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A Liaden Universe significant phrase
ISBN significant phrase
Shield of Korval Liaden heraldry
Angela Gradillas People
Second Quadrant Possible location for Val Con (depending on which way Anthora was pointing). Cheever came to Liad from 'All the hell and gone in the Second Quad' Planets
quadrant a measure of distance 'half a quadrant away' Measurement
Ramal Sector Planets
Pilot generally refers to 'Jump' pilot, but sometimes 'ground' pilot Title
Khaliiz Commander for the Yxtrang? People
Commander Title
Second Title
ship-bounty significant phrase
Val Con yos'Phelium Scout Captain; Commander; cha'trez to Shan; a musician, normally (as a Scout) walks very silently. Val Con, of the Line Direct, seventh to bear the name. People Val Con offers Miri a platinum necklace with twelve matched emeralds. She tells him to keep it, it matches his eyes; which a slender, dark-haired man; a long-fingered hand; long dark lashes and the firm, sweet mouth; his right cheek—the one the Juntavas had cut; wears a vest he uses as a pillow for Miri. , the lines in her companion's face worked toward a cohesive whole. High cheeks curved smoothly to pointed chin; the nose was straight and not overlong; the mouth was generous and smiling, just a little. His hair was dark brown, chopped off blunt at the bottom of his ears, and one lock of it straggled across his forehead, over level dark brows and quite nearly into the startling green eyes. His skin was an odd golden color, except for the raw slash of a recent scar across his right cheek. He's dressed similarly to Miri. Left-handed; Same glossy dark hair, level brows, and firm mouth as Pat Rin; He met her eyes calmly, his own a clear and bottomless green. Scout reports have the man's quiet voice and precise phrasing. Two inches shorter and 20 pounds lighter than Hakan, clean shaven
board Device
page Device
coords coordinates Languages - Pilot
Miri Robertson Married to Val Con (Message describes her as Lifemate); mercenary Sergeant (with a voice of one); - Survivor of Klamath People Her freckles stood out vividly in a face the color of milk; her breast and touching the faint white pucker where she had caught a near-spent pellet; had her share of scrapes—maybe more than her share of scars, what with her father; scars on her feet, from when she had kicked the grille out of the door; Hair long enough that Val Con can lie on it; growing his hair long, braiding it, and wrapping it around his head liken vulgar copper crown. She wears it braided to sleep - at least the first night, when she's exhausted (. His fingers were as suddenly in her hair, loosing the braid, stroking lightly . . .) When she first sees Estra, she's in skintight black leather trousers, high black boots, a white shirt with an open collar and a loose leather vest with a wide belt (to accentuate her tiny waist). her face all sharp angles and freckles across the snubbed nose. The chin was square and willful, the full mouth incongruous. Her only claim to prettiness lay in a pair of very speaking gray eyes, pale skin. Right-handed. , Eyes great and gray in her thin face. Shopping morning at Springbreeze - she finished mooring the elaborate knot on the right side of her head and took her hands gingerly away. She then puts the slender stick knife through the center of the knot. Toy-tiny (thinks Hakan). She wears (not much on Vandar) silver snake curving about her finger, blue gem held firmly in its jaws. She's 28 or 29. , building a line like laughter, like something lovely and wild half-seen, poised to fly away. His other hand shifted and found the undercurrent of strength, of constancy and surprising courage. The two lines melded, became one, separated for a time, and rejoined, each making the other whole.
Yxtrang People
cha'trez the relationship Shan and Val Con share; Also what Val Con calls Miri Languages - Liaden
Ckrakec Val Con addresses the vessell as 'Chrakec Yxtrang' He later refers to them as 'Hunter' Languages - Trade
"a matter of honor." significant phrase
Lufkit Planets
Neefra's Tavern Places
Jefferson has a son People
Tyl Von sig'Alda Agent, claims to have a daughter. When under the effects of Cloud, says he is a 'pilot-for-hire' People Val Con sees a slight man in a pilot's leather jacket, black-haired and black-eyed, face beardless and golden and curiously lacking in mobility. His voice was cultured and smooth, devoid of warmth.
Tanser People
the turtle "Talking about how his clan or family or egg or whatever it is will hunt down the first and the last of a family, if you don't do what he says to do." People Miri thinks "eight-foot, bottle-green Clutch-turtle with a name longer than she was"
Clutch Grom describes them as a being might reach the exalted age of eight or nine hundred Standards. He aims for the vulnerable spot, where neck met shoulder armor. People
an Agent Val Con indicates the possibility that Hakan might have been one - A cool head in battle and the reactions of a pilot. Corrective surgery for the myopia and a bit of training, and he might well have been an adequate agent. People
Agent of Change. the role Val Con trained for within the Department of the Interior. More than pilot-fast, more than mercenary-accurate, more than berserker-deadly.
