• Misfits: Adventures in the Liaden Universe, book #15
  • Also published in A Laiden Universe Constellation, volume ii


  • The story of Klamath, a planet troubled by earthquakes and volcanic events. And treachery. The story of duty and sacrifice and promises kept.
  • Misfits begins in Solcintra, 1393, on the day when Clan Korval fired upon robotic planet killers with a bolt from the sky. Skyblaze Day.
  • The setting then jumps backwards to 1382, to Klamath. Most of the book takes place on Klamath.
  • The story ends on Solcintra, a few days after Skyblaze.


  • A main character is master meteorologist of Terran stock but Liaden upbringing, named Ichliad Brunner. He trained at the Scout Academy's Meteorology School but is not a Scout and doesn't work for The Scouts. He is dubbed "the weather tech" on Klamath.
  • Secondary characters: Redhead's commander, Liz Lizardi of Lizardi's Lunatics, Val Con yos'Phelium, Delm Lysta, a Scout, etc.


His confinement would be ended, his debt to the clan's consequence paid. Six Standard months remained until his parole. Freedom was within his reach. And yet--"They must," he said to the empty room, his voice striking the walls firmly, "be told." His knowledge, his expertise -- His duty.[1]

Series LinksEdit

  • Miri Robertson refers to the tragic cataclysm at Klamath in Carpe Diem.
  • Klamath events are embellished in four "splinters"at the authors' Splinter Universe
  • Mr. Brunner plays a small role in the novels Necessity's Child, Dragon in Exile, Neogenesis
    • Ichliad Brunner, master meteorologist, is the official weatherman on planet Surebleak, which has a far more interesting climate than placid Liad. He works with the weather task force, including Ren Zel dea'Judan and Anthora yos'Galan, Oskar Ekelmit and Gayleen Vord. They strive to improve the climate with weather satellites and orbital mirrors.[2], [3]


  • Compared to the novel I Dare, published before Misfits, there is a discrepancy in the dates:
    • The date given for the attack on Solcintra is the day after the date given in the novel
    • The final scene in Misfits -- which must occur after Korval decided to migrate to Surebleak -- is dated two days before the Council of Clans banished Korval, in the novel.


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