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==Captain to the Passengers==
==Captain to the Passengers==
*negotiated in [[Old Solcintra]] with nonnegotiable "Captain’s Justice" terms for all passengers on Quick Passage
*negotiated in [[Old Solcintra]] with nonnegotiable "Captain’s Justice" terms for all passengers on Quick Passage
*After more than 1393 standart years the contract ended with the Council of Clans on Liad relaesing Delm Korval as Captain to the Passangers. <ref>I Dare, chap. 57</ref>
<blockquote>Korval is contract-bound to stand as Captain to all the passengers until released by the Council of Clans, the successor to the Transition Committee.
<blockquote>Korval is contract-bound to stand as Captain to all the passengers until released by the Council of Clans, the successor to the Transition Committee.

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Korval The Beginnings

Korval: The Beginnings (click to enlarge)

Korval-Five Generations

Korval: Last Five Generations (SPOILERS)

Clan Lines

  • Line yos'Phelium, descendants of Cantra and Jela; the delm's blood line; roughly translated by Jela as "Courier Pilot"
    • the delm must be a pilot -- the best pilot in the clan

"From Cantra forward, Korval had kept the ships that came to it. Thirty-one generations of yos'Pheliums had led Korval, gathering ships." [1]

  • Line yos'Galan, master traders, descendants of Tor An yos'Galan and a dramliza[2]
    • “the Line which always produces a pilot is yos'Galan”[3] (so yos'Galan becomes Delm if yos'Phelium doesn't produce a pilot)
  • Line bel'Tarda, the subordinate Line (experts in fine rugs for centuries)
    • according to Heirloom, Line bel’Tarda was brought into Korval to balance the unjust actions of a malicious yos’Phelium



Extended Kin

Kin to Korval, beyond the Line members listed further below

Allies & Employees

Korval's Damn Luck

  • Korval is frequently referred to as "Luck's darlings" -- marked by random event. Chancy.
  • See the Luck for details


  • Korval's business has been handled by a dea'Gauss since Old Solcintra
  • "Clan Korval did business under half-a-dozen trade names"[5]
  • “Korval...a clan which held controlling interest in a triple-dozen industries on-planet [Liad], which controlled the pilots guild, funded the Scouts, which owned outright fifteen trading vessels and unnumbered smaller craft, not to speak of the yards which serviced them.... Why, Korval owned the very dies from which cantra pieces were struck, only leasing them to the Moneyers Guild in twelve-year renewals stretching back to the time of the first Val Con yos’Phelium, Cantra’s heir.”[6]
  • From Bechimo's Rules Search: “Tree-and-Dragon” Results: Mark designating Clan Korval, Liaden kin group comprised of founding Lines yos'Phelium and yos'Galan; bel'Tarda later incorporated as minor Line. ALSO Registered Trade Mark of Clan Korval, operating as Korval Trade, Tree-and-Dragon Family, Dragontree Ltd. NEW: Surebleak Clan Loop Unlimited. No Warnings are associated with this Mark.

New Businesses

  • Cresthaller station: Shan yos'Galan: “From the fertile mind of pilot O’Berin. I don’t at all wish Korval to come into station-keeping, but we might very easily provide the base of a new station on a lease-to-own arrangement. It would, I believe, help trade in that entire sector, which has been depressed since the loss of the pod-drop at Cresthaller.”[7]
  • A potential trade loop through Surebleak space with Carresens-Denobli Syndicate. The Carresens Syndicate, under the signature of one Janifer Carresens-Denobli, Trader-at-Large, wrote to Shan yos'Galan: “I offer here, as my first thoughts, a loop that accommodates Surebleak and also Ashlan, which is an anchor port for three Carresens long-loopers and many others, of the small-loop ships. I am thinking, too, of Nomi-Oxin-Rood, which is something much on the lines of Surebleak—there is potential, but nothing that would tie it into existing routes. If there were to be a new loop, perhaps a hybrid loop...” (Alliance of Equals chapter 3)
  • Tinsori Light - after Tocohl Lorlin assumes control, the station falls to Korval. The qe'andra considers how profit may be made.[8]

Korval's Sigil

  • Tree and Dragon. The name of the Dragon is Megelaar.
  • Korval's colors are green and gold.[9]

Captain to the Passengers

  • negotiated in Old Solcintra with nonnegotiable "Captain’s Justice" terms for all passengers on Quick Passage
  • After more than 1393 standart years the contract ended with the Council of Clans on Liad relaesing Delm Korval as Captain to the Passangers. [10]

Korval is contract-bound to stand as Captain to all the passengers until released by the Council of Clans, the successor to the Transition Committee.

