I Dare
Word Language Type Note
1 Jenn Terran Name Master Jenn the jeweller
2 Neglit Terran World Master Jenn's homeworld
3 Erlady Terran A Deity to swear by on Neglit
4 Liadens Liaden citizens of Liad
5 cantra Liaden Currency Named after Val Con's eldest grandmother
6 Solcintra Liaden City The city on Liad
7 Pat Rin yos'Phelium Liaden Name Val Con's cousin
8 Cheever McFarland Terran Name Pat Rin's pilot
9 dramliza Liaden “Wizzards” on Liad. Known to have strange abilities
10 Anthora yos'Galan Liaden Name Val Con's cousin. Korval's Dramliz, one of the strongest in generations.
11 melant'i Liaden Analagous to “face”
12 Liad Liaden World Liaden homeworld
13 Korval Liaden Clan Our heroes' Clan. The number of high houses is precisely fifty. Then there is Korval.
14 Daav yos'Phelium Liaden Name Val Con's father
15 Er Thom yos'Galan Liaden Name Val Con's uncle
16 Luken bel'Tarda Liaden Name Val Con's cousin, Pat Rin's foster father.
17 Kareen yos'Phelium Liaden Name Val Con's aunt
18 Val Con yos'Phelium Liaden Name Our hero
19 Teriste Terran World Pat Rin had a spot of bother with the Department of the Interior there
20 Lytaxin Liaden World Erob's homeworld. There was a war there during Plan B.
21 Erob Liaden Clan We confirmed that Erob is Miri's Clan during the plot of Plan B.
22 Alys Tiazan Liaden Name Miri's young cousin. Has a bad case of hero worship.
23 Miri Robertson (Tiazan) Terran Name Our other hero
24 Yxtrang Yxtrang Race A militaristic race, obsessed with conquest. Were orginally genetically engineered soldiers fighting the war with the Sherikas in the Crystal duology.
25 Nelirikk Yxtrang Name An Explorer, Val Con's peer and Miri's retainer. The Yxtrang teated him very badly, which they later discovered was a serious mistake.
26 Clonak ter'Meulen Liaden Name A Scout Commander, once Daav's team member
27 Shadia Ne'Zame Liaden Name A Scout Lieutenant, First In.
28 Capan Meery Roberzun Yxtrang phrase Yxtrang pronunciation of “Captain Miri Robertson”
29 vingtai Yxtrang Facial tatoos which show a Yxtrang Soldier's rank and accomplishments.
30 Hazenthull Explorer Yxtrang Name An Yxtrang Explorer
31 Priscilla Mendoza Terran Name Shan's Lifemate, Captain of Dutiful Passage
32 Gordy (Gordon) Arbuthnot Terran Name Shan's cousin
33 portacomm Terran Portable communicator. What cell phones will be when they grow up.
34 Shan yos'Galan Terran/Liaden Name Val Con's cousin
35 Jelaza Kazone Liaden Placename yos'Phelium's home
36 thodelm Liaden Clan ranking Second rank within the clan
37 delm Liaden Clan ranking First rank within the clan
38 nadelm Liaden Clan ranking The Delm's heir
39 Trealla Fantrol Liaden Placename yos'Galan's home
40 dramliz Liaden One of the Dramliza, a “wizzard”
41 Rool Tiazan Liaden Name A Dramliz during the Exodous. Died 40 years after Liad was founded.
42 Per Vel sig'Zerba Liaden Name One of Erob's Techs. Looked after Val Con and objected to Edger's proposed course of treatment.
43 'chora An Omnichora, short form
44 Cha'trez Liaden A term of endearment: Heartsong
45 dea'Gauss Liaden Name The line name of Korval's accountants
46 Panake Terran What pancakes are called on Teriste
47 Tey Dor Liaden Name Tey Dor's is the shooting club in Solcintra
48 LaDemeters Terran A very good brand of gun
49 dea'Nobli Liaden A gunsmith, who made one of Pat Rin's weapons
50 kreel Liaden An animal who gave its all for the horn handle of Pat Rin's weapon
51 Julier Terran Name A Juntavas bodyguard, none too bright.
52 Natesa Terran Name Natessa the Assassin, a Juntavas judge
53 Juntavas Terran Interstellar criminal organisation
54 Juntava Terran Singular of Juntavas
55 Nova yos'Galan Liaden Name Val Con's cousin. Presently acting as Korval's First Speaker In Trust, but not for much longer.
56 Flaran Cha'menthi Liaden phrase “I Dare” Korval's motto
57 Quin yos'Phelium Liaden Name Pat Rin's son
58 Padi yos'Galan Liaden Name Shan's daughter
59 pernard'i Liaden “In Trust”: Korval Pernard'i
60 Jeeves Liaden/Terran Name Korval's buttler, named after P.G. Woodhouse's character. Used to be a Battle Management system.
61 Pasiryki A type of carpet. Luken is not willing to sell his.
62 Aelliana Caylon Liaden Name Val Con's mother
63 Surebleak Terran World Miri's homeworld. It's cold and they'll break your neck.
64 Ren Zel dea'Judan Liaden Name Dutiful Passage's First Mate. Made Clanless by an unscrupulous rival in his backstory. Shan doesn't care.
