• Charzi -- (M) Lives in the Lysta Clanhouse, where weatherman Brunner is grounded. Orange.[1] In Misfits
  • Coyster -- (M) Theo's cat on Delgado. Pink nose, orange ears, orange chest, amber eyes, white paws. (Fledgling)
  • Dablin -- (M) The resident cat at Priscilla's town house, a gift from Val Con. Striped orange.[2]
  • Eztina -- (F) A rangy orange cat with white feet and belly, and green eyes. Particularly attached to Syl Vor. At Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak, then went with Syl Vor to his mother's house on Blair Road (Necessity's Child)
  • Flinx -- (?) at Tarnia's Clanhouse (Balance of Trade)
  • Fondi -- (M) Grey and white kitten at Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak.[3]
  • Grakow -- (M) Rescued by Yxtrang Pathfinders Chernak and Stost from the wreck of Orbital Aid 370. Grey-and-brown striped, with a coffee-colored belly. On Bechimo[4]
  • Kiefer -- (?) Jelaza Kazone, Surebleak[5] (perhaps the same cat as Kifer in Carpe Diem?)
  • Kifer -- (M) One of the Trealla Fantrol cats, "a sorry mop of varicolored stripes" with "outrageously, wonderfully soft fur".[6] Resident in Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak.[7]
  • Lady Dignity -- (F) Daav yos'Phelium's answer to his sister's complaint that he has none. Long cream-colored fur, with round blue eyes in a mask of darker brown. (Local Custom, Mouse and Dragon)
  • Lady Pounce -- (F) One of the Trealla Fantrol cats. Slightly crossed blue eyes, snowy chest.[8]
  • Lucky -- (?) Cantra's cat, acquired in Osabei Tower. Accompanied the refugees from Old Solcintra to Liad. (Crystal Dragon)
  • Mandrin -- (F) Jen Sar Kiladi's cat on Delgado. Black-and-white. (Fledgling)
  • Merlin -- (M) One of Val Con's cats while he was fostered at Trealla Fantrol. Named by Val Con after King Arthur's wizard, from a story told him by Anne's brother Richard.[9][10] Still alive, though grizzled, in 1392, when Operation Plan B went active. Tabby, yellow of eye.[11][12] Sometimes addressed as "Lord Merlin".[13][14][15][16] Accompanies Anthora when she moves to Jelaza Kazone.[14] In later years, entirely grey[14] with four white feet.[12][17] Very active against The Department of the Interior in “I Dare”. Moves with the house to Surebleak.[18][19]
  • Mistress Miranda -- (F) At Pat Rin's house in Nasingtale Alley, on Liad; moved to Surebleak with the rest of the household.[20] Was, by that time, old.[21] See Moon on the Hills and Roving Gambler.
  • Niki -- (F) white, frivolously befurred, long-haired cat with pink ears & toes, and brilliantly emerald eyes, resident in Master Merchant Luken bel'Tarda's warehouse on Liad, prior to the Clan's move to Surebleak (Heirloom)
  • Nugget -- (?) One of Yulie Shaper's many cats; "frail" and "very skinny" — but comforting[20]
  • Paizel -- (?) At Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak.[22]
  • Patch -- (?) Binjali Repair Shop's resident cat and "co-owner" (Scout's Progress, Mouse and Dragon)
  • Phileas -- (?) One of Jen Sar and Kamele's cats. (New since Theo's departure to Anlingdin?)[23]
  • Pil Tor -- (?) One of the Trealla Fantrol cats, too young to have met Val Con before he vanished into the Department of the Interior.[11]
  • Posit -- (F) one of the elder cats at Jelaza Kazone[24]
  • Relchin -- (?) An enormous orange-and-white cat who "enjoys the outdoors"; also resides with Daav yos'Phelium. (Local Custom, Mouse and Dragon)
  • Scout -- (M) A grey cat with green eyes. Came to live at Chonselta Healer Hall after being found living wild in the business district. At first shy of people and given to hiding under furniture, he was first called "Mouse", but grew bold and earned a new name. (Mouse and Dragon)
  • Silk -- (?) A brown cat, with black stripes and golden eyes; was already part of the household Boss Conrad inherited from Boss Moran on Surebleak[25][26][20][21]
  • Yodel -- (F) One of the Trealla Fantrol cats, too young to have met Val Con before he vanished into the Department of the Interior.[11]
  • Zolanj -- (?) Jen Sar Kiladi's cat before Mandrin. Would sometimes agree to sit on Theo's lap, but never on Kamele's. (Fledgling)
  • (F) a black kitten, name not given, who cosies up to Theo in Shan's office on Surebleak and inspired Theo’s business name “Laughing Cat Ltd”[27]
  • a calico kitten, name not given, in Don Eyr's household[28] in Degrees of Separation
  • a gray cat, name not given; one of Yulie Shaper's many cats; good at reminding Yulie when it was mealtime[20] (In Moon on the Hills)
  • an orange cat, name not given, who lived at Trealla Fantrol when Val Con fostered there. (Too late to be Relchin, too early to be Eztina.) (A Day at the Races)
  • an orange cat with green eyes, name not given, who welcomes Miri to Jelaza Kazone. Could be Eztina?[12]
  • an orange-and-white cat, name not given, resident at Jelaza Kazone on Surebleak (after Eztina moved to town with Syl Vor)[29]
  • a tan-and-brown kitten, name not given, who attempts to assist Delm Korval with the paperwork[7]
  • a cat, name not given, associated with the kitchen of Serat's clanhouse[30]

Footnote: In "Heirloom" it is noted that Lady Kareen "did not keep cats, or any other domestic creature, aside the occasional servant."


