• Dorrie Golden's Grandson
  • Introduced in Necessity’s Child, where he plays a key role, along with Nova and Syl Vor yos'Galan


  • “Michael Golden . . . wasn’t. He was short, though taller than she, and dark—hair, skin, and eyes a pleasant composition of black, toast, and brown. His shoulders were broad, his legs bowed, and his understanding quick.”[1]
  • “Not only Surebleak, but Blair Road was his home, and the home of his family back unto “Double-Gran.” He thus possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of the local folk, their customs, alliances, and turf history. An exemplary aide, he had been hired to stand as her bodyguard —- what was called here a ’hand —- a task to which he also brought not inconsiderable skill.”[2]
  • “Michael Golden, whom Mr. McFarland had speedily taken as his advisor in matters of greater street security and implementation of new policy -— what one might call “law.”[3]

Nova + MikeEdit

“It had become their custom, to take tea and some small snack together at the end of the day, comparing notes before each sought their rest. Nova poured as he settled himself into the desk-side chair.

“That was the boy calling? Everything going aces for him, up under Tree?”

Nova picked up her cup and sighed. “I fear that he is feeling . . . somewhat isolated. He has no age-mates...” [4]


“Mike Golden was, Miri thought, good for her. Whether Nova was similarly good for Mike Golden . . . Miri directed a thoughtful look at the man. He turned his head like he’d felt her glance against his cheek, and winked at her, mouth quirking.[5]


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