Pilot Training and PayEdit

  • Training -- 4 years, 24 cantra + 2 years apprentice[1]
  • Pay -- 1st class, 8 cantra a year, 2nd class 5 cantra a year (estimate for a good pilot doing contract work)[1]

Pilot Hand TalkEdit

see Pilot Lore

Master PilotsEdit

Incomplete list


Pilot GuildEdit

The Pilot Guild opperates in Terran and Liaden Space. They issue and update Pilot Guild Licences. Most reputable pilots are Guild members.

Quote form the By-laws of the Pilots Guild: "There shall be four levels of pilot acknowledged by the Guild. The base level, or Third Class, shall be qualified for work within system and orbit, operating ships not above Class B. Mid-level, or Second Class, shall be qualified to lift any ship to Class AA within system and orbit. A pilot holding a First Class license shall be competent in accomplishing the Jump into and out of hyperspace. Master Pilot is one able to perform all aspects of piloting with excellence. This grade may undertake to train and test any of the lower three levels. For the purposes of these by-laws, Scout-trained pilots shall be understood to hold a license equal to Master Pilot." [3]

Guild MastersEdit

  • Guild Master Bruce Peltzer

Pilot Guild OfficesEdit

While bigger ports and major Trade Centers qualify for permanent offices with several staff, smaller ports make do with Temp Offices, managed by Circuit Riders.

  • Staederport Guild Temp Office - where Daav and Aelliana give Hevelin to Circuit Rider Bruce Peltzer[4]
  • Codrescu Station Guild Office - above Eylot - where Theo gets her Guild licens and meets Hevelin for the first time.

Pilot Guild HeadquartersEdit



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