65 Obrelt Liaden Clan Ren Zel's former clan
66 Rusty Morgenstern Terran Name Dutiful Passage's Radio tech
67 cha'leket Liaden relationship of adopted sibling, usually formed by mutual accord
68 Jason Carmody Terran Name Vice commander of the Gyrfalks
69 Diglon Rifle Yxtrang Name Hazenthul's comrade
70 van'chela Liaden Term of endearment
71 Selain Gudder Liaden? Name One of Ren Zel's former lovers
72 denubia Liaden Term of endearment
73 friatha Liaden Flower A night blooming flower in Korval's garden.
74 Gyrfalks Terran Mercenary Company Miri served with.
75 Moran Terran Name A Boss on Surebleak, runs Blair Road turf. Later we learn his first name was Nort.
76 Jim Snyder Terran Name Moran's new second-hand man. Collects “insurance” payments.
77 Tourin Terran Name A former boss
78 Vindal Terran Name A former boss
79 Henrick Terran Name A former boss
80 Tiede Terran Name A former boss
81 Carla Terran Name Jim's aunt
82 Wilmet Terran Name Grocery store owner on Blair Road turf
83 Tobi Terran Name A restaurant/pub owner on Blair Road turf
84 Audrey Terran Name A Brothel owner on Blair Road turf
85 streeter Terran slang One who lives on a particular street
86 Gwince Terran Name One of Moran's former enforcers, now working for Pat Rin
87 Filmin Terran Name Moran's former doorman, now working for Pat Rin
88 Bilinda Terran Name One of Audrey's girls
89 Inas Bhar Terran Name Natessa's real name
90 Emrith Tiazan Liaden Name Delm Erob
91 nchaka Yxtrang Cheek scar earned at maturity. Acquiring it is an Yxtrang rite of passage
92 Gernchik Yxtrang Name Senior Explorer, now deceased. Was Hazenthul's mentor.
93 Jela Name Cantra's partner before the migration. Val Con's eldest grandfather.
94 gladoli Flowers in Erob's garden
95 Professor Kiladi Liaden Name Jen Sar Kiladi, Daav's alias on Delgado
96 Delgado Terran World Where Daav lived in exile working on his Balance
97 Thodelmae Liaden Clan ranking Thodelm's lifemate
98 Jonni Terran Name Pat Rin's gardener
99 'Toot Terran Coffee Substitute. Spelled out fully as Coffeetoot
100 Ajay Naylor Terran Name Ancient lady on Pat Rin's turf who makes beautiful rugs
101 Villy Terran Name One of Aurdey's boys
102 Casiaport Terran Port on the world of Casia
103 Nadelmae Liaden Clan ranking Nadenm's lifemate
104 Nev'Lorn Liaden World Scout secondary headquarters located there
105 Klamath Terran World Shook itself apart, nearly killing Miri in the process
106 Conrad Terran Name Pat Rin's alias on Surebleak
107 Penn Kalhoon Terran Name One of Pat Rin's fellow bosses
108 Thera Terran Name Penn's assistant
109 Marj Terran Name Penn's second
110 Dani Terran Name Another of Penn's assistants. Possibly a cook?
111 Ivernet Terran Name One of Pat Rin's fellow bosses
112 Jolie Terran Name Namesake of Jolie's House of Joy
113 Mirabell Terran Name Madam of the House on Boss Whitman's turf
114 Nuce Terran Name A girl who works at Jolie's
115 Silbey Terran Name A girl who works at Jolie's
116 nirf Terran Drug Much abused on Boss Ivernet's truf
117 Beldyn chel'Mara Liaden Name An Agent of Change
118 sig'Alda Liaden Name Til Von sig'Alda, an Agent of Change who died on Vandar in Carpe Diem
119 Waymart Terran World A busy world, where a ship may attempt to lose itself in traffic. Val Con distracts Commander of Agents by spoofing Agent sig'Alda's ship in orbit
120 Chim Terran Name Another of Penn's assistants.
121 Melina Sherton Terran Name One of Pat Rin's fellow bosses
122 Shannie Shan's nickname according to his aunt
123 Chonselta Liaden Placename A city in Liad, where Aelliana lived
124 crechling A denizen of a creche
125 Etienne Borden Terran Name Portmaster on Surebleak
126 Claren Liu Terran Name Portmaster on Surebleak
127 Mithlyn Terran World Apparently preferable to Surebleak
128 Voral Jene Terran Name One of Pat Rin's fellow bosses
129 Gough Street Terran Placename Voral Jene's turf
130 Victor Armhaut Terran Name One of Pat Rin's fellow bosses. Made the mistake of attacking him
131 Conklin Terran Placename Victor Armhaut's turf
132 Josh Cruthers Terran Name One of Pat Rin's fellow bosses
133 Arcadja Alleys Terran Placename Josh Cruthers' turf
134 Truax Liftmaster Plus Terran Ship A heavy lift ship used by Edger as a shuttle
135 Theo Terran Name Theo Waitely, Daav's daughter on Delgado
136 Kestra Liaden Name A Master Healer in Solcintra
137 duocycle Liaden A child's toy, probaby a bicycle analogue
138 Kol Vus Liaden Name Kol Vus Tiazan, Miri's cousin
139 Greenshaw Porter Terran Name Juntavas courier pilot
140 relumma Liaden A period of time equal to one quarter of a year
141 Sheyn Terran Name One ot Audrey's boys, rival to Villy
142 Terraport Terran Placename Surebleak will never compete with it
143 Elva Whitmore Terran Name One of Pat Rin's fellow bosses
144 pigup Terran Corruption of “pick-up”