I should've written that contract looser, but who knew we'd even survive?

—Excerpted from Cantra yos'Phelium's Log Book[11]

Oaths from The Dramliz

  • Kneeling before The Tree, two sheriekas-made dramliz -- Rool Tiazan and his Grey Lady, first of the Healers -- pledged an alliance with the Tree, Jela, and Cantra, determined to help them escape the Sheriekas[12]
  • Tree also bound a dozen more of The Dramliz to Korval, a millennium ago, in Old Solcintra. These dramliz were human, "formed in a far-different forge" than Rool Tiazan. Their spokespersons was the red-headed gambler / "runner with luck"

"Captain, the Solcintrans will renounce us, for we embody that which they most fear...The groundlings say we are dangerous, and perversions; they call us sheriekas-spawn and they kill us out of hand... I have here healers, true-dreamers, seers, finders, hunch-makers, green-thumbs, teachers -- treasures beyond counting for the days beyond. Grant us passage and you may call upon us for any service so long as Jela's tree survives to bind us."[13]

Breeding with Erob-Tiazan

Clan Korval makes babies with dramliza-born Clan Erob (Line Tiazan) every third generation[14]

  • Turns out, the next scheduled contract marriage between yos'Phelium and Tiazan became a lifemating, and Val Con and Miri produced a child, Talizea

Shan: "We’re a bit more than allies. More accurate to say cousins -- or half-clan, there’s a word! Ever since the ship landed on Liad, Tiazan and Korval have been sticking to an arrangement -- actually a protocol, all properly signed and sealed —— a schedule of a contract-marriage every three generations, with the child going, in unfailing sequence: Erob, Korval, Erob, Korval . . .”

Priscilla frowned. “You said Tiazan and Korval—”

“So I did, and so it was. Korval seems to have sent equally from yos’Phelium and yos’Galan, but Erob seems only to have sent from Tiazan, never from the subordinate Line."[15]

  • Thus, Korval has produced many of The Dramliz and Healers: "Korval has given many Healers -- and -- and dramliz as well." [16]
  • Line yos'Galan especially: Er Thom was seen to sigh. "A yos'Galan," he said patiently, "which has given dozens to the Healers and the dramliz over the years since the Exodus. Why stare that another child of the Line shows these abilities?[17]
  • Foremost dramliza Rool Tiazan — Miri's ancestor and Founder of Clan Erob— first suggested interbreeding with Korval, starting with young Tor An yos'Galan:

The dramliz want young Tor An's genes. Farseers predict twins from the match and offer the girl-child to us — to Clan Korval — as settlement. Jela would say that a wizard on board tips the scale to survival — which remains sound reasoning, though we're planet-bound now and in honorable estate, or so the boy will tell me . . .

As it transpires, Tor An met his proposed wife several days ago, through Dramliza Rool Tiazan's good graces, I make no doubt! The boy's smitten, of course, so the marriage is made. Perhaps the girl-child will fail of being dramliz . . .

—Excerpted from Cantra yos'Phelium's Log Book[2]

