• A sequel to Changeling, fits after "I Dare" or concurrent with the first half of "Ghost Ship"
  • Published in Courier Run: Adventures in the Liaden Universe #18
  • Published also in A Liaden Universe Constellation volume III




"Soon they would be on the way to the clan’s new home on the world Surebleak, which he and his lifemate had scarcely seen. It was, indeed, the clan’s hasty removal from Liad, in compliance with orders from the Council of Clans, that had made necessary the mission he and Anthora had just accomplished. Korval’s outworld trade partners, having heard of their banishment, as had, indeed, all the galaxy, needed to be assured in person by one of the Line Direct that Korval not only intended to honor long-standing associations and agreements, but was able to honor breath."


"She spun there in the hallway before him, jeweled pins askew among lively dark curls. He would have blamed this state of sudden charming disorder on the brisk breeze that had assaulted them on the gantry, did he not know his lady rather better than that. His lady. In unlikely fact, as beautiful and fey as she stood before him, silver eyes smiling in a roguish face, Anthora yos’Galan Clan Korval was his lady. His lifemate. Recalling it still took his breath."


"There is no choice in this offer Korval desires us to bring to Obrelt. The dead do not return to the world, even to accommodate Korval.”

Bang! It was not an actual explosion that assaulted him, he thought—not that. What struck him was only the manifestation of Anthora’s anger on the ether. “There are no dead men here!” she shouted.


"Ren Zel dea’Judan was every inch a monster, no matter how direct his gaze, or sweetly shaped his mouth. For this man, having murdered Elsu Meriandra Clan Jabun, then wrongly called the attention of the portmaster’s office down upon Grandfather’s business..."


"The gun was heavy—heavier even than it was in the dream -— but she had no care for that. Was she not Cyrbet Meriandra Clan Jabun? She could bear any burden, save dishonor."

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