Clan Justus is one of the High Houses of Liad. It has close links with Clan Guayar and Clan Korval.

The clan badge is a snake wrapped three times around a moon. The clan's house in Solcintra City is named Glavda Empri.[1]


Line yo'LannaEdit

  • Eyan (F) -- Friend of Pat Rin yos'Phelium, noted as a social hostess[2]
  • Ilthiria (F) -- Thodelmae, oldest friend of Chi yos'Phelium,[3][4][5] sister to Bal Dyn ter'Meulen Clan Guayar.[6][5] Noted as a social hostess.
  • Karea (F) -- Granddaughter of Ken Rik, about Gordon Arbuthnot's age[7]
  • Ken Rik[8][9][10] (M) -- For many years cargo master on Dutiful Passage, Clan Korval's major trade ship.[11]
  • Kor Ith (M) -- 12th century. Captain of Clan Ixin's trade ship Elthoria.[12]
  • Maelin (F) -- Granddaughter of Ken Rik, about Syl Vor yos'Galan's age[13]
  • Tan El (M) -- 7th century. Promised in marriage to Rinoka yos'Phelium Clan Korval, but died in a catastrophe that befell his ship Zipper in the outer arm.[14]
  • Wal Ter (M) -- About Syl Vor yos'Galan's age[13]
  • ? (M) -- Delm Justus and Thodelm yo'Lanna at the time of Local Custom is Ilthiria's lifemate[15]; by the time of "Street Cred" he is deceased[16]
  • ? (M) -- Delm Justus at the time of "Street Cred" is Ilthiria's grandson[16]


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