Crystal Soldier All words in this book are in the common root language that predates the languages in the Agent of Change books
Word Type Note
1 Jela Name Our hero. An M strain human, engineered to be that little bit better than “natural” humans.
2 Sheriekas The Big Bads of this series. They intend to cleanse the Universe of that inconvenient messy stuff called “life”.
3 Granthor Name Granthor's Guard, to which Jela belongs
4 Kinto Name Corporal Kinto, who is on the rescue squad sent to find Jela.
5 Contado Name Chief pilot on the rescue squad
6 sublinguals Medication tablets that dissolve under the tongue
7 Tetran Name Contado's Junior pilot
8 Bicra Name Corporal Bicra of Jela's wing aboard the Trident
9 Vondahl Name Under-Sergeant Vondhal of Jela's wing aboard the Trident
10 Wingleader Rank The leader of a wing
11 fooraw fuss and bother, from context.
12 Risto Name Sergeant Risto of Jela's wing aboard the Trident
13 Versten Name The flight commander Jela's “X strain” guards belong to.
14 Vinylhaven World There was a garrison there, but not any more, because Vinlyhaven isn't there any more.
15 decrystallized What the Sherikas are doing to the universe, a piece at a time.
16 datastrip A medium of information storage
17 timonium Unobtainium that powers many useful things in the Universe. Possibly it attracts Sherikas
18 carryabouts Luggage
19 cermacrete Ceramic concrete
20 simming Training in simulators
21 Ro Gayda Name The heretofre nameless Commander who assigned Jela's new mission.
22 Faldaiza World Where we meet Cantra, who is about to have a bad day
23 Garen Name Cantra's former pilot, now deceased, from who she inherited Spiral Dance.
24 smartstrands Fron context, threads woven into clothing. They seem to be wearable computers of a sort.
25 qwint A unit of currency
26 Cantra Name Our other hero. A courier pilot with a mysterious past.
27 Chelbayne World Cantra's last port of call
28 Solcintra World Jela's last port of call. Not a place Cantra would normally find herself.
29 klicks A measure of distance
30 Muran Name A pilot of Jela's acquaintance, ovderdue to meet hm.
31 carolis Units of currency. A couple pays for an ale with change to spare
32 o'strange Contraction: of strange
33 Ragil Name One of Jela's co-conspirators
34 Danby Name A pilot Cantra makes acquaintance with in Ragil's place.
35 Parcil Extremely legitimate trade clan who employ Pilot Danby
36 callphone Cellphone analogue
37 smartwire More substantial than smartstrands. May be used as handcuffs
38 Kaig Name A bounty hunter, so it seems.
39 lightsticks Chemical light source
40 plazboard Plastic board
41 hidey a hiding place
42 Stashroom A secret room in which to stash things
43 damnall Not much at all, the next best thing to nothing
44 Uno Name One of the batchers who worked at The Alcoves. Was at the front desk when the bads attacked.
45 Dulsey Name The batcher Cantra and Jela rescued
46 Bo-oo-oo-o-m An onamatopoeiac explosion
47 fastflame A way to make a large fire in a hurry. Doesn't last long once lit.
48 cits Citizens
49 enviroboards Apparently musical instruments that mimic the sounds of weather
50 Wigams Name Dulsey's alias when she warns Cantra about the ambush at her ship. Wigams owns a repair shop our heroes borrow for a time.
51 sythnwood Synthetic wood
52 Undernet Unofficial network, in this case it's where pilots share gossip and pertinent information.
53 Ilan Name Cantra's former Top Girl from her childhood. Not a good person to try and bribe.
54 decom Cleaning. Perhaps a typo for 'decon'? From context it's used for clothes.
55 Taliofi World Where Cantra is contracted to deliver her cargo
56 Kizimi World Possible destination for Cantra to pick up cargo
57 Horetide World Another possible destination
58 Qualee Name Someone Cantra hasn't seen in a ship's age. Presumably lives on Horetide.
59 Sendali Possibly a world, possibly a race or ethnicity. Cantra likens Spiral Dance's transition with live weapons to a Sendali controtionist
60 Rint dea'Sord Name The consignee of Cantra's cargo. Not a man to cross.
61 starsilk A textile. Makes a flashy shirt.
62 viezy A reptile that gave its all for Ser dea'Sord's boots. Ser dea'Sord probably didn't kill it the way the ritual says he should have.
63 galunus Something that possibly has two heads. It is not necessary to pretend that Ser dea'Sord is one.
64 Efron Name One of Ser dea'Sord's enforcers.
65 aelantaza A scholar-assassin, something like a proto-Agent of Change. Cantra's mysterious past becomes slightly less mysterious
66 Emca A type of ship brain
67 Remle Another type of ship brain, the kind that Cantra was smuggling^Wtransporting
68 yos'Phelium Cantra's surname. Also descriptive, given that it means “Courier Pilot”.
