• This page addresses the planet Liad and its capital city, Solcintra. See Planets

Solcintra and EnvironsEdit

Solcintra -- aka "the City of Jewels"

  • Valcon Berent'a -- Korval's Valley, they say in Solcintra.  A more direct translation being Dragon's Price or Dragon Hoard -- the valley to the north of Solcintra City where the Korval houses are situated:
  • Jelaza Kazone  -- Clan Korval's clanhouse, The Tree grows here; Line yos'Phelium lives here.
  • Trealla Fantrol -- The "outpost" that guards the entrance to the valley, protects the clan house and tree. Line yos'Galan lives here, by tradition.
  • The Grand Lake Townhouses -- Lady Kareen yos'Phelium lives here until First Speaker announcesOperation Plan B. See Daughter of Dragons
  • Nasingtale Alley -- “Third house on the right, as you walk out from the High-Port”(Heirloom). Pat Rin yos'Phelium lives here with Quin, Mr. pel'Tolian, and Miranda the cat (until he leaves when Plan B goes into effect, in SY 1392). See also Moon on the Hills and Certain Symmetry
  • Glavada Empri -- Clan Justus clanhouse of Lord and Lady yo'Lanna and children. See Due Diligence, etc.
  • Binjali Repair Shop -- Mechanic Street, Upper Port (see Scout's Progress, I Dare, etc)
  • Apel's Wine Room -- in MidPort, just 'round from Binjali's
  • Luken's Carpet Warehouse -- in High Port (see Heirloom)
  • Crystal Flower -- where Aelliana Caylon goes with Anne Davis
  • Garden Gate Cafe -- where Anne and Aelliana have lunch (Host Vesa bel'Ulim)
  • Ongit's Restaurant -- in Solcintra Port between Mid and High.  Neutral ground. Where Pat Rin and Luken dine together every twelfth day -- see Certain Symmetry
  • Tey Dor's -- shooting club in Solcintra. Uncle Daav bought young Pat Rin yos'Phelium a lifetime membership, and he grew into a champion
  • Healer Hall —where clanless orphans do not go. (See Block Party)
  • House of Chance -- gambling house owned and run by Betea sen'Equa, Low Port (see Certain Symmetry)
  • Boulevard of Flowers -- Daav drives Aelliana here, showing off the Afternoon Garden (yellow), and mentions the Evening Garden, Dawn Garden, and Midnight Garden (M&D, ch.7)
  • Liaden Scouts Academy -- the World Room -- Aelliana has an appointment with Jon and the Scout Commander for a tour of the World Room on Trilsday (M&D, Ch. 7)
  • The Friendly Glass -- Min and Ceola tel'Denvit's bar twixt midport and low (Shadow Partner)
  • Noreen's -- where Min and Shadow were to go (Shadow Partner)
  • Conservatory -- where Dath jo'Bern will sponsor Bre Din sig'Ranton, with a dulciharp as a promise (M&D, Ch. 19)

Low Port

Chonselta and EnvironsEdit

Pilots Guild Hall
Healer Hall -- where Daav sends a jacket (Mouse and Dragon, Ch. 1), Hall Master Ethilen, Aelliana's room is third floor, second door on the left
Quenpalt's Casino, Chonselta Port
Financial District
Raingleam Street, where Mizel's Clanhouse is located
Ferry to Solcintra leaves from Chonselta Port
Train from the Port to a few blocks from Raingleam Street
Technical College -- where Aelliana teaches
Korval's yard -- where Master Fis Lyr loaned Daav the yard car (M&D, ch. 6)

Elsewhere on LiadEdit

Hayzin Mountains -- where the "rustic cabin" that Daav gives Aelliana as part of the original division of his personal wealth is located

Tel'esha lake -- near the skimmer race track, A Day at the Races
Sood'ae Leather Works -- the main resource of Clan Mizel, that San bel'Fasin tried to take over


Books set on Surebleak -- at least some scenes

On AvontaiEdit

Bas Ibenez -- a jazz club.  Sort of.

On VentureEdit

Spinning Wheel -- gambling casino
Blueway Cul-De-Sac 12, also Avenue of Dreams

On DelgadoEdit

Number Twelve Leafydale Place
Querna, the spiritual city (with sacred six hours of Dawn)

Gently Used - second hand shop in Ephraim

Scholar's Wall, Delgado University

On LufkitEdit

Nev'Lorn Scout BaseEdit

On CasiaEdit

Findoir's -- Port restaurant

Head'o Port restaurant -- expensive

Morjan -- where Eba is going (another town?)

Wilt's Poolroom and Tavern -- where the fight happens

on BontempEdit

Dobrin University -- from whence Scholar Kiladi gains his third degree, based on Bontemp, a Terran world