Headquarters significant phrase
the Loop / the Loops (aka the Probablility Loop?) an impartial mental computer implanted only in the best of (the Department of the Interior)'s agents. Touching it can access the program allowing concentration on all levels. sig'Alda also touched the Loop for calm. Miri likens it to a Master Program, which would "rather have you dead than have itself shut off again". Val Con later describes it as an ability I have—to observe and to render odds. When Anthora can see someone who is hidden, the Loop says "Abnormal condition noted." "Though the Loop noted the imprecision of attempting to calculate the reactions and alertness of a chronic user of Lethecronaxion" sig'Alda made use of the Loop's recall mode to watch again the last moments of the performance. Device
Department of the Interior the scouts indicated to Nova that Val Con was placed on detatched duty here. an enemy more dangerous than an unrecorded organization disinclined to answer questions. The commander considers them to be controlling Liad's interests in space. People
(handshake) sig'Alda placed his hand into the large one, forcing himself to bear the pressure and the up-and-down motion Local Custom - Terra
enemies, blood and bone, Terran proverb
Prime Station Lufkit Places
Raslain Ships
bounty-crew Yxtrang significant phrase
Liad Planets
Trealla Fantrol yos'Galan's Line House, and the seat of Korval's First Speaker. Places
Shan Head of Line yos'Galan, Thodelm yos'Galan, Captain on the Dutiful Passage; lifemate to Priscilla; Master pilot; able to provide Nova 'a Healer's line of comfort'. Older brother to Nova and Val Con People seeing the ice forming in the silver eyes and the lines of Korval stubbornness tightening around the big mouth. the only one of the three yos'Galans who had inherited all their Terran mother's height (stretching to his full six feet); slant of a frost-colored eyebrow, frosty hair; hands have brown skin. Terran-high, though an inch or two shorter than Cheever himself, and dressed in exquisitely clean trousers and a full-sleeved, claret-colored shirt that set off the white hair shockingly. Beneath the old man's hair was a young man's face: big nose, wide mouth curved in a grin, pale eyes warm under slanting, silver brows. He held out a large, square hand on which an amethyst ring gleamed. white hair, but not old; light eyes; brown skin; big hands—holding a wineglass; wearing a purple ring. gentle, relaxed, almost absurdly good-natured—until one heard the steel beneath the surface, sharp as any blade.
Nova yos'Galan younger sister to Shan (but First sister), Korval's First Speaker (in trust?), eldema-pernard'i, the trading life had bored Nova to distraction; Nova's talent was one that gave her access only to the memories of those already dead, rather than to the living emotion all about her "She who remembers" People golden fingers , violet eyes, and shook her head so the blond hair snared his wrists. , fine hairs clinging to his skin like grade-A silk (ie LONG); Shan describes her as "Too like our father" (that might be in personality, not looks); The voice was soft, accented and thoroughly lovely; And the person who came with it was slim and small and golden and perfect. The violet eyes were huge in an adorable pointed face, framed by spun-gold hair. The diminutive goddess stared back, infinitesimal frown shadowing the smooth expanse between flawless brows. building a solidly balanced, stately top-line, the undermelody as uncompromising as stone, except—did Miri detect the faintest hint of laughter? Of—informality? If it existed, it was a very ghost.
First Speaker Nova holds this role, it currently involves 'running a Clan'. Shan briefly held the post Nova now filled Title
Clan Shan distinguishes 'Clan' from 'Ship' matters
Name Day Shan has nearly 30 anniversaries of his Measurement
Nadelm Role currently held by Val Con. The boy Shan mentions that he would become Delm , "Only if you die, denubia." which implies he's next in line after Val Con. Title
Korval Korval ever moved to the necessities of its own madness, to Liad's gain, mostwise. Though of course that was never its primary object. Korval served the interests of Korval; it merely happened that its interest ranged widely. So widely that one Terran encyclopedia had labeled Korval "Liad's ruling House," likening its Delm to a king. And to individuals of mere Terran understanding that must seem to be the way of it. The Department's commander says "Of all the Clans, only Korval might mount a respectable military threat against Liad without allies." One, Korval seems purposefully aimed at achieving speed and accuracy of reflex in its members. Only a pilot may become Delm; Delm's genes are those most likely to be passed on. People when Val Con says this, he thumps harder on the last syllable than the first.
