• Main character is Kareen yos'Phelium
    • a character study on Lady Kareen, portraying her present thoughts and feelings as well as memories from childhood of her mother Chi yos'Phelium and her brother Daav. Shows her courage and fortitude, hopes and dreams, despair and heartbreak.
    • provides a bridge from the cruel Kareen portrayed in Mouse & Dragon to the gentler lady seen in Dragon in Exile.
  • Secondary Characters:
    • Scholar Her Nin yo'Vestra, Kareen's "oldest and dearest friend" and long-ago lover, Protocol Officer for Council of Clans, appointed to the League for the Purity of Language
    • Jeeves -- a rare glimpse of his thoughts
    • Anthora yos'Galan -- another aspect of her dramliz abilities


"I have the honor of being Lady Kareen yos'Phelium," an entirely familiar voice stated. "Jeeves, please ascertain as best you may that I am who I say I am."

"Working," intoned the robot, quickly confirming the origin of the call and utilizing stored cues, confirming that the call was in fact being made from Lady Kareen's own library. An anomaly was noted: Lady Kareen had never before addressed him directly--or by his name.


"My library must not fall into the hands of Korval's enemies. I have here, for an example, partial copies of diary entries outlining the early Plan B arrangements. We must not . . . ."

"Yes, I begin to see." Anthora inclined her head. Jeeves, who knew her well, was not deceived by her seeming acquiescence to her cousin's necessities.


...her voice perhaps shaking. "The public and the private exits are watched. I believe . . ." She looked sharply aside. "I believe that I am trapped."