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Korval The Beginnings

Korval: The Beginnings

Korval-Five Generations

Korval: Five Recent Generations (Spoilers)



  • Jen Sin yos'Phelium -- Pilot of Korval two centuries ago. See Tinsori Light


  • Petrella yos'Galan -- Chi's identical twin sister, born of Larin yos'Galan and Kin Dal yos'Phelium. Like her twin sister Chi yos'Phelium, she has genes from both Lines. Master Trader on Dutiful Passage
  • Sae Zar yos'Galan - Petrella's eldest son. Master Trader on Dutiful Passage
  • Er Thom yos'Galan - Lifemate to Anne Davis. Father to Shan, Anthora, and Nova. Foster father to Val Con and cha'leket to Daav yos'Phelium. Master Trader and master pilot
    • Deceased; died of heartbreak one year after his lifemate Anne
  • Anne Davis - Lifemate to Er Thom yos’Galan. Mother to Shan, Nova and Nova. Foster mother to Val Con. Aunt to Gordon Arbuthnot. Professor and musician. Dead; probably murdered by The Department of the Interior
    • Elizabeth Murphy - Anne's mother, First class, light transport to trade class AAA (deceased) [1]
    • Ian Davis - Anne's father, engineer (deceased)[2]
    • "the old gaffer" - Anne's grandfather, a finder / water witch: "He found other things, too," she said in accented, though clear, Liaden. "Lost sheep. Jewelry, once or twice. A missing child. But mostly he stuck to water." She shrugged. "If you listen to the talk on New Dublin, all the ancestors were —- fey, we say. It adds color to the family tree."[3]
    • Richard Davis - Anne's brother, First-class pending Master Pilot[1], a master story teller[4]
      • Rosie - Richard's intended
    • Gordon Arbuthnot (Gordy) - Anne's grand-nephew, grandson of Richard and Rosie, Shan yos'Galan's foster son, graduated from cabin boy on Dutiful Passage to a pilot (third class?) and associate trader
      • Morgan - Gordy's step-father
  • Shan yos'Galan - Priscilla's lifemate. Er Thom and Anne's first-born child. Nova and Anthora's brother. Padi's father and Gordon's foster father. Val Con's cousin and cha'leket and foster brother. Master Trader and Master Pilot on Dutiful Passage, and a Healer
  • Priscilla Delacroix y Mendoza - Shan’s lifemate, pilot on Dutiful Passage, and a dramliza
    • goddess sends them a child soon (Alliance of Equals)
  • Padi yos'Galan - Shan’s daughter and heir, apprentice trader, pilot, a dramliza
    • Vestin yos'Thomaz Clan Ebrim - Padi's mother (by contract)[5]
  • Nova yos'Galan - Er Thom and Ann's daughter, Shan and Anthora's sister, Syl Vor's mother, Val Con's cousin/foster-sister, First Speaker, pilot, etc.
  • Syl Vor - Nova’s son, about 11 years old during Operation Plan B, in Hidden Resources
    • Kezzi of The Bedel - Syl Vor’s foster sister, same age roughly
  • Anthora yos'Galan - Er Thom and Ann's daughter, Shan’s younger sister, Val Con's cousin / foster sister, Ren Zel's lifemate, Shindi and Mik's mother, pilot, a powerful dramliza
  • Ren Zel dea'Judan - lifemate to Anthora, pilot on Dutiful Passage, a powerful dramliza
    • they recently conceived a child (Neogenesis)
  • Shindi yos'Galan - Anthora's toddler daughter, Mik's twin, born SY 1392
  • Mik yos'Galan - Anthora's toddler son, Shindi's twin


It's not clear how Line bel'Tarda is "biologically" related to yos'Phelium or yos'Galan, if at all, but the story is told in Heirloom

  • Luken bel'Tarda, Pat Rin’s foster father
  • Luken’s daughter, Danise bel’Tarda

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