Delm Title
Standards Measurement
relumma Measurement
yos'Galan People
melant'i Have you taken up Thodelm's melant'i?" Local Custom - Liad
eldema-pernard'i What Nova is to Shan?? Languages - Liaden
eldema what Sor Dal calls Nova - an honorific? Languages - Liaden
pernard'i Languages - Liaden
Line yos'Galan there is mention of Shan being the only one of the three yos'Galans to have inherited their mother's height - Shan, Nova, Anthora. Val Con is a FOSTER brother. Double check this is correct
Scouts the Scouts, who had little patience with many things Liaden. "But that is what being a Scout is—guessing, and then waiting to see if your guess was correct." Also good for "drinking up fancy liquor and tellin' tall tales 'bout the dragons they killed." Scouts spend a great deal of time mucking about in the mud and running afoul of custom." but may not have noticed a tertiary station in their own Headquarters People
years these three years gone by Measurement Used in conjunction with standards?
broadbeam able to be sent 'across the stars' - message mechanism? Device
Jumps / Jumped the process of entering hyper-space - not something normally done in atmosphere.
bier part of the funerary traditions of Liad? "Val Con (had) come, to stand and weep with the rest of them at his foster mother's bier"
Korval-in-Trust Nova Title
Korval Himself Val Con (a reference to him as (future) Delm) Title
the Ring ; the Nadelm fends the Ring from his finger;
Second Speaker Val Con's current title - the Second Speaker was bound to obey the First, as was any Clanmember a quick ripple of sound in the midrange that was merely an echo of his murmuring voice;
Clan Law the Clan demanded of each member a child, by universal Clan Law
denubia how Shan addresses Nova and also Anthora; how a boy Shan addressed Val Con
Anthora yos'Galan described by Shan as dramliza - She holds each of us in her mind like a flame, she told me once" Has brand new twins (Shindi and Mik) to a contract-husband who she's glad to be rid of. Described as 'the youngest of them all'. Can cast like a dog hunting a scent to find someone. The most powerful wizard on Liad Next to Shan, a plump, precocious child. Has just given birth to twins. Priscilla describes an action being as "Wooly-headed as Anthora." a dark-haired woman with extraordinarily light blue eyes, unattractively full at breast and hip, and perhaps even a shade too tall. She was dressed in house-tunic and soft boots, was like a glitter of dark snowflakes seen briefly in the glare of a lightning bolt, like kittens giving each other chase upon waking.
Healer Shan is one - bringing his heartbeat down with a Healer's stern discipline.
Clan in Trust Nova is keeping it for Val Con
Korval's Own Self another reference to the Delm
Dutiful Passage trading ship Ships
??? Shan's daughter - the Clan has my daughter in its keeping. I hear that the child Lazmeln got from me, aspires to be a pilot. People
Lazmeln mother to Shan's daughter People
eklykt'i —to be among the Unreturned - "If Val Con is dead—if he is eklykt'i" It's used later when he talks about the nightmare: What else would I have done? Disobeyed orders? The dishonor—the disgrace . . .Gone eklykt'i? "Were our brother eklykt'i—were he even dead!—" Shadia also says "Someone gone eklykt'i." as though to go native. Languages - Liaden
Korval's First Line a role yos'Galan takes on if Val Con is eklykt'i significant phrase
Thodelm head of Line Title
A'nadelm next to be Delm Title
cha'leket Shan is to Val Con
Solcintra City on Liad - also has a Port - has of tree-lined streets. The Gate heading for Trealla Fantrol is old and stone and shrouded with purple blossoms Places
Priscilla Mendoza First Mate on the Dutiful Passage; Lifemate to Shan; Lady Mendoza; has a town house in Solcintra - Priscilla was not a mere Healer, after all; she was of the dramliz People black eyes smiling; She was naked to the waist, as was her custom at home, and the platinum hoops in her ears gleamed in contrast to her short mop of thundercloud curls. her slim white fingers. On board the Dutiful Passage - Priscilla took off her shirt and laid it neatly on the bed, then stretched with casual sensuality and bent to remove her boots. The soft belt with its cleverly worked silver buckle was next, followed by the dark blue trousers. She's a little taller than he is—black hair, all curly, black eyes, and pale—beautiful, boss; that's the only word for her.
