Story BasicsEdit

  • The short story Code of Honor is included in A Liaden Universe Constellation, volume III. It begins on Liad just days before Clan Korval moves to planet Surebleak, and overlaps in time with Ghost Ship, before the new Road Boss offices were built (Dragon in Exile) and while the Road Boss office was just a booth at the Emerald Casino.
  • The main character is Tom Lei pen'Chapen, a merc (technical specialist, protocol sergeant) from Clan Severt, a mid-level house on Liad. As his story unwinds, Tom Lei's name eventually changes to Tommy Lee. He is also seen in Neogenesis.
  • Tom was a "festival get" (= half Terran) with pale skin, pale hair and blue eyes (unlike his dark-haired siblings), given in his youth to the Mercenaries. He's slightly taller than the average Liaden but a little shorter than the average Terran.

Excerpt Edit

"Before the end of the first card party, it was perfectly plain to Tom Lei that his grandfather had managed to ingratiate himself with some members of Houses that could only be called High. During the breakfast fancy, it also became plain that there was a secret project with which those same High Houselings required assistance; a secret desperate enough that they could not afford to be choosy regarding such minor matters as social standing or melant’i. By the time he and his grandfather had returned home from the second card party, Tom Lei was quite frightened. His grandfather was ambitious, yes. His grandfather had always been ambitious...but this was dangerous even beyond his grandfather's understanding. Korval was involved." Edit