Liaden TeachingsEdit

  • The Scout Rainbow

Visualize the colors of the rainbow, one by one, relaxing more deeply at each level.  Beyond violet, the last color of the Rainbow, is a door, beyond the door is a Safe Place.  Each Place is unique to each practitioner of the Rainbow.  The order of the colors is:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Violet. At Yellow and at Purple, one may exit the exercise by opening one's eyes, if one so wishes. [1]

  • Breath's Duty

Breath's duty is to breathe for the clan as the clan allows, Breath's duty is to breathe the body whole, Breath's duty is to plan for the clan's increase, Breath's duty is to keep the Balance told, Breath's duty is to ...  [2]

  • All's well that ends well

A Terran proverb meaning that despite the methods necessary to arrive there, a fortunate outcome should be celebrated.[3]

Time, Days, HolidaysEdit

  • Time / Day Relationships [4]
    • 8 Standard Days in One Standard Week
    • 32 Standard Days in One Standard Month
    • 384 Standard Days in One Standard Year
    • 96 Standard Days in One Relumma
    • 12 Standard Months in One Standard Year
    • One Relumma is equal to 8 twelve-day weeks
    • Four Relumma equal One Standard Year

  • The days of the first week are all "firstday", as in: Jeelum Firstday, Cheletha Firstday. 
  • The days of the second week are all "seconday", as in "Trils Seconday, Banim Seconday, and so on 'til "eighthday" whereupon we all start over again. (needs reference)
  • A twelve-day is mentioned from time to time, somewhat as Terrans might refer to a week. (needs reference)

Festivals, Holidays, etc.

Time of Day

  • Tenth Chant Wardsday -- Moonhawk's chant, on Sintia [26]
  • Solemn Six Hours of Dawn (Delgado) set by Querna [2]
  • Quarter-glass -- Aelliana promises to be back in a quarter-glass -- a short period of time [3]
  • half a glass -- Aelliana asks Mr. pel'Kana to bring the car in half a glass.[27]
  • Prime -- evening meal (needs reference)

Year Names

  • Dalenart (the year Jen Sin yos'Phelium left his ring at Tinsori Light)[28]
  • Qin (the year of a diary entry made by the second Delm of Korval)[5]
  • Sandir (the year Korval achieved Balance for the shaming of Eba yos'Phelium)[17]
  • Yergin (the year Chi and Petrella were born)[12]
  • Amrasam (the year of Miri Tiazan's birth; circa Standard Year 1327)[29]
  • Saro (the year Daav succeeded Chi as Delm)[19]
  • Mitra (the year of Ren Zel dea'Judan's birth;[30] coincides at least partially with Standard Year 1369[31])
  • Tofset (the year Er Thom helped Master Tea Merchant Bed War tel'Pyton with an oversupply of Morning Sunrise tea, to the profit of them both)[25]
  • Trolsh (the year Sav Rid Olanek came into conflict with Shan yos'Galan; coincides at least partially with Standard Year 1385)[32]
  • Trebloma (the year Val Con met Miri; coincides with the latter part of Standard Year 1392 and the early part of 1393)[16]

Delgado Time

  • Oktavi  - a day of the week[33]
  • Days are divided into hours; clocks chime every eighth-hour[33][34][35]
  • Individual hours are called e.g. sevenbells, ninebells. (Ninebells at night is late.)[36] Times within an hour take the form "eight bells four".[37]
  • smaller time units -
    • ticks  may be a colloquial usage  [38] (also in use on Eylot)[39]
    • clicks (references in Scavage game on Delgado, may be a time keeping mechanism within the game itself)[40]



Cards in a Liaden Deck

  • Six face cards -- Delm, Nadelm, Thodelm, A'thodelm, Master Trader, Ship -- and twelve common cards in each suit.[41] Lesser cards include "qe'andra" and "pivot".[42]
  • Three suits: Red, Blue and Black[41] or Red, Blue and Green.[42]
  • Cards are rectangular, and (at least in yos'Galan's pack) gilded.[41]

Pikit Hands

  • Arch Flush[42]
  • Clan Royale: all six face cards, at least, and in one suit?[43][42]
  • Dozen's Lot[42]
  • Nebularity[42]
  • Scout's Progress: (not described); not a bad hand, but doesn't beat a Clan Royale[43][42]
  • Small Cluster[42]
  • Triple Flash[42]


  • played with a board, dice and counters[44]
  • "On top of the table was a board, margins painted with fanciful designs. The center of the board was marked into blue and brown squares, bounded by larger borders, like countries. There were twelve countries in all, Anne counted, each containing twelve small squares.
    On the table outside the board were four twelve-sided ebony dice. Two shallow wooden bowls likewise sat to hand, each filled with oval pebbles. The pebbles in the right bowl were red; those in the left, yellow."[45]
  • markers and throws are mentioned...