Clan Wisdom & Mottos

  • Operation Plan B, wisdom from Cantra yos'Phelium
  • Clan Motto: Flaran Cha'menthi which means “I Dare!”[18] -- see tales of the Founder, "small soldier" Jela[19]
  • Shield: “Clan Korval's shield with its lifelike Tree-and-Dragon and bold, almost arrogant, inscription: Flaran Cha'menthi. I Dare.”[20]
  • Remember who we are. We are not Solcintran. We are not derived from the Old Houses. We are Korval. Keep the Contract, protect the Tree, gather ships, survive. But never, never, never let them make you forget who you are. —Val Con yos'Phelium, Second Delm of Korval, Entry in the Delm's Diary”[21]
  • Korval is not one entity but two, with The Tree a separate entity. Val Con, considering Korval on Surebleak: "The Tree -- and the Tree's progeny -- was wasting no time in commencing to meddle. And there was yet another crime to be placed at Korval's feet: that they were not one invader, but two."[22]
  • “In an ally, considerations of house, clan, planet, race are insignificant beside two prime questions, which are: Can he shoot? Will he aim at your enemy?”—logbook of Cantra yos'Phelium[23][24]
  • The drive to excel lies at Korval's heart [25]
  • ”The best pilot the clan possesses must be delm, regardless of bloodline. This will be taken as a clan law. The delm's heir must be a pilot”— logbook of Cantra yos'Phelium[26]
  • ”There must be ships, spaceworthy and ready to fly: As many ships as it is possible to acquire.”—logbook of Cantra yos'Phelium[27]
  • It is not the best care of the clan to huddle safe, upon the homeworld. Korval is ships, Korval is pilots. If Korval allows fear to rule it, we become less than we are. More, we violate the law laid down for us by the Founder. yos'Galan advice [28]

Sayings about Korval

The number of High Houses is precisely fifty. And then there is Korval.

— from the Annual Census of Clans[29]
  • Korval is ships
  • Book of Dragons
    • "Do not stand between a Dragon and its Tree."[30]
    • "A Dragon does not change it's nature" [31]
    • "A Dragon does not forget. Nor does it remember wrongly."[32]
    • "A Dragon will in all things follow its own necessities, and either will or will not make its bow to Society. Nor shall the prudent dispute a Dragon's chosen path or seek to turn it from its course."[33]
    • "The thing to recall about Dragons is that it takes a special person to deal with them at all. If you lie to them they will steal form you. If you attack them without cause they will dismember you. If you run from them they will laugh at you. - It is thus best to deal calmly, openly and fairly with Dragons: Give them all they buy and no more or less, and they will do the same by you. Stand at their back and they will stand at yours. Always remember that a Dragon is first a Dragon and only then a friend, a partner, a lover. - Never assume that you have discovered a Dragon's weak point until it is dead and forgotten, for joy is fleeting and a Dragon’s revenge is forever." [34]

Clan Founding

"From Cantra forward, Korval had kept the ships that came to it. Thirty-one generations of yos'Pheliums had led Korval, gathering ships." [35]

  • Clan Korval was founded in the name of M. Jela Granthor's Guard, posthumously
  • During the Founding Ceremony for the new-born clan Korval, the Luck suddenly pulled Rool Tiazan to the quiet event, performed by dea'Gauss in orbit above Old Solcintra [13]

"I was borne on the wings of such a maelstrom of luck and possibility...the luck swirls not merely about the environs of this star system or more nearly this planet but here, on this ship. I suspect that what has been bound into that book which you hold is the cause of these unexpected alterations. May I see and hold the book, pilot?"[13]

  • Tor An yos'Galan suggested forming clan for two purposes: 1) to protect Jela's Tree and 2) to protect Cantra's expected baby, Jela’s heir.[36]
  • Founding members Cantra yos'Phelium Clan Torvin and Tor An yos'Galan Clan Alkia.
    • "Korval" is a combination of T orvin and Al kia
  • Korval is bound to The Tree Jelaza Kazone ("Jela's Promise/Dream/Contract/Fulfillment”) based on a promise Jela made to the ssussdriad when stranded on its dying home planet.
  • The founding of Clan Korval is described in Crystal Dragon ch 30- 31. The Luck surrounded the ceremony, according to dramliza Rool Tiazan.
  • Shan gives a brief account of the founding, which differs somewhat in the details[37]
  • The circumstances under which Line bel'Tarda was later brought into the Clan are described in "Heirloom"

Clan Homes

  • See Korval's Employees for staff sorted by residence, including Jelaza Kazone, Trealla Fantrol, and the various townhouses on Liad and Surebleak
  • See Jelaza Kazone for details about the main clan house, exterior and interior, and the grounds. But see The Tree for details about Jela's ssussdriad.
  • See Trealla Fantrol for details about the yos'Galan mansion, on Liad and the new construction on Surebleak

