• beesbrickle -- a flower local to Langlast[1]
  • bladder lilies -- Rys compares a resurfacing memory to one of these[2]
  • calumbeen -- a flower local to Langlast[1]
  • clemktos tree -- where Val Con plays (Clutch world) [3]
  • colmeno bushes -- lemony scent on the lane to Trealla Fantrol
  • earish -- a flower local to Langlast[1]
  • fralst -- a flower local to Langlast[1]
  • gladoli blooms in Korval's garden[4]
  • gloan-roses - glossy green leaves, deep red flowers in Korval's garden[4]
  • grassnip -- a fragrant herb, raised on Surebleak [5]
  • limin -- white flowers and shiny green leaves, grows on Surebleak[6]
  • paizon tree -- Jen Sar had one as the centerpiece of his garden that gave sweet fruit the size of Kamele's palm[7]
  • pink-and-white roses in Korval's garden[4]
  • snow-oats -- planted in gardens on Surebleak in winter, to provide the other plants with protection from the cold and nutrients when the snow-oats die off[8]
  • ssussdriad - race of sentient trees, see The Tree

Fruit and VegetablesEdit

see Food and Beverages


  • Andulsin frog - "or I'm a three-nosed Andulsin frog" is a saying[9]
  • syka - deer on Liad, at sundown they come out of the wild park and graze at the tree-line. [10]
  • cachura pig - a strain of feral pigs rumored to inhabit Surebleak. According to the Surebleak legend, a giant Cachura pig can be caught by hand during the dark of the moons by a lone hunter with a rope and will feed a family for a month. This legend causes many teenage boys to spend the nights of the dark of the moons outside with a rope, hoping for a Cachura pig.[5]

see also Companion Animals


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