Jethri (Tomas) Gobelyn ven'Deelin, Clan Ixin


  • Terran, age 17 in Balance of Trade
  • Not a clone, but made from Tomas DNA stock. Jethri is an individual, born as an engineered human babe, with genetically enhanced fractin-recognition talent added on to Arin's specialized gene pool:

The Uncle, to Jethri: "at the level that matters — the level of genes and DNA — you are Arin’s brother. Not a clone, for as I say, we did work, seeking to enhance certain specific traits, which have matured well."

“You are not,” Dulsey said from beside him, “a clone.” Her voice rang with a truth so absolute that Jethri fully believed her at once. [1]

  • lived and crewed until age 17 on Captain Iza Gobelyn’s tradeship, Gobelyn’s Market[2]
  • at 17, became Terran apprentice trader on Liaden ship Elthoria, out of Solcintra (12th century)[2]
  • ven’Deelin apprenticed him as an emissary of sorts, to strengthen relationships between Terran and Liaden traders, guilds, etc. became Junior Trader.
  • learned piloting sitting second on Keravath with Scout Captain Jan Rek ter'Astin [3]

Trader ProfileEdit

  • Jethri has a ten-year Combine Key signed by his uncle Paitor at Ynsolt’i Port[4]
  • In the Liaden Trade Guild, he ranked Junior Partner by the end of Balance of Trade, with a membership card:

“He received it, fingers tracing the Guild sigil on the obverse. On the front, there was his name, and junior trader, right enough, and the silver gleam of the datastrip that held the records of his transactions thus far. “I find it a handsome card, ma’am.”[5]

  • as Master Trader ven’Deelin’s apprentice, the Liaden Trade Guild Master at Modrid denied him.
  • The Guild Master at Irikwae was stringently traditional, and thus wasn't inclined to immediately accept a Terran, but he didn’t block him. [6]
  • His mentor at Irikwae Guild Hall, Trader Ena Tyl sig’Lorta, gave him a straight shot, based on ability:

Trader sig’Lorta was still staring down at the screen. Silence stretched, then Jethri cleared his throat.

“The hall master at Modrid said that no Terrans would be allowed into the guild.”

His mentor shot him a hard, gray glance. “That is a matter for the masters, who—in all truth—could not have met and decided on any such question, as you are the first Terran who has sought entry into the guild. The rule as it is written—the rule which binds both the guild and yourself is: Any candidate who has demonstrated mastery over the requirements...”[7]

Tomas Family StockEdit

The Tomas family: Arin, Grig, Raisy, Jethri...and Yuri Tomas, The Everlasting Uncle

  • Identical in appearance:

"Family resemblance between Arin and the Uncle, I say, and Jethri a twin of his dad.” Paitor nodded at her hand motion, which was a simple confirm. “Oh yes, a twin as much as a son. Iza saw it, finally, and we saw it. Cris knows it. Got to be damn plain, actually!”[8]

  • Arin and Uncle nearly identical:

"His company’s Midcentral Crystal Logistics -- and what all this has to do with you is that he’s Arin Gobelyn’s for-real brother, and Arin was the spit of him. Which means now I can say I’ve met two somebodies who Uncle was blood-kin to.”[9]

  • Jethri thought of Arin as father, cuz he raised him from infancy, but Uncle refers to Jethri as “Arin’s youngest brother” [10]

“I am, by the way, your Uncle Yuri, Arin’s brother. And this lady is Dulsey Omron.”

Uncle Yuri was wearing the firegem ring on the third finger of his left hand, where it fit like it had been made for him. Jethri smiled, a little wistfully, and nodded. “It becomes you, sir.”[11]

  • The Tomas family goes way back...

Paitor to Khat: “these Tomas brothers and their cousins, they’d been right slick traders and dealers and spaceship types for a lot of years, but never what I’d call family of our likes—us being Gobelyn and Karter and Turnavitch and well, you know the names, because we’ve been loopers for a few hundred years, and so have they.

“The thing is that these Tomas folks been there at the fringes, being a little too ahead of things sometimes, and a little too knowing, and always did have a yen — including when Arin come along — to deal in just about any old-time or Before thing what was come across.”[12]

  • Uncle...always an Uncle...

“One thing Iza’s research did was confirm that however old Arin and Grig are, there’s been an Uncle, someone everybody called Uncle, anyhow, in that line since before records got coordinated. Always an Uncle. Always had his own ship or two. Always.” Paitor turned and fixed her gaze with his. “Centuries, we’re talking, and not just a couple of them either, looks like."[13]

  • Arin Tomas / Gobelyn — apparently a continuously regenerated clone from old universe until he died heroically, circa 1108, according to eyewitness Scout ter’Astin: "Your father — he was as a giant. He went back into that building twice, and brought out injured persons”[14] Jethri thought of him as father, but Uncle refers to Jethri as “Arin’s youngest brother”[15] and Grig says they were like twins, but individuals. Wrote "Arin's Envidaria of the Seventeen Worlds" (See his link)
  • Grig / Grigory Tomas — Another brother. He formerly assisted Uncle but quit. He wanted to stop working the old tech, thought Uncle should make new tech. Doesn't trust Old Tech (unlike Raisy, his sister, who advises Uncle). On Gobelyn's Market, he watched over Jethri, after Arin died.
    • Grig helped Arin work out his Envidaria trading plan and shared it with family DeNobli: "Grig knew the outlines since he helped Arin do some test flying on this idea. Good man, that Grig, comes from a good family.”[16]
  • Raisy Tomas — Grig’s sister. Uncle’s right hand advisor in Balance of Trade. A pilot. Flew Grig to Irikwae to find Jethri and warn him about Bar Jan chel'Gaiban, clan Rinork.[17]