Clan Safe House

  • Set up centuries in advance, following protocols in Operation Plan B for when the clan would need to evacuate Liad and hide the children from The Department of the Interior
  • Hideaway Home: Runig's Rock, aka "The Rock"
  • All quotes below are from the short story Hidden Resources [38]
  • A safe place for vulnerable clan members , especially children, used during Operation Plan B
  • An asteroid, most likely
  • "A pilot of Korval had found it — the place and the Rock -- and so another pilot might also."
  • "It was an odd eddy of space they sat in, and far out from usual traffic. Still, they were not hidden, only inconveniently located."
  • "Luken had walked the rock for the third and last time during his shift."
  • "The screens showed the docking bay, live, feeds of near space..."
  • Possibly a cave? "She [Kareen] frowned at the screen. Shall we take to the ship?"

Skewed by Council of Clans

Council for The Clans voted to exile Korval, urged by a subgroup who preferred execution and confiscation, which included Delm Hedrede, who also rendered the judgment.

"Hedrede was part of the committee which saw us – Clan Korval – exiled from Liad”[39]

  • Enough supporters made it a close vote:

“The vote was close, as I counted. Close enough that those who most dearly wished us gone dared not risk their victory by burdening the issue with petty Balance.” [40]

Judgment ignored supporting documents from organizations who filed briefs with The Council of Clans in support of Clan Korval:

“I mention a few — the Scouts of Liad, the Accountants Guild, the Pilots Guild, the Solcintra Feline Appreciation Society, the Taxicab and Pedicab Association of Solcintra, Binjali’s Repair Shop and Jalopy Garage,” here there was a clear and distinctly disapproving pause, “ . . . the Juntavas.” That brought a murmur from the chamber. . . “Also,” Speaker continued, “University, the Defenders of the Code, the Little Festival Association, Tey Dor’s Sporting Clubs — and the list is quite long, and will be appended to our decision...” [41]

The Judgment:

  • For firing on the home world, Korval is struck from the book of clans and banished from Liad within 144 days
    • "lock, stock, and piglet?” [42]
  • So Korval moved to Surebleak, whereupon a Liaden (vin’Tenzing) tried to kill Quin, which violates the terms:

"When the Council united to exile Korval from Liad, and struck our name from the Book of Clans, they also guaranteed that these actions put paid to all and any Balances arising from the insult to the homeworld. We are no longer a Liaden clan, and thus we are beyond Balance.”[43]

  • Pat Rin in outrage because the Council of Clans is in violation of the contract in which the terms of Korval’s exile were set out:

“An entire katrain of qe’andra to craft it,” Pat Rin had said, “with an eye toward Balance between all parties! Read before the entire Council; every delm receiving a copy of the final contract with the instruction that it was a Document of Common Cause, and all members of all clans were to be made aware of its contents — And a woman walks into a rug shop on Surebleak Port with the express purpose of Balancing the death of her heir, dead of Korval’s necessity!”[44]

Clan Homes on Surebleak

After evacuating Liad as per Operation Plan B, and after The Council banished Korval, the clan moved to Surebleak.

A Surebleak Code

Moving from Liad's code-based, delm-led culture to Surebleak, a Terran planet, has the potential to effect Clan Korval, Surebleak, Liaden expats, and other immigrants, like The Scouts and The Mercs. Korval has tasked Kareen yos'Phelium to study this matter. Professor Kamele Waitley helps:

  • Kareen: "Since the relocation, my work has been redefined. The Delm requires me to observe the society in which we now find ourselves, and compile a plan for the clan's new direction, now that the Code no longer...constrains us, as the Delm would have it. I prefer informs us." [49]
  • See Surebleak Culture Study

Members yos'Phelium


So far the delmship has remained in the yos'Phelium line. But there were times when Korval waited for a delm and stewardship went to a yos'Galan First Speaker.

Among Korval's delms there were three that were considered mad. One is Theonna yos'Phelium. The other two remain unknown.

