• Set on Surebleak in early autumn "which meant that winter was coming"
    • some short time later -- "a blinding blizzard sheeting the window"


Out TakesEdit

  • In the Afterward of “Change Management” the authors state that they removed three scenes from “Neogenesis” that “didn’t exactly fit and thus they became outtakes.”
  • They put the three outtakes into Street Cred: Val Con’s attack, the first letter from Lady yo’Lanna, Miri and Val Con’s argument.

From the Afterward:

"Some scenes were removed from the final novel, Neogenesis….we decided to — take those three outtakes and weave them into a story, dammit. So, that’s what we did. Nothing in this story spoils Neogenesis, by the way, though you’ll find some echoes of the story and vice-versa.

  • In this reader's humble view, Street Cred embellishes Neogenesis, despite some oh-so-slight discrepancies.


  • Set in autumn. Dovetails with beginning of Neogenesis.
  • Plot follows up on some "Dragon in Exile" (DiE) events:
    • Val Con is considering making an alliance with the Juntavas, which was offered to him in DiE.
    • Corner qe’andra apprentices are training, which Miri suggested in DiE.
  • Street Cred occurs after Code of Honor because Tommy Lee.


The Road Boss wasn't exactly doing a lot of business that morning. Miri twice caught herself nodding off. "I'm up for a walk," she said. "Clear the cobwebs out."

Her aide considered her. "A run around the port with a full battle pack?" he suggested.


The report from the Qe'andra Recruitment Committee, aka the Storefront Qe'andra Project, was encouraging, if you liked your encouragement laced with sheer terror."


"Call McFarland, and the Watch. Val Con's down, but he's still fighting."


"Ah, Lady yo'Lanna. She plans a visit. In fact, she expects to be with us within the season, as she has commissioned a Scout at leave to bring her to us."