[]

Short stories online at Baen Books for limited time, probably

unnumbered chapbooks[]

  • The Cat's Job -- contains: King of the Cats (+ other non-Liaden cat-stories)
  • Calamity's Child -- contains: Sweet Waters (+ non-Liaden story: A Night at the Opera)


  • Splinters are short (and longer) pieces that splintered from a novel. Possible scenes, what-ifs, cast-offs, scraps...etc. Not officially canon but maybe someday...
  • collected into an anthology, but some were previously published free online
  • also see

Splinter Universe Presents[]

(Early splinters are now available in published form rather than online)

  • Ghost Ship Splinter: Daav's Up Early
  • Four Tries for an Yxtrang
  • Klamath
  • Shan and Priscilla Ride Again
    • 15 chapters and an outtake
  • Strings, Strands, and Vines in Motion
    • set in old universe, it features young aelantaza Cantra yos'Phelium, her hasty brother Pleny, and the mother of the vine
  • First pass, Scout’s Progress
  • When Val-Con was Re-Attached to the DOI
    • “The DOI didn't know about the lifemate bond, and recapturing Val Con would greatly increase their chances of success in the Big Game of Galactic Domination”

The Wrong Lance (Splinter Universe Presents #2)[]

  • Eleven chapters of a false start on Accepting the Lance can now be read as an out-take.
  • Note: this is not canon!

Current (Liaden) Contents of Splinter Universe[]

  • Cheese it, the cops!
    • In which Edger finds the Juntavas before the Juntavas find Val Con and Miri, and the Juntavas find them first on Vandar, and Miri's not sure she wants to leave. (With author's note.)
  • Outtake from Alliance of Equals
    • In which the Dutiful Passage is accused of piracy and Jif Nagra helps get the crew back on board. (With author's note.)
  • Daav’s Leaving Town
    • In which Daav was a professor somewhere else and takes his leave of Cat, a very different kind of lover. (With author's note.)
  • Shan’s getting married
    • Shan is unhappily preparing for his first contract marriage; Val Con complains that Er Thom doesn't want him to go for a Scout. (With author's note.)

Visit Splinter Universe itself for the non-Liaden content!