  • Cantra yos'Phelium (F) -- 1st Delm. Jela’s ally and the mother of his son. “The best damn pilot Jela’d ever seen,” she fought the Sheriekas at Vanehald and Gimlins, and freed scholar Liad dea’Syl. Founding head of the Line. Piloted Quick Passage out of Old Solcintra, leading the Great Migration; The Captain of the Passengers (Liadens). Cantra was an aelantaza / elite scholar assassin. Her “mother” Garen yos'Phelium and The Uncle freed her from Tanjalyre Institute’s control.[50] She wrote Operation Plan B
  • Val Con yos'Phelium (M) -- 2nd Delm. Only child of Cantra and Jela. First of his Line to bear the name Val Con,[51] which means "dragon". From his diary:

"Remember who we are. We are not Solcintran. We are not derived from the Old Houses. We are Korval. Keep the Contract, protect the Tree, gather ships, survive. But never, never, never let them make you forget who you are." —Val Con yos'Phelium, Second Delm of Korval, Entry in the Delm's Diary”[21]

  • Daav yos'Phelium (M) -- 6th Delm.[52] First of his Line to bear the name Daav. Eba yos'Phelium's delm[53] (and also her thodelm? unclear)[52]
  • Jeni yos'Phelium (?) -- 9th Delm. Donated land and building for the establishment of the Scout Academy.[54]
  • Bindrea yos'Phelium (F) -- Delm in a time before Trealla Fantrol was built.[55]
  • Edil yos'Phelium (?) -- Delm, with lifemate Var Ond ter'Asten.[56] (Any relation to Scout Captain ter'Astin, Balance of Trade and Trade Secret?)
  • Var Ond ter'Asten (?) -- Lifemate and delmae of Edil yos'Phelium.[56]
  • Rinoka yos'Phelium (F) -- Delm in the 7th century, preceding her nephew Ker Lin.[57]
  • Ker Lin yos'Phelium (M) -- Delm in the 7th century, following his aunt Rinoka. A Seer, who foresaw the outlines of his life as a young man: Scout, lifemate, Delm. Died c. Standard Year 680.[57]
  • Theonna yos'Phelium (F) -- Delm in Standard Year 1143, oversaw the disposition of Tactical Defense Pods 72 to 83.[58] "I fear her orbit was more erratic than most. To her credit, she did bring the clan through a field thick with thorns, with scarcely a scratch... It may have been that she had flashes of long-sight among her delusions. Certainly, that would account for the overall success of her stewardship."[59]
  • Wayr yos'Phelium (F) -- Delm in 1283, when a contract-marriage between Erob and Korval produced a child for yos'Galan; left a reminder message about the next contract being due in three generation. Shan calls her "Great-great-great Aunt Wayr yos'Phelium".[14]
  • Chi yos'Phelium (F) -- 84th Delm. Born of yos’Galan and yos’Phelium genes: Larin yos’Galan (mother, a Healer) and Kin Dal yos’Phelium, father.[60] Identical twin sister to Petrella yos'Galan. Mother to Kareen (see Daughter of Dragons) and Daav (see Due Diligence). Sought info on pilots disappearing from Low Port (The Beggar King). Murdered on Ganjir, possibly by The Department of the Interior.
  • Daav yos'Phelium (M) -- 85th Delm. b. 1325.[61] Born to Chi yos'Phelium and Fer Gun pen’Uldra (see Due Diligence). Lifemated to Aelliana Caylon[30]. Father to Val Con & Theo Waitley, Cha'leket to Er Thom yos'Galan, onagrata of Kamele Waitley, Fourth of his Line to bear the name Daav, Scout Captain, later also known as Scholar Jen Sar Kiladi.[62] Hero of Nev’Lorn (see Breath's Duty)
  • Aelliana Caylon (F) -- b. 1335[61]originally of Clan Mizel (Birin Caylon's middle daughter[63]), Lifemate of Daav yos'Phelium, together with Daav 85th Delm, mother of Val Con, Honored Scholar of Sub-rational Mathematics, she revised the ven'Tura Tables, thus making Jump calculations accurate.
  • Val Con yos'Phelium (M) -- 86th Delm, with his lifemate Miri Robertson. Father to Talizea. Scout Commander First-In and former Agent of Change for The Department. Maestro-level musician. The seventh of his Line to bear the name Val Con.[64] b. 1362[61]
  • Miri Robertson (F) -- b. 1365[61] on Surebleak, Mercenary sergeant, retired. Half of the Delm with her lifemate Val Con. Mother to Talizea. Member, by genetics, of the Tiazan line of clan Erob, daughter of Kati Tayzin and Chock Robertson.[65]
  • Talizea yos'Phelium (F) -- Miri and Val Con's heir. b. 1393 on Surebleak.