Pigup sticksEdit

A game known to both Liadens and Terrans, in which a bundle of sticks are dropped on a table and a player must remove them one at a time without ever disturbing the remaining sticks.

A Liaden variant, described as "Palaz Dwaygo Solcintra-style", uses three dozen sticks in a variety of colors (including purple, blue, red) which offers the additional challenge of doing the sticks in a particular color order. Quick-sticks, as played on Surebleak, uses twenty-five sticks ("twenty-four Sticks, plus the pick"[46]), lighter in weight and all the same color.[42]

Musical InstrumentsEdit

  • autopipes[47]
  • dulciharp -- an autoharp[48]
  • lap-harp -- found on the planet Skardu[49]
  • omnichora -- also 'chora
    • a successor to the organ[50]
    • requires powering on before playing[50]
    • "Anne sat on the bench, flipped stops, set timings, tone, balance, and began, very softly, to play."[51]
    • "Val Con flipped the power on; hands flickering over the stops, setting values and intensities"[52]
    • "The light on the keyboard came up as [Val Con] touched the pressue plate." "His right hand left the beat for a moment, switching stops and ranges, intensifying sound."[53]
    • "Val Con flipped stops, adjusted frequencies"[54]
    • "the complex keyboard of the 'chora"[55]
    • half-chora -- a variant for musicians with limited space? Anne has one in her apartment at University[56] which rests upon a table[57]
    • yos'Galan's omnichora, a top-of-the-line model, has ivory keys and is encased in satiny wood[50]
  • Reed flute -- Val Con makes a reed flute to attract the children[52]


  • kaprian -- A Liaden partner dance.[58]
  • presta -- A Liaden partner dance, one that a young woman might not wish to dance with her father with other partners available.[58]
    • "He moved his hand in an upward twist, hers following, so that their fingers were joined and the inside of their wrists pressed together, waiting... And the music began. The presta started slow, with a treble circle, as if the dancers were opponents, instead of partners in a joint effort. It then moved into a series of sharp steps, done not quite at arm's length, then a disengage, and full turn."
  • volentra -- A Liaden partner dance, also called the "hello dance"; signifies "the intent of coming together in good will".[58]


  • The Code of Proper Conduct -- 1st edition during exodus (protocol for shipboard life) -- 2nd edition 12 years after planet fall, 358th edition published by Lady Kareen.
  • The Gazette -- "a kind of combination gossip sheet and newspaper of record for Liaden clans"[59]; page 8 has clan news (marriage contracts signed, fulfilled; deaths; adoptions)[60]
    • Outworlds have their own versions, such as the Eylot Gazette.[61]
  • Scholarship Review[62]
  • Daily On Dit (needs reference)
  • Faculty-Administration Quarterly - "The Faq" Delgado University, carries daily university news, Jen Sar Kiladi calls it "The Scandal Sheet" [34]


  • Bug-Finder - has a readout with cheery blue lights[63]
  • Checksec - device to block signals to retain privacy, pro models can also probe thise signals, record them and report over the network.[64]
  • Message pad - Aelliana gets her messages on one: audio and written[65]
  • Momson Cloak - survival device for pressure loss[2]
  • Mumu - similar to a smart phone, has a screen, emits an ID, can be tracked[33]
  • Nerligig - for getting attention (watchmalog, bornduggle, gimbag joints)[2]
  • Orbital Traffic Scanner (OTS)[39]
  • Port-comm - Er Thom uses one[66] no doubt a variation on a personal computer
  • Skimmers - two-person, no electronics, like zero-friction hockey pucks[24]
  • Stubbs Microranger - portable weather station[67]
  • Suture gun - Shan uses this to patch Ren Zel[68]

Skimmer Names[24]

  • Araceli - Korval's
  • Tolanda - the favorite
  • Kelti


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