Er Thom yos'Galan Clan Korval

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Lifemate BondEdit

  • Er Thom is not a dramliza but for his ability to form a life-mate bond with Anne Davis, who is not a dramliza but for her ability to form a lifemate bond.
  • Anne's gaffer / grandfather was a water-finder:

"Lifemates?" Petrella flung back with pain-wracked scorn. "Which of them is a wizard, pray?"

"Well, now, the gaffer, he was a water-witch," the tall lady said in a peculiar, lilting voice, a glimmer of half-wild humor lighting her pattern.

The Healer frowned after the sense of the words, feeling a similarity to Terran, but unable to quite —

"A water-witch," Korval murmured in Adult-to-Adult, "is one who has the ability to locate water below ground without use of instrumentation." He flicked a glance at the Terran lady. "Correct?"

She moved her head up and down—Terran affirmative. "He found other things, too," she said in accented, though clear, Liaden. "Lost sheep. Jewelry, once or twice. A missing child. But mostly he stuck to water." She shrugged.[4]


See Korval Kin for complete list and ancestry charts


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