This page is used to track ships that are only mentioned as part of a larger scene.Edit

Carresens -operated ships Nubella Run, GRClement, Prism, and MVP.”15

  • Nubella Run was the ship semi permanently moored to Tradedesk where Theo met with Pilot Denobili to discuss trade routes between Carresens and Korval

Ships at Codrescu Station15

  • Goma Chang’s, Strakin, Lefevbre’s Lounge, Odbert, Illichin, Beeslady, Nubit, Lenloch,
  • Eylot ship Tredstone
  • Thurstan, Drosselmar   (podbreakers, no account) - quickly departed
  • Cherpa - yos'Senchul's ship

Ships involved in the rescue of Codrescu Station15

  • Asu Perfection - The Cruise Liner Asu was working on when the emergency in Eylot came about
  • Varthaven. Have doctors and live clinic.
  • Star Wings
  • Altinlyr
  • Backenhouse
  • Peace Ship Juliette
  • Carresen packet ship Twinkle - First Class Pilot Asha Carresens-Denobli at helm. Present are two passengers: Grasile Elikot, Pilots Guild Master located at Tradedesk Station, and Scout Pilot Niota yos’Wentroth.

Ships at Ynsolt’i15

  • fine-ore haulers Vitran Thirteen and Vitran Seven
  • Growdy’s Trinket
  • asteroid collector Metrose
  • Orbital Security Twelve, of Ynsolt’i Security. (one of the DOI corsairs)

Ships at Jamiatha Station.15

  • Donihue’s Docent - apparently a ship of the DOI, though they broadcast a claim as from The Galactic Trade Commission
  • Admiral Bunter - unclear if this is one of the seven ships woken, or the AI from Bechimo that controlled them (likely the later)

Struven Surface unit - a part required for faster than light travel - Bechimo's was damaged by the DOI at Ynsolt’i