> Priscilla's house There's a transparent walkway with fairy lights, four steps to the vestible, and a palm plate Note Only
Study Inside Priscilla's Solcintra townhouse, has a fireplace Places
Dablin Priscilla's feline master - striped orange. A gift to Priscilla from Val Con People
dramliz full scale wizard
Sintia place of Priscilla's birth, where the dramlitz are called 'witches' Planets
Teyas Priscilla's butler?? People
> Timelines (Shan's) father had been two years dead before Priscilla Mendoza had taken berth on the Dutiful Passage. Measurement
> Timelines The Scouts say Commander Val Con yos'Phelium hasn't been with them for more than three years, that he's on detached duty to something called the Department of the Interior. Measurement
kin-right the request Nova made of the Department of the Interior mentioned this Local Custom - Liad
Clan Rule Nova Claims the Department of the Interior are in violation because the "commander has not returned home on leave in all the three years he has been with the Department" Local Custom - Liad
captain Title
first mate Title
Daav yos'Phelium father to Val Con People
> Timelines Uncle Daav, for instance—Val Con's father—gone these twenty-five Standards and more. Nova forgets that he went for Balance, not anger. Measurement
> First Speaker's duty First Speaker must plan for yos'Galan to take its place as Korval's Prime Line, should Val Con's thirty-fifth birthday pass and he not, in fact, take up the Ring. Local Custom - Liad
> Timelines How old is Val Con? Thirty?"
"Just turned,"
Korval's Prime Line currently yos'Phelium significant phrase
Interdicted World I-2796-893-44 Vandar, according to the locals - Interdicted and Off-Limits to Galactic Trade and Contact by Reason of Social Underdevelopment Planets
hideys hiding places abord ship Languages - Pilot??
belt pouch Miri's contains: solitary platinum necklace, set with twelve matched emeralds; a flawed sapphire, a matching ring and necklace, an enameled disk, a harmonica, and a couple of ration sticks (and, we later find out, a key to her Rainbow door)
menuboard something found in the galley of a ship
Married Miri and Val Con are, because the "Damn Liaden tricked me,"
partnered Miri makes a distinction between this and marriage
Interdicted Classification for a planet. Forbiddens? However, the duties of Scouts took them to many strange orbits, including those about Interdicted Worlds. he had brought forbidden technology to an Interdicted World. Vandar is an example. There are clearly Regulations surrounding such planets Not sure if Forbiddens (in sig'Alda's thoughts) implies that the Interdicted worlds may not be visited?
Juntavas Clan which looks to Elder Justin Hostro; they're after Miri; the intergalactic mob People
spacer a term Miri uses to snap Val Con out of it
Last Walk term for death Languages - Merc.
merc. (mercenary) the way Miri describes herself
autodoc (aka 'doc) Automated medical facility - also has the facility for other things, such as grafting on a beard. Clearly best used when the patient is unclothed "he stripped off her coat and the bloodstained shirt, pulled off her boots, and peeled the skirt down." the Department had thought enough of Tyl Von sig'Alda to supply his ship with a top-of-the-line autodoc, then cycled the hatch closed and watched the lights flicker as the 'doc cataloged Miri's injuries, taking blood samples, X rays, and brain scan. . "It is not safe to stop the healing once it is started,"
hunt-and-compare what Val Con (and later Miri) is doing with the earphones; the blithering radio and the strings of signals to be overlaid and recorded.
Milovian place of origin of the (Triple-A prime) salmon Planets
Boolean place of origin of the pretzel-bread
Quarantined Worlds
Cantra yos'Phelium Val Con's many times great-grandmother - a smuggler; co-founder of Clan Korval
Cantra currency on Liad - "the money" - one cantra is a reasonably large sum - the sort to have Cheever question if a cab driver would have change for one obverse: the linked stars
Cantras and coaches. Satins and silks. Malchek and feeldophin. Liaden proverb
Malchek Part of a series of riches - Val Con doesn't know what they are But I'm curious!!
feeldophin Part of a series of riches - Val Con doesn't know what they are But I'm curious!!
