Shan yos’Galan - Master Trader on Dutiful Passage


  • son of Anne Davis and Er Thom yos'Galan
    • Terran mother, Liaden father
  • born 1357[1] on University, a Terran Planet [2]
  • Shan is an old Irish /Gaelic name
    • pronounced: Shan yos'Galan = Shahn yos' GAL-ahn (rhymes with talon)
  • lived with his unwed mother until she lifemated with his father
    • met his father when he was three years old
    • welcomed into Clan Korval
  • at almost age three, he was progressing at twice his age
  • of The Dramliz, he could already see sparkles around people

Titles / PositionsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • white hair, as tall as a Terran, golden skin, silver eyes
  • Priscilla’s first impression:

He was tall—a giant among Liadens. Silver eyes thickly fringed with black lashes looked directly into hers. Nor was he old—the frostcolored hair had misled her. His face was that of a man near her own age.

But, Goddess, what a face! Big-nosed, jut-cheeked, wide-mouthed, with a broad forehead, triangular chin, and thin white brows set at a slant over the large eyes. Anything farther from the usual delicacy of Liaden features would be hard to find this side of the Yxtrang.[6]


Balance with Clan PlemiaEdit

  • balance owed, due to actions taken by Sav Rid Olanek of Clan Plemia, captain of the trade ship Daxflan. Clan Plemia's home is in Solcintra
  • Sav Rid hounded Shan's sister Nova to marry him and when she finally threw him out, he took his revenge by manipulating Shan / Dutiful Passage out of 40 Cantra (a lot of $$$) with word of a false mezzik-root medical delivery[10]
  • Sav Rid and his second mate harmed Priscilla, now crewing on Dutiful Passage, stole her possessions, hired her all unknowing "as a master over a cargo of contraband" only to abandon her and falsely accuse her when she suspected they were smuggling drugs [10]
  • His second mate Dagmar attempted to rape and murder Priscilla several times
  • On Theopholis, Dagmar again went after Priscilla, holding a knife to young Gordon Arbuthnot, cabin boy for Captain yos'Galan
  • Shan and the dea'Gauss worked a compassionate balance with Taam Olanek Delm Plemia in Theopholis, with Priscilla in attendance.
    • From Clan Plemia, twenty Cantra for the loss of the mezzik-root purchase, and Siv Rad immediately removed from ship Daxflan and sent to the Healers. Plemia to accept tutoring from Shan's retiring first-mate Kayzin Ne'Zame, who will work with Daxflan's first mate to revise ship procedures and work out a route.."[11]
  • Shan has been mocked for dealing such a terrible balance to Plemia [12]


See Korval Kin for complete list and ancestry charts



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