69 Inworlds The worlds located towards the centre of the galaxy. Much more civilised (in their own minds) then the Rim.
70 RingStars Worlds A grouping of stars wherein a runaway batcher has a better chance of survival than in the Inworlds
71 Panet World Dulsey's preferred destination
72 dreamies drugs that come in a packet
73 Barbit World Where Cantra picks up a rare honest cargo on the journey to the Rim to find the Uncle.
74 Pliny Cantra's half brother, who struck a teacher
75 edlin A line edit. Cantra didn't die in one after all.
76 Borgen World A possible cargo is going there
77 lumenpaint Luminiscent paint
78 Wohoa Exclamation! A challenge from Jela's pilot! And we learn where “I Dare” has its likely origin.
79 Ardega World Another stop on Cantra's voyage to the Rim
80 agri Agricultural products
81 Aleberly A reputable lab which grows embryos for sale to traders at the agrifair.
82 Phairlind World A cargo of tea will go off before they reach it.
83 Scohecan World Jela's destination in this area. He doesn't say why.
84 telomite Rock that won't splinter or crack under acceleration
85 Keon Name Dulsey's Master at one point
86 Ocho Name Another of Dulsey's pod
87 Seatay Name Still another of Dulsey's pod
88 Timoli Name The aelantaza that Dulsey met, and who resembled Cantra. Not surprisingly, because Timoli was her older sister.
89 skileti A textile suited for weaving tight black sweaters and pants
90 Loriton Name An X Strain Commander Jela works with. Just now he's lost a task force. And their target. Oops.
91 Garen yos'Phelium Name Cantra's former pilot, to whom she was adopted daughter and co-pilot. Her sanity is frequently questioned. Even by Cantra
92 Torvin Clan Garen's clan, into which Cantra was adopted
93 Thilrok Name An X Strain Corporal who likes fast scooters
94 Daelmere World Where High Command wants to fall back to, two levels into the central cloud. The Consolidated Commanders don't like the idea.
95 Harrib Name The Commandant of the base on Scohecan.
96 sadiline Gemstones said to improve memory and impart fortunate dreams.
97 Jaythrees Ammunition for Cantra's ship's guns. Area denial rounds that release powdered plutonium. Jela is not happy about them.
98 Jayfours Ammunition for Cantra's ship's guns. Area denial rounds that release a binary agent. Jela is not happy about them either.
99 Rathil A beacon that appears when it is most needed by the Dancer's crew
100 otherspace Where Cantra's ship goes when it transitions
101 repellor Something that repells other things. In this case, meteors; a good thing to keep away from ships.
102 protocomets Aspiring comets that haven't yet made the grade.
103 spectralyzer Spectral analyser
104 Rockhaven The Uncle's home
105 gangtube A boarding tube
106 ammng Typo of among? Can't find this in my copy
107 candesa Incandescent vapour that emits a light at once too bright and hard to see by.
108 Karmin Name One of the Uncle's assistants, who greets our heroes.
109 Fenek Name Another of the Uncle's assistants, who cares for Dulsey
110 megascript Fate by any other name
111 disamused Unamused. Definitely up there in the “We are not amused” scale.
112 Chebei Name Another of the Uncle's assistants, who made the mistake of obeying orders to board the Dancer
113 Arin Name Another of the Uncle's assistants. The same Arin from Balance of Trade?
114 wayaway Faraway. The kind of look that overtakes one when one is listening to the Tree.
115 healings The kinds of healing offered by Cantra's First Aid Kit
116 magseals Magnetic seals
117 outspace Out into space
118 Gimlins World Jela thought to go there
119 Tearin A Sector where battle robot plans didn't go exactly as hoped.
120 Malis Name Cantra's instructor, the one Pliny slapped.
121 chems Chemicals. In this instance, addictive drugs to keep people docile, or at least tractable.
122 dragonling A young dragon
123 Tanjalyre The Institute that comissione Cantrra's birth,and which later betrayed her.
124 coderoy A fabric Jela's pack is made from.
125 shib A type of flexible ceramic knife
126 Cylayn A city that was a triumph of bio-engineering.
127 Pluad A city on Gimlins where Jela may have a contact. Or maybe not.
128 Rool Tiazan Name A Dramliza
129 dramliz “Wizzards”. Created by the Sherikas, but rebelled against their creators.
130 dramliza Singular of Dramliz
131 mainway The main way, a major street where much of the traffic flows.
132 ssussdriad The species name of Jela's tree, according to Rool
133 Liad dea'Syl Name A mathematician who may know how to save everybody
134 Landomist World Where to find Ser dea'Syl
135 Osabei A tower where Ser sea'Syl is being held