Spiral Dance is Cantra yos'Phelium's courier ship, co-piloted by Jela.

In Decrystalized UniverseEdit

  • Cantra refers to Spiral Dance as Dancer.[1]
  • The identification plate: "Spiral Dance. No home port"[2]
  • Cantra inherited the ship from Garen yos'Phelium of Clan Torvin[3] "This ship came to her [Garen] through captain's challenge...The captain, defeated, had been actively working for the Enemey, from which he had gotten the ship and all its glittery toys."[3]

"Not that Garen had ever actually come out and said she'd killed a sheriekas agent and took their ship for her own." [4]

  • Spiral Dance is not sheriekas-made but it was retrofitted by them, for their human agent. "It would have been seeded with homers and tracers and all manner of listeners." (Garen and Cantra removed the snoop-tech devices, so Dancer scanned clean)[3]
  • Has secret comparents, hidden toggles and buttons, and "a nav brain that based its simulations on lifts pre-filed and stored in the central port system."[2]
  • Has a highly-advanced sheriekas healing unit[5]
  • Has military guns, Jayfour bombs, etc.[6]

In Liaden UniverseEdit

  • Ship that appears in Bechimo's safe spot, where flotsam appears from "another universe".[7]
  • Spiral Dance - "late out of Solcintra. Cantra yos’Phelium, master and owner"
  • When Win Ton investigates he finds:

The pilot’s chair was empty, A fiber box had been grey-taped to the co-pilot’s chair, In the box…was a tree? On the whole, it seemed happy to see him.[7]


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