Miri Robertson Tiazan Clan Korval


  • Name given by Clutch Turtles: Miri Robertson Mercenary Soldier, Retired, Personal Bodyguard, Retired, Have Weapon Will Travel.
  • Name in The Mercs: “Redhead” and later, “Captain Redhead”
  • Val Con calls her cha’trez, heartsong

Birth & ChildhoodEdit

  • Miri Robertson was born on aptly named Surebleak, of a Liaden mother (Katalina / Katy Tayzin; Line Tiazan Clan Erob) and a Terran father, Chock Robertson. [1] See Fighting Chance.
  • Her mother Katy threw out her father because he was abusive and a drunk. He tried to sell Miri to a pimp[1]
  • Katy got sick and meds were few on Surebleak. She died two years after Miri joined Lizardi’s Lunatics in The Mercs (at age 13). [2] [1]
  • Young Miri swore she’d never go back to Surebleak


  • Born 1365 day 28 on Surebleak.
  • 1375 day 116 Miri gets first paying job, age 10
  • 1379 day 4 Miri joins Lizardi's Lunatics merc unit and leaves Surebleak, just short of 14 years old (see Fighting Chance)
  • 1382 day 198 Corporal Miri arrives with Lizardi's Lunatics on Klamath and meets Ichliad Brunner. (see Misfits)
  • 1384 Lizardi's Lunatics deactivated, Miri in rehab from Cloud addiction
  • 1385 Miri takes Bank of Fendor loan for half a cantra
  • 1386 Miri becomes Sergeant with The Mercs —The Gyrfalks, under Suzuki and Carmody
  • 1388 Miri pays off Bank of Fendor loan
  • 1388 Miri becomes Master Sergeant, Gyrfalks
  • 1388 Miri loans Murph the money he needs to make his severance payment so he can leave the Gyrfalks
  • 1391 Miri resigns from Gyrfalks and some month later signs on as bodyguard to Sire Baldwin
  • 1392 Juntavas attack Sire Baldwin's household; Miri kills several in self-defense (5 month after Miri signed on with him)
  • 1392 Miri meets Val Con yos’ Phelium, an Agent of Change for The Department of the Interior
  • 1392 Miri and Val Con lifemate on planet Vandar

See comment on date discrepancy

  • 1392 Plan B goes into effect while the world seeks Miri and Val Con: The Juntavas, The Scouts, the Clutch Turtles, Shan and Nova, and The Department
  • 1393 Miri meets her maternal kin, Clan Erob on Lytaxin.
    • Miri explicitly states that she is 28 Standards — (in ship en route to Lytaxin / Plan B, chapter 2 / “STANDARD YEAR 1396: Vandar Orbit and Jump” )


She (Silain of The Bedel) had heard tales of the headwoman of the People of the Tree. She was a warrior so ferocious the Yxtrang revered her as a hero; a lover so skilled that she had captured the heart and hoard of a dragon; a woman who gave her word but rarely, and always kept her promises."[3]

  • Straight red hair (copper colored), braid around the head like a crown, or down below waist
  • Freckles across small, snubbed nose
  • Grey eyes, direct, expressive, beautiful
    • not thought beautiful on Vandar[4]
  • Willful, intelligent face, all sharp angles, willful square chin, full mouth
  • 5’2″, slender build
  • sings well, stays within the limits of her range [5]
  • when needed, wears a gleaming wooden hair stick / deadly stick-knife that Val Con gave her[6]
  • mostly-Liaden, mutated within acceptable limits: [6]
    • Val Con tells Miri she’s Liaden: "Look at you. Everyone knows Liadens are short, small compared with other humans; that the heartbeat is a fraction off, the blood count a trifle different . . . ."[6]



See Korval Kin for complete list and ancestry charts

  • Father: Chock Robertson -- Terran, born on Surebleak, a repairman, "the best there was..if he was sober" but he was usually "smoked or drunk" and then so abusive that his wife Katy rejected him, threw him out: "You're none of mine, Chock Robertson! I deny you!"[1] See Fighting Chance
  • Mother: Katalina (Katy) Tayzin -- Liaden, born on Surebleak, descendant of Clan Erob /Rool Tiazan [9]. She was a baker on Light Street, where young Angela Lizardi also worked (bakery isn't there now)[1]
  • Grandmother: Miri Tiazan -- Liaden, born on Lytaxin, a pilot. She left Lytaxin and Clan Erob to postpone a contract marriage until after she gave birth to her dead lover's child. "She ran away to have her kid...She crashed on Surebleak and couldn't get home...I'm guessing."[10]
    • "Miri Tayzin — grandmother, I guess. Mom might've named me for my grandmother — she never said. Just that her mother'd died in 1358, back during the Fevers, when the fatcats . . . "[6]
  • Husband: Val Con yos'Phelium, a Liaden of Clan Korval, born on Liad
  • Daughter: Talizea yos'Phelium, Liaden, with a little Terran, born on Surebleak
  • Foster sister to Edger's family of Clutch Turtles

Appearances Edit

  • Fighting Chance (young Miri Robertson's last days on Surebleak)
  • Misfits Corporal Miri meets Ichliad Brunner and fights together with Lizardi's Lunatics on Klamath and later meets Ichliad Brunner again with Val Con on Liad)
  • Agent of Change (Val Con and Miri meet and flee the Juntavas)
  • Carpe Diem (Val Con and Miri survive, make friends and find themselves on Vandar)
  • Plan B
  • I Dare
  • Ghost Ship
  • Prodigal Son
  • Necessity's Child 
  • Dragon Ship
  • Dragon in Exile
  • The Rifle's First Wife
  • Code of Honor
  • Street Cred
  • Neogenesis


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