Anlingdin Piloting Academy on EylotEdit

  • Asu diamon Dayez of the luxury cruise lines - Theo's roommate at Anlingdin [1]
  • Chelly Frosher - Senior on command track, Theo's suite mate[1]
  • Willsmyth[2]
  • Otto El - glider instructor[3]
  • Pilot Truffant - math instructor[4]
  • Professor Therny Chibs - cargo msster (Commerce and Tansport 111)[5]
  • Turley -2nd class provisional pilot
  • Instructor Johansen (History of Piloting)[6]
  • Kern Vallee - Student Pilot [2]
  • Ablestum - pilot[2]


And see Carresens main page

  • First Class Pilot Asha Carresens-Denobli who arrived on Carresen packet ship Twinkle to observe the evacuation of Codrescu station.[7]
  • Chels Carresens-Denobli -- Receptionist at the Carresens office on Tradedesk at the time of Theo's visit.[8]
  • Elzen Carresens-Denobli -- The intended captain of the self-aware ship Disian.[9]
  • Senior Trade Commissioner Janifer Denobli-Carresens . Pilot. Theo's contact at Tradedesk.[8]
  • ViChels Carresens -- Director of Tradedesk at the time of Jethri's visit.[10]

Codrescu StationEdit

  • Guildmaster Peltzer of Orbital Trading Station Codrescu, in orbit around planet Eylot
  • Arndy Slayn - First Class Pilot, had gone from Guild technical assistant to Acting Stationmaster.
  • Qaichi Bringo — Chief Tugwhomper and unofficial security consultant on Codrescu station
  • Pilot Third Class Giodana Govans, owner-operator of Beeslady (destroyed)
  • One of Nubit’s crew — Sadie Onit (Eylot sympathizers)
  • Bechimo took on 10 passengers for the evacuation Bruce Peltzer, Arndy Slayn, Qaichi Bringo, Vanis Gaidon, Chon Rifith, Orn Ald yos’Senchul, Frances Hollins, Kara ven’Arith, Bandelute Apres-Donegal, Aimee Keller.


  • Four Team Three (Theo's Team)
    • Estan Vanderpool (proceduralist- stolid,solid, meticulous boy)
    • Kartor Singh
    • Roni Mason ( daughter of Ly
    • Lesset Grinmordi
    • Anj Tibbets
  • Team Six
    • Vela Poindexter
  • Gorna Dail - merchant at "Gently Used", former Visiting Expert, sells rug to Theo & Jen Sar
  • Marjene Kant, Theo's official mentor
  • Sindy Clemens- one of Kamele's students "gifted researcher"
  • Practical Dance Students
    • Bek Tehruda - Theo's partner in dance and with whom she later has her First Pair. Has heavy yellow hair and gray eyes.
    • Lida - student
    • Jinny - student
  • Scholars
    • Professor Viverain - acting head of the Leisure & Recreation department, travelling academic (Scavage)
    • Professor Monit Applethorn (Advertency)
    • Dr. Wilit (Social Engineering")
    • Professor Noni, Visiting Expert of Dance ( Practical Dance)
    • Lystra Mason (also Roni's mother)
    • History of Education
      • Orkan Hafley - EdHist Chair
      • Kamele Waitley - Sub Chair EdHIst
      • Ermeritus Professor Vaughn Crowley
      • Ermeritus Professor Farancy Able
      • Clyburn Tang (onagrata to Orkan Haflley on Delgado, citizen of Melchiza)
      • Ella ben Suzan - Kamele's longtime friend, "Aunt Ella"
      • Emeritus Professor Beltaire -
      • Professor Flandin - forged citations
    • Jon Fu
    • Tandra Skilings - in league with the Chapelia
    • Sub-Chancellor Kylin
    • Technician Singh
  • Vinter - thug on late evening bus route in Epharim
  • Harn - sandy haired man who delivers Theo's rug
  • Hieri (terminal Helper)


  • Gidis Arkov ( Government Chaperon)
  • Director Jeyanzi Pikelmin (Third Director of the Treasure House)
  • Solmin
  • Transit School
    • Instructor Tathery (Transit School)
    • Monti
    • Yzel
    • Ave-Su
    • Dalin
    • Pilot-Instructor Arman
    • Jeren
    • Gayl
    • Inspector Vidige (Advance Class)
    • Robit
    • Fruma
    • Initha
    • Stan