Others of yos'Phelium

  • Del Ben (or Del Ban) yos'Phelium (M) -- His misdeeds against Line bel'Tarda required a major Balancing which included bel'Tarda being brought under the Dragon's wing.[66] (see Heirloom)
  • Eba yos'Phelium (F) -- In the time of the first Daav, she was publicly flogged by her thodelm,[53] who was also her cha'leket -- that being the least undesirable course of action left open to them by the Clan's enemies. The subsequent Balancing took seven years and resulted in the deaths of all those responsible.[52]
  • Inas Bhar (F) -- b.1355, Skardu in a Terran sector. Third daughter of Scholar Reyman Bhar. >t age 13 (in 1368) after avenging her fathers death, she sought the sanctuary of the Juntavas with whom she later becomes a Judge.[67] AKA: Natesa the Assassin, she assists Pat Rin yos'Phelium to go underground during Plan B.[68] Becomes Lifemate of Pat Rin on Surebleak. [69] See Hidden Resources
  • Jen Sin yos'Phelium (M) -- The best Korval pilot of his generation, he was ordered home from the Scouts by his delm to serve the necessities of his clan during the clan wars, and in that service he was lost.[70] See Tinsori Light
  • Kareen yos'Phelium (F) -- b. 1313[61] Pat Rin's mother; Daav's sister; Liad's foremost authority on the Code. Not a pilot.[71] Also known as The Right Noble Lady Kareen yos'Phelium, Patron of the Solcintra Poetry Society, Founder of the League to Preserve the Purity of the Language and Chairperson Emeritus of the Embassy of Form[72] (see A Day at the Races and Daughter of Dragons). Leader of the Surebleak Culture Study
  • Kin Dal yos'Phelium (M) -- Father of the identical twins, Chi yos'Phelium and Petrella yos'Galan.[60]
  • Pat Rin yos'Phelium (M) -- b. 1354. Age six in 1361, chapter 25 Local Custom. Thus his dob is 1354, not 1351. Discrepancy in Timeline? Son and heir of Kareen, fox-faced with brown hair and wide brown eyes. At age 6 was fostered with Luken bel'Tarda[71]. Failed piloting exam 5 times (see Heirloom and Lord of the Dance) [73]. Father of Quin.[69]. Becomes known as a high roller and sharp-shooter on Liad (see Heirloom and Persistence. Known as Boss Conrad on Surebleak. Encouraged by Cheever McFarland, he earns a First-Class Pilot license.[74] Marries lifemate: Inas Bhar/ Natesa. [68].
  • Quin yos'Phelium (M) -- b. c1379 Pat Rin's son and heir, 2nd class pilot[75]In Ghost Ship Theo realizes that Quin already holds a 2nd class ticket though he was younger than she had been when she had been sponsored to Anlingdin Academy (see Fledgling) and Padi is younger still. Piloted Shadow Drake to Runig’s Rock (Hidden Resources. Learning to be Boss on Surebleak. Has his father’s Luck with cards and target shooting (Roving Gambler). Friendly with Villy Butler. His refurbished ship is Galandasti.

Members yos'Galan

Founder Tor An yos'Galan (M) -- Founding head of the Line. Co-piloted Quick Passage out of Old Solcintra with Captain Cantra yos'Phelium, leading the Exodus.

Members bel'Tarda

  • Line bel’Tarda was tucked under the Dragon's wing because a rogue yos'Phelium had all but demolished clan bel'Tarda, illegally and for selfish gain. See Heirloom
  • Luken bel'Tarda (M) -- b. 1315. Becomes foster father of six year old Pat Rin yos'Phelium in 1360.
  • Danise bel'Tarda (F) -- Luken’s daughter [85]
  • Danise has a younger sister who is maybe not Luken's daughter, given that Luken never names her and only refers to her as Danise’s sister[85][86]
  • More details at Luken bel'Tarda