Jethri (Tomas): Arin’s twin, physically identical, but genetically an individual

“You ain’t Arin. No need for an Arin now, if there ever was, with the machines going into unstable -—but you’re worried about the other. And you ain’t Arin, Jeth, no more’n I’m Raisy. We’re each our own self, give or take a shared gene-set. Like identical twins, if you know any.”[18]

  • Uncle designed Jethri to recognize Old Tech, fractins. He wanted him to continue Arin’s work with fractins, and to find Old Tech caches in Liaden Space.[19] But in the end, Uncle decided Jethri was doing important work building Terran-Liaden trust, because he saw galactic war coming if something wasn't done.[20]


  • from Arin, Jethri inherited a gaudy Combine Ring, two photo cubes, numerous fractins, an Old Tech weather-maker device, Jethri’s Junior trade notebook with Arin’s doodles (alphabet Old Tech code)
    • and eventually a manifesto / thesis “Envidaria”

“What you’ve been saying here is that this whole thing’s something that Arin Gobelyn came up with and that it’s just as much my birthright as anything else he might have left me -- commissioner rings or loose change or my name. So I’ll read what he left me. Then I’ll tell you what I think. I’ll tell Freza straight up what I think."[16]

  • Arin had once been a Combine Commissioner
  • His notebook with marginal notes from Arin was stolen. Scout Captain Jan Rek ter'Astin tells Jethri someone within The Scouts — and also allied with the Scouts — allowed it to be appropriated from a secure Scout lock-up.

“That notebook and some related material have been appropriated—or perhaps misappropriated—by an internal agency allied with our organization. They’ve removed it from our facilities and taken it, we believe, in order to take control of several other pieces of property which may be forbidden technology, or which may simply be property of your own which you have yet to be made aware of....”

"some of the permissions given to make this happen came from levels well up within my organization. There is a debate going on, a stressing of boundaries, perhaps even a disaffection....Let me say this: the division in intent extends both up and down in the organization, yes.”[21]

Ixin’s Foster SonEdit

  • adoped son of Norn ven'Deelin, Master Trader, Clan Ixin
  • Trade Ship Elthoria, 12th C.
  • Norn ven’Deelin adopted Jethri to protect him from deadly Balance by Nadelm chel'Gaiban,Clan Rinork[2]
  • Jethri fostered for two relumma with delm Tarnia, on Irikwae, who also had fostered ven’Deelin. Worked with Tarnia's vintners on Irikwae, a Liaden world that abominates The Dramliz. Befriended the twin girls Miecha and Miandra.
  • Norn ven'Deelin, on the "Envidaria of the Seventeen Worlds" that Jethri published for his father Arin, posthumously:

“To the joys of homecoming,” he answered, and they sipped, and smiled at each other.

“I must thank you, first, for transmitting such fascinating reading. It will require more study yet, but I believe Elthoria may be well placed to assist in the goals put forth in this Envidaria. Allow me to praise your father to you, my child, as a bold and forward-looking man, of which we see too few among us. His death diminishes us all, and yet his work — his work enriches us.”[22]

other friendsEdit

  • Scout Captain Jan Rek ter'Astin
  • Freza DeNobli

Gobelyn KinEdit

  • Arin Gobelyn, Iza’s deceased spouse and Jethri’s "father” by cloning
  • Cris Gobelyn, first mate, Iza’s eldest child
  • Dyk Gobelyn, cook
  • Grig Tomas, back-up everything, Arin’s cousin, Seeli’s lover, Jethri’s father-figure after Arin died. He used to collect Old Tech but decided it’s too unstable, malicious, and risky. Told The Uncle they should leave the old stuff alone and design new tech.
  • Iza Gobelyn, Jethri’s unMom, captain-owner of Gobelyn’s Market out of New Carpathia
  • Khatelane Gobelyn, pilot
  • Mel Gobelyn
  • Paitor Gobelyn, Terra-Trade, Combine trader, Iza’s brother
  • Seeli Gobelyn, admin, Iza’s second child, Grig’s lover
  • Zam Gobelyn
  • Cousin Mac Gold, on his “mother’s” side, who beat Jethri up when he served for a stint on their ore-ship

on Elthoria, TradeshipEdit

  • Kor Ith yo’Lanna, captain (Clan Justus?)
  • Norn ven’Deelin, clan Ixin, Master Trader
  • Pen Rel sig’Kethra , arms master
  • Gar Sad per’Etla , cargo master
  • Gaenor tel’Dorbit , first mate , teaches Jethri Liaden language
  • Ray Jon tel’Ondor, protocol master, teaches Jethri to bow
  • Vil Tor, ship’s librarian, Jethri’s friend
  • Kilara pin’Ebit, technician
  • Rantel ver’Borith, technician

At Tarnia’s Clanhouse, IrikwaeEdit

  • Stafeli Maarilex, Delm Tarnia — Norn’s fostermother, Ren Lar’s mother, the twin girls’ Aunt
  • Ren Lar Maarilex, Master of the Vine, nadelm Tarnia
  • Pet Ric Maarilex, his young son
  • Pen Dir, a cousin, off at Liad to school
  • Meicha Maarilex, a twin daughter of the house, Healer Apprentice
  • Miandra Maarilex, a twin daughter of the house dramliza (secretly)
  • Flinx, a plush gray cat with light green eyes
  • Mr. pel’Saba , the butler
  • Mrs. tor’Beli , the cook
  • Anecha, the driver who chauffeured Jethri to the Guild Hall. She didn’t like the poor welcome Jethri got there.
  • Graem, Ren Lar’s second in the wine cellars
  • Sun Eli pen’Jerad, tailor

Zer Min pel’Oban, dancing master


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