Partial list below. See main page Surebleak

  • Darby Bajek - The first Terran Healer??? See Chimera
    • Brother Farch, Sister Jewl, Jewl's 2 boys Eon and Peor
  • Amiz Braun - one of Lady Kareen yos'Phelium's hands
  • Ms. Audrey (Breckstone) -- proprietor of the whorehouse on Blair Road; one of Boss Conrad's supporters, blue eyes, pale hair, not young
  • Cheever McFarland -- big Terran, master pilot. Owns small ship LucyBug. Security for Pat Rin yos'Phelium / Boss Conrad.
  • Claren Liu - Dayside Portmaster, Surebleak Port
  • Dafydil Koonts - one of Kareen's hands; helps teach Prof Kamele Waitley to shoot
  • Etienne Borden - Nightside Portmaster, Surebleak Port. Engaged The Department of the Interior with Pat Rin yos'Phelium in "I Dare"
  • Gert Jazdak - Lady Kareen yos'Phelium's Security Chief / Head Hand
  • Gwince - one of Boss Conrad's hands
  • Melina Sherton - Boss who controls the border farm roads, aka "the country"
  • Michael Golden - native 'Bleaker, security for Nova yos'Galan
  • Penn Kalhoon - Boss of Hamilton Street; pale yellow hair, steel-rimmed glasses, wife Thera and two children. Friends with Miri Robertson in her childhood
  • Sheyn - Villy's chiefest rival in Ms. Audrey's House of Joy
  • Tes Lucien - Master pilot/Scout on Surebleak, sits second to teach Quin, on his refurbished Galandasti
  • Tolly Jones - aka Mr. Berik-Jones, Thirteen-sixty-two, Mentor Tollance Berik-Jones - Port Security with partner Hazenthull nor'Phelium; later pilots Tarigan with Tocohl Lorlin. See Lyre Institute for more info.
  • Villy Butler - works for Ms. Audrey and runs the sticks table at the Emerald Casino. Quin's friend.
  • Yulie Shaper - Korval's new next-door neighbor. Heir to the former Gilmore Agency properties. Is a mite odd; has a lot of cats; farms; keeps mostly to himself. In 'Dragon in Exile', The Tree gives him a pod and a treelet.


  • Phobai Murchinson
  • Len (pilot?)
  • Joadin (pilot?)
  • Truitt (pilot?)
  • Valince (pilot?)
  • Jorj (pilot?)
  • Cordrey (pilot?)
  • Mr Rogen ( Pet Librarian)
  • Mr Chorli ( lecturer)

yos'Galan employees and contractorsEdit

Terrans, not Liadens, listed here:

  • James Abrofinda - Terran smalltrader who does business with yos'Galan[11]
  • Gordon Arbuthnot (Gordy) - Dutiful Passage crew
  • Roner Jerethine - Dutiful Passage crew
  • Seth Johnson - Dutiful Passage crew
  • Priscilla Mendoza - Dutiful Passage crew, captain
  • Rusty Morgenstern - Dutiful Passage crew
  • Jon Schneider - Dutiful Passage crew
  • Sally Triloff - Dutiful Passage crew
  • Janice Weatherbee - Dutiful Passage crew
  • Varoth - Dutiful Passage crew
  • Jeri - Dutiful Passage crew

need sortingEdit

  • Aloysha Maksim Ilari Berk, aka "Al Berk" -- first class pilot with a license out of Waymart, named for three uncles on his father's side
  • Bro Moddasin - who answered for Frader Transport Group on Cresthaller[12]
  • Chairman Charn Duxbury of the Autumn Rains Cooperative on Tradedesk.[12]
  • Chels Carresens-Denobli - the receptionist in Carresens (also noted as a pilot)[12]
  • Cheever McFarland --Boss Conrad's head of security on Surebleak
  • Clarence O’Berin - Juntavas boss on Liad, retired. Theo Waitley’s XO on Bechimo[12]
  • Clothide - apparently at one time the Juntavas Boss on Velaskiz Rotundo (where evacues where taken from Codrescu Station)[12]
  • Greenshaw Porter - Juntavas pilot - I Dare
  • Grasile Elikot - Pilots Guild Master located at Tradedesk Station, also arrived on Twinkle at Codrescu Station[12]
  • Hervan - one of the ship inspectors/greaters on Frenzel port[12]
  • Hiramson O’Nandy O’dell - citizen of Strabane; accused Clarence of being an active antagonist, thief, scoundrel, and an agent of the Juntavas. Resulted in Clarence's being taken into custody while off ship on Tradedesk.[12]
  • Jen - Neglit Center - jeweler who forged duplicate Korval ring - I Dare
  • Julier - local muscle on Teristeport - I Dare
  • Inspectors Grafton and Cady Rutland - Tradedesk[12]; later Clarence sets up a meeting with them for a night
  • Liz Lizardi - Commander of mercenary unit Lizardi’s Lunatics. Recruited Miri Robertson and knew Miri’s mother Katy (see Fighting Chance). Port Security Chief on Surebleak (DiE)
  • LoRita Constince - Sector Guildmaster on Velaskiz Rotundo[12]
  • Ornth Delaboa of Macker Marooney on Vinzca - Contact Shan had given Theo. Is no longer in business, the owner is deceased.[13]
  • Ravin Paylot at Chivin Trade Limited on Chustling - One of the contacts Shan had given her. Person answering phone is very nervous - saying they have no Tree and Dragon affiliates at Chivin Trade.[14]
  • Rig Tranza - Pilot of the Primadonna, where Theo got her first class ticket; Rig gave her his jacket because of an attitude problem with the Master Pilot certifying Theo
  • Zaneth Katrina - Theo's contact a Senior Sexton at Chaliceworks on Frenzel; refuses to do business with Theo or the clan as a whole due to unsettled times and the luck of Korval.


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