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  • Lead Trader of Fasholt and Daughters, Tralutha Siamn, Swunaket Port (which is on the second planet out of four in the Irrobi System) [1]
  • Round-faced and rumpled, her tunic was a paticularly pleasing shade of pink, fragrant hand, has 8 husbands when Shan and Priscilla visit her in Standart 1385 (the more money she makes, the more husbands they insist she take).[1]
  • Korval has traded with Fasholt for the last two generations - the contract between Clan Korval and the Fasholt family deates back to Shan's and Lomar's grandmothers. It reads 'between Petrellayos'Galean, or assignees and Tuleth Fasholt, or assignees'.[1]
  • "If I were twenty years younger I'd leave this silly planet and set up somewhere else. I don't know why my daughters stay - true speach!"[1]
  • She has to stopt trading with Korval because of a new temple law forbidding trade with males. "It's the new law, Shannie. From the temple. The thrice-blessed have instructed us to have no trade with any families but those who are properly headed by a female. To trade with no ship, except when captain and Trader are women." ... "This is not Sintia, sister. Here we follow the temple's insturctions. Or find ourselves broken into bits and scattered, mother form daughter, and sister form sister, across the world." ..."I don't dare."[1]
  • When Shan urges her to leave as soon as possible - "My assets must be liquidated.That takes time, carful planning. And my daughters. It's not possible. Not now." - Shan reminds her of his personal pin-beam code and the pin-beam code for Dutiful Passage and urges her to call him for providing transport. He also offers to become a silent second business partner for 5 or 10 years to help her establish and have lokal credit.[1]

“But here is news the Master Trader may not as yet have. Lomar Fasholt has broken with her Temple, and her whereabouts are uncertain."? 15

"... Theo’s report that she had broken with her Temple and disappeared from her home-world." [2]


Lomar Fastholt appears in Conflict of Honors (Shipyear 65,Tripday 171). She is discussed in ??, and Alliance of Equals but doesn't feature directly in these books.

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