145 BillyJo Terran Name Dutiful Passage's Cook
146 Balent'i tru'vad Liaden The star map of creation. Dramliz say that it connects everything to everything else.
147 Chi yos'Phelium Liaden Name Daav's mother
148 qe'andra Liaden Accountant
149 Shindi yos'Galan Liaden Name Anthora's child
150 Mik yos'Galan Liaden Name Anthora's child
151 Bhupendra Darteshek Terran Name Juntavas courier pilot
152 Vilma Karapov Terran Name Juntavas courier pilot
153 Gilmour Agency Terran The mining company that settled Surebleak then abandoned it.
154 timonium Unobtanium that powers many things in the Universe
155 Tanzir's System Terran Star System Had better Timonuim deposits than Surebleak
156 Sherzer Star System One of Korval's derelict yards is there
157 Flyer Shugg Terran Name A pilot on Surebleak
158 Andy Mack Terran Name A pilot on Surebleak. The Colonel, so called.
159 Dostie Terran Name A pilot on Surebleak. Flies the port tug. Later we learn her last name is Westin
160 drawf Typo. It's supposed to say “Brown dwarf”, referring to the star
161 LaGrange Terran Name Giuseppe Lodovico (Luigi) Lagrangia. Terran mathemitician who formulated the concept of Lagrangian points of dynamic stability in orbits
162 Harshaw Terran Name A philosopher Pat Rin likes to read. Could it be a shout-out to Jubal Harshaw?
163 yos'Sandow Liaden Name A poet Pat Rin likes to read.
164 Fron Du Lac Terran Placename False port of registry used by Fortune's Reward in its guise as Bitty Kitty
165 Crystalia Liaden Ship One of Pat Rin's mining ships
166 delms Liaden A Delm is head of the clan
167 Justus Liaden Clan
168 Guayar Liaden Clan
169 Ixin Liaden Clan
170 Reptor Liaden Clan
171 Mizel Liaden Clan
172 Aragon Liaden Clan
173 Har Par dea'Liss Liaden Name One of the Masters of the Accountants' Guild
174 Tuxent Liaden Clan
175 Bindan Liaden Clan
176 Etgora Liaden Clan
177 Bellaquesa Drug Used by the Department of the Interior to attempt to incapacitate Anthora
178 cytaline Drug Used by the Department of the Interior to attempt to incapacitate Anthora
179 Zena tel'Woda Liaden Name The Dramliza killed by the Dpeartment in their Dramliz-catching machine
180 Jonni Conrad Terran Name Pat Rin's alias on Surebleak, as recorded on his pilot's license
181 Ge'shada Liaden “Congratulations”
182 tripina Liaden A pleasantly scented tree, one of which gorws outside the Council of Clans' waiting room Anthora was trapped in.
183 Solcintran Liaden Of Solcintra
184 Binjali A word adopted by Scouts meaning “excellent”
185 Master Trilla Liaden Name Runs Binjali's jalopy garage
186 Angela Lizardi AKA Liz Lizardi Terran Name Mercanary commander. Miri's mother's friend and first Commander
187 Shaltren Terran World Juntavas haedquarters is there
188 Shevnir Yxtrang Name A Quartermaster Major who lost several specimens, causing Hazenthul to accuse him of dereliction of duty, leading to her present circumstances.
189 Kynak Terran Alcoholic drink favoured by mercenaries
190 Bar Vad yo'Tornier Liaden Name Commander of Agents of the Department of the Interior
191 Octavius Higdon Terran Name Mercanary commander. Commands Higdon's Howlers. Guaranteed Mayhem.
192 Loobelli Terran slang A silly person
193 T'carais Clutch Clan ranking Head of the clan
194 Kainbek Liaden A river in Solcintra
195 ter'Fendil Liaden Name An Agent of Change
196 Kilon pel'Meret Liaden Name A resident of Solcintra
197 Nev Art pel'Meret Liaden Name Kilon's son
198 Thawla Liaden Mother
199 bin'Tabor Liaden Name An Agent of Change
200 bowli An eccentric ball used by pilots to train their reflexes, for recreation and for settling friendly disputes, such as who gets to do a desired task.
201 Torvin Liaden Clan Cantra's Clan before she formed clan Korval.
202 Hedrede Liaden Clan A Clan with which Korval has long contended. Delm Hedrede took great satisfaction in being the voice of the Council when exiling Korval.