  • Malda (also called Rascal) -- (M) Kezzi's dog. Lives with The Bedel. Small, black-and-tan.[31]


  • Borrill -- (M) Zhena Trelu's whatever-fills-the-dog-niche-on-Vandar. Beady yellow eyes, head ridges, pointy ears, ridiculous puff of a tail. NOT pretty. Likes having his ears pulled. (Carpe Diem, "Prodigal Son")


"Norbear--Size: 16-22 cm; Weight: 121-180 g. Furred quadrupedal mammal with a burrowing habit; soft dense coat, ranging in color from grey, brown, black, orange, white and mixed. Herbivore. Fearless and lively disposition, natural empath. Adapts well to domestication. Banned on certain worlds. Check port rules before importing." (Courier Wildlife Guide, Fourteenth Edition)[32]

  • Norbears are "not so large as a cat nor yet so small as a mouse." (Mouse & Dragon, ch 20).
  • Incongruity: Weighing at most six ounces and measuring at most eight inches long, how could a norbear carry a gun, as in The Gathering Edge, ch 38?
  • "He burbled cheerfully, stood on his hind legs and steadied himself with a paw against her knee."  The Gathering Edge, ch 3. "her" is Theo.

"Norbears are highly socialized creatures. Typically, a family group will rally around a chieftain, and claim a certain territory as their own. When the family group grows too large for the chosen territory to comfortably support, a secondary chieftain will arise, and lead a portion of the group to another territory, where they will settle and live, until force of numbers triggers the rise of a tertiary chieftain who in his turn leads a sub-group to a new territory."[33]

"The Scouts wonder about norbears and any number of scholarly folk wonder about norbears, not to mention those who keep company with norbears on a regular basis. Are they intelligent or are they not?" [...] "I learn from my research that norbears are... empaths." "Oh, that nearly everyone agrees with! Which is why, you understand, there's some who want to eradicate the species, before they control us all. [...] Larger ships might carry a norbear 'mong the ship's company, to help calm crew, or ease a bad case of homesickness. Somebody like your Guild Master, now, he'd depend on his norbear to screen pilots for emotional stability."[34]

  • Delm Briat -- (?) on Dutiful Passage (Conflict of Honors)
  • Holdhand -- (F) First norbear to volunteer for ship travel. (Out of True)
  • Master Frodo -- (M) on Dutiful Passage (Conflict of Honors)
  • Lady Selph -- (?) on Dutiful Passage (Conflict of Honors)
  • Oki -- (M) Norbear that led the rescue of Klay Patel Smith on Thakaran. (Out of True)
  • Podesta -- (F) Thick brown-and-orange fur, somewhat shy. Hevelin's great-granddaughter, with him at the Pilots Guild office on Codrescu station.[35][36] See Landed Alien
  • Sinaya -- (F) at Pilot's Guild Sector Master's Desk on Velaskiz Rotundo - "a nicely plump norbear, white, except for a large black spot on her back and two very small black spots on her head, directly before each ear" - showed a startled Theo an image of Joyita[37]
  • Threesome -- (?) White, with a brown spot on the back. First norbear to greet Theo in the pet library on Vashtara. So named for always coming to greet a visitor in tandem with another norbear, never alone.[33][35]
  • Tiny -- (?) on Dutiful Passage (Conflict of Honors)
  • Hevelin -- (M)
    • Rescued by Aelliana and Daav on Avontai[32] and placed in the employ of Bruce Peltzer at the Pilots Guild temp office on Staederport."I represent him to you as an individual of exceptional charcter: observant, polite, and able to recall what he has observed. He has ... been previously employed in an establishment similar to this one."[38]
    • As an older norbear at the Guild office on Codrescu station some decades later (still in the company of Pilot Peltzer) he made the acquaintence of Theo Waitley.[39]
    • Greeted Kara ven'Arith when she escaped Eylot to Cordrescue Station, in Landed Alien
    • Became roving ambassador on Bechimo after Codrescu evacuated.[37]

Hevelin's Appearance:

  • As a young norbear, brown fur shot with ripples of orange.[32] As an older norbear on Codrescu, skinny, wizened and dignified; fur nearly colorless with a touch of rust in the eyebrows.[35]
  • Later described as having fur "ginger-colored, heavily striped with grey"[40] and "grey stripes in its rusty orange fur".[41]

Authors discussed Hevelin in their blog:

Advertent readers will have noticed that Dragon Ship bore a dual dedication -- to Anne McCaffrey and to Rusty Hevelin. While many, many readers knew Anne and/or her work, fewer people knew Rusty, who was an active and impish presence in the science fiction community for 70 years. Yes, you read that right. Seventy years.

I met Rusty when his hair was still red (here's a picture from that era), at. . .CONfusion, I guess it was, in the late 1970s, and we'd run into him, in the way of con-going fandom, off and on over the years. I think I last saw him to speak to at the Denver WorldCon in 2008, where he greeted me with, "Good to see you here! Denvention THREE. Who would have thought?"

(Here's what he looked like, then.)

By reason of having been a member of the community for so many years, Rusty, of course, knew everybody. And it was this aspect of him that Steve and I chose to celebrate when we created Hevelin the norbear for the Liaden Universe®.


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