Line Unclear

  • Tocohl Lorlin is accepted into the clan by Val Con & Miri, but line is not mentioned.[87]
    • Tocohl's "father" Jeeves may also be a type of clan member, but this was not stated explicitly in his book, "Intelligent Design" short story.[88]
  • Dubbed nor'Phelium as house guards directly serving the clan and under the protection of Tree and Dragon: Nelirikk, Diglon, & Hazenthull (Neogenesis) -- (Diglon assumed nor'Phelium)

Tree-Kin, Clan of the Tree

  • Neighbor Yulie Shaper was given a seedpod to eat and a small shoot from The Tree to plant at his farm, in Dragon in Exile.[89] Weeks later, in Neogenesis, Miri, Val Con, Aelliana and Daav discuss the idea of creating a new clan designation: The Clan of the Tree:

"Tree has shown us the way, by giving Yulie Shaper both a sapling and a pod, making him, if you will, Tree-kin. Therefore, Korval will attempt to...accrete members. We will no longer be a Liaden clan, but with controlled growth and thoughtfulness, we may create another sort of clan, which will extend benefit to all of its members. Perhaps it is time to become known as the clan of the Tree, rather than the Dragon.”[90]

  • An offspring of Tree grows on planet Lytaxin, near the clanhouse of Clan Erob, descendants of Rule Tiazan. Old Delm Erob used the term "tree-kin" several years earlier: "I'll tell you plain, Korval. It's no joy to see you at this time, tree kin though we be."[91]

Korval Ships

Korval has several secret locations with hidden ships in deep storage, mostly out-mustered because of their age, but still functional. Sometimes those ships are referred to as ghost ships or ships in “our berth” or Korval shipstacks. One of those locations is in the Sherzer System near Surebleak. [92], [93]

  • Spiral Dance - Cantra yos'Phelum's courier ship
  • Quick Passage - Lead ship of the Exodus / Migration; originally a troop-carrier named "Salkithin" when the military deeded it to Jela. He then bequeathed it to Cantra yos'Phelium.[94]
    • It’s now part of the cellars of JK: “the very ship of the Migration long ago made into a library and shelter of last resort, wing-clipped and buried beneath the house that Cantra began“[95]
    • Apparently, the huge ship beneath Jelaza Kazone is a secret, cuz Agent sig’Alda has it wrong: “Never in the memory of the longest Rememberer had any of Korval loosed a vessel of their own will, excepting, perhaps, the very ship of the Migration.” [96]
  • Pale Wing - a Korval trade ship that evaded The Department of the Interior by taking refuge at a busy space station, Liltander. Captain Ama ven'Tyrlit, a woman of great personal fortitude. [97]
  • Dutiful Passage - Korval's flagship and main trade ship. Captain Priscilla Mendoza and Master Trader Shan yos'Galan.
  • Ride the Luck - Aelliana Caylon's courier ship, won in a card game against chel'Mara, clan Aragon[98]. Its name was changed to L'IL ORBIT while resting on Delgado (see Breath's Duty). It was destroyed by the DOI when attacking Daav yos'Phelium at Moonstruck, pod 78[99]
  • Nimbledrake / aka KV5625 -- the ship Nova took to find Val Con during Plan B -- a sleek little scooter[100]
  • Tarigan -- Originally a Scout survey ship, now with upgrades and modifications. Jeeves piloted it from Liad to Surebleak. Tocohl Lorlin piloted it to Admiral Bunter at Jemiatha's "Jumble Stop" Station [101]
  • Galandasti -- Quin's ship, recently refurbrished and moved out of deep storage [93]
  • Mestro Tour -- ship intended for Padi, recently refurbrished and moved out of deep storage [93]
  • Fortune's Reward -- Pat Rin yos'Phelium's ship, fitted with weapons during Plan B, piloted by Cheever McFarland until Pat Rin got his license: "First Class, grade S -- that’s “small ship.” The S’ll drop off as soon as you complete the required flight time across all classes of Jump ship.” [102]
  • Dragon Song -- a courier ship, flown by Anthora and Ren Zel in Kin Ties [103]
  • Araceli -- the skimmer Shan and Val Con race in A Day at the Races. A Spanish female name meaning "Altar of the Sky" or "Altar of Heaven"
  • Shadow Drake -- The sleek craft that carried Korval's Treasures to Runig's Rock (see Hidden Resources). Shadow Drake is Val Con's Scout-class ship, if memory serves (cite??)


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