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Second novel in the Liaden series, originally published 1988


Sixteen-year-old Priscilla was declared legally dead by her mother, High Priestess of the Goddess. Banished to survive on her own, Priscilla has roamed the galaxy for ten years as an outcast—to become a woman of extraordinary skill.

An experienced officer assigned to the Liaden vessel Daxflan, she's been abandoned yet again. Betrayed by her captain and shipmates, she's left to fend for herself on a distant planet. But Priscilla is not alone. Starship captain Shan yos'Galan is about to join Priscilla's crusade for revenge. He has his own score to settle with the enemy. But confronting the sinister crew will be far easier—and safer—than confronting the demons of Priscilla's own mysterious past.


Aboard the tradeships Daxflan and Dutiful Passage, with interludes on Sintia, Jankalim, Arsdred, Trealla Fantrol, Dayan, and Theopolis

Main Characters[]

Secondary Characters[]

  • Dagmar Collier, second mate aboard Daxflan
  • Sav Rid Olanek, Clan Plemia, trader aboard Daxflan
  • Other Daxflan personnel
  • Kayzin ne'Zame, first mate aboard Dutiful Passage
  • Master Frodo, norbear
  • Various crewmates on Dutiful Passage
  • Port, trade and law enforcement personnel in various ports of call
  • Taam Olanek, delm of Clan Plemia
  • Nova yos'Galan, First Speaker of Clan Korval
  • Lomar Fasholt, trader
  • Unnamed mercenary captain