also known as Natesa the Assassin[1]

  • Appears in short stories Veil of the Dancer (her childhood), Persistence, Hidden Resources and Roving Gambler, and in the novels I Dare, Ghost Ship, Dragon in Exile, Neogenesis

Her BackstoryEdit

See short story “Veil of the Dancer”

  • Born 1355[2] in the City Irvati on Planet Skardu in a Terran sector[3]
  • Third daughter of Scholar Reyman Bhar
  • At age 13, after avenging her father’s death, she sought the sanctuary of the Juntavas
  • Known currently as Natesa the Assassin, sector judge of the Juntavas


  • Pat Rin’s first impression: “Terran, and also dark, though it appeared her complexion was of birth rather than burn. Her hair made a black silken cap ’round her neat head, her features were fine, and she had quick ebon eyes”[4]
  • “Not all that much taller than the other guy (Boss Conrad), she was slim, except for some really interesting curves, her skin dusky and soft-looking. She wore a dark vest, dark shirt and dark trousers. A pistol...” [5]
  • “cat-like and supple” with a “sumptuous voice”[6]
  • Stunning [7]
  • Pilot first class, master shooter, explosives expert[8]
  • Intelligent, well-read, hard-working, and soft-spoken

Pat Rin ❤️Edit

  • Oathsworn to Pat Rin yos'Phelium during Plan B, when he began working towards Balance with The Department of the Interior
  • Becomes Lifemate with Pat Rin on Surebleak [10][11]
  • Provides security for Boss Conrad / Pat Rin
  • Boss Natesa on Surebleak: Natesa had Boss duties of her own and so when the Boss was away she often sat solo at a table on the kitchen level above the half-stairs, like a cat with a perch of her own, overlooking the street through a gunslit converted to bulletproof window."[12]


  • Reyman Bhar, father, scolar (deceased)
  • Humaria, sister
  • Shereen, sister
  • Pat Rin yos'Phelium, Lifemate


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