• Rys Lin pen'Chala -- the last of his clan
  • His name with The Bedel is Rys Newman[1]


  • dark curly hair, prosthetic right hand (crafted by Rafin)[2]
  • only survivor of an Yxtrang raid that wiped out his whole clan[3]
  • worked as a pilot on Momma Liberty[4] and was sold by Vern Bell to Agent lar'Adrin of the The Department[5]
  • Ex Field Agent of Department of the Interior
  • On Surebleak he was beat up by a group of Streeters and left to die[6]
  • Rescued by Udari of The Bedel[7], nursed back to health by the Bedel and then adopted by them.
    • Took on the name Rys Newman of the Bedel[8]
  • Welcomed by Val Con yos'Phelium as a brother
  • Droi of The Bedel is pregnant with his daughter Maysl, named after Rys grandmother


  • an outworld Liaden clan of vintners: "Rys was many years from the vineyard, though wine must run in his blood, so long had his clan tended the vines."[9]
  • his clan and vineyards were destroyed by invading Yxtrang
    • Ifry pen'Chala, elder sister [9], killed in the Yxtrang raid that wiped out the whole clan exept Rys Lin[3]
  • Udari of The Bedel[7], "Brother" to Rys Lin (Udari found Rys dying and brought him to Silain), street name: Nathan, [10]
  • Rafin of The Bedel, Artificer, "Brother" to Rys Lin[11]
  • Silain, Luthia, Grandmother of all Bedel, and thus also Rys Lin' "Grandmother"[12]
  • Val Con yos'Phelium Clan Korval, "Brother"
  • Jasin Bell, Rys Lin's ex-lover, first mate and later Captain on Momma Liberty where Rys Lin worked as pilot[13]


"Rys sat on the rug, as neat and quiet as a cat. His face was delicate, a flower framed by the stormclouds of his curls. His nose, not so emphatic as a Bedel nose, had been broken with the rest of him, and was bent slightly to the left. His hand, that Rafin had made him, gleamed like molten gold in the hearthlight."[14]


"He and Memit built the arbor to support the fragile tendrils. He had still half expected the fruits to kill the vines. That they had managed a harvest at all was notable, and Rys suspected that one harvest was all the engineered plant was capable of producing.

"Grapes," he said now, "are difficult. I told you how my clan grew row upon row of grapes, halfway up the side of a mountain. They were a special grape we had nurtured, that loved the mountain soil, and the cooler air...The wine that came from our vineyard was as red as heart's blood and as sweet as love."

Mimic had turned to look at him, a soft smile on her thin, hard face. "Our Rys bids fair to become a poet."[15]


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