priority gong an alert which wakes Shan Device
the stud the thing Shan hits to turn the priority gong off Device
Tower Rusty is calling from here "Tower here, Cap'n. Sorry to disturb you."; Shadia awaits permission from it, before she can depart??? Similarly Cheever communicates with it on McGee Places Double check meaning
Cap'n Rusty's term for the Captain (Shan) People
Rusty Works Communications board? People his portly body
Nosir Languages - Rusty
pin-beamed / pin-beam method by which the message reached the Dutiful Passage. Also the device required to send such messages - Shadia uses an emergency pin-beam Device
priority wrap, balance in code description of the message significant phrase
Er Thom Shan's father office at Trealla Fantrol, his uncle seated at the desk, head bent over some work, fair hair gleaming
a gleam in Cap'n Er Thom's eye interesting purely because Shan was nearly three by the time Er Thom found out about him Note Only
Banim Seconday the current day Measurement
second relumma, year Trebloma the current month and year Measurement
Trebloma name of the year Measurement
Greentrees Code used to describe problem in the message Shan received
Sennel the person Shan was to have seen this morning. He asks Priscilla to take the appointment People
Delm Intassi person the captain and first mate are meeting about a possible cargo People
Intassi People
Ken Rik crew member on Dutiful Passage who is to go with Priscilla if Shan doesn't return in time to see Intassi. Has a granddaughter, Karae yo'Lanna. People
inner garden at Priscilla's - visible from the balcony Places
bedroom balcony at Priscilla's - overlooks the inner garden Places
lifemates /life-mated / lifemating Shan and Priscilla need permission from the Delm to declare themselves, as there's no Delm, the First Speaker's permission is required. In the very old days I think that this was something more, that lifemates were, indeed, understood to be people who had become—joined. I—the tale goes that—again, in the old days, when such things were more common—those so joined became as—one person. Ah, that is wrong! That the thoughts flowed back and forth, one to the other, without need for words. That there was sharing—" Once Plan B is enacted, Shan decides to announce his lifemating to Priscilla to the crew. Except, of course, if you take a leaf from Shan's parents' book and perhaps seek clarification from a Healer??
Master Trader's amethyst ring
Trader one who knows it's lunacy to deal at a known disadvantage Title
"Walk the day in joy, my love." the way Priscilla bids Shan farewell Local Custom - Sintia
groundcar method of transport used on Liad Device
colmeno the bushes lining the drive to Trealla Fantrol
south wing at Trealla Fantrol - near the garage? Places
Padi (Miss) Children of Trealla Fantrol People
Syl Vor (Master) Children of Trealla Fantrol People
Shindi (Miss) Children of Trealla Fantrol - Anthora's brand new twin People
Mik (Master) Children of Trealla Fantrol - Anthora's brand new twin People
strellawood flooring at Trealla Fantrol is made of this
Jeeves Trealla Fantrol's butler; Built by Val Con and Shan, but it was Val Con's idea. People growing rumble of wheels; The butler rotated the orange glass ball that served as his head and waved two of three arms in salute; voice, male and middle-aged, spoke Terran with the affected drawl of the upper classes and originated somewhere near the plate steel midsection. (Later) discovered crouched in a corner of the hearthroom, swaddled in cats, head-ball dim in what Val Con had used to call "sleep". The ball glows to gentle orange life when he responds. Shan describes him as "the brains to Trealla Fantrol" and part of his role is to deal with intruders; Has hands to stroke cats; the middle-aged voice; the 'bot rotated on its axis and gestured with one of its three flexible arms
Mr. pel'Jonna tutoring Miss Padi in botany People
Ms. Gamkoda tutoring Master Syl Vor on geography People
Gordy (Gordon) foster-son to Shan, who has contracted an alliance of pleasure with Karae yo'Lanna and spent last evening in her company; associate trader with the Dutiful Passage People much taller than Pat Rin. Speaks High Liaden words only slightly edged in Terran accent.
Karae yo'Lanna Ken Rik's granddaughter People Anthora later says 'Karea seems particularly pleased (at how hard Gordy is working) - are these two different people, or just a mis-spelling??
Glavda Empri location where Jeeves believes Gordy and Karae yo'Lanna may be found Places
Pelthraza Street location where Shan might be found Places probably the location of Priscilla's town house?
study at Trealla Fantrol - has a door that 'slid away' Places
Shan-brother. How Anthora greets Shan Languages - Liaden
Local call an alternate to pin-beaming, but one which Nova says is more easily traced Device
Liad's First Clan reference to Korval People
morning wine a specific type of wine Local Custom - Liad
red wine which Shan prefers over the morning wine Local Custom - Liad
High Liaden Languages - High Liaden
First Speaker-in-Trust Clan Korval, She Who Remembers, First Sister to our Shared Brother manner in which Nova is named by Edger Local Custom - Clutch
Scout, Artist of the Ephemeral, Slayer of the Eldest Dragon, Knife Clan OF Middle River's Spring Spawn of Farmer Greentrees of the Spearmaker's Den, Tough Guy. Manner in which Val Con yos'Phelium is named by Edger Local Custom - Clutch
on the 242nd day of standard year 1392 Date Val Con and Miri left Lufkit Prime Measurement
1392 Current standard year Measurement
Mercenary Soldier, Retired, Personal Bodyguard, Retired, Have Weapon Will Travel manner in which Miri is named by Edger Local Custom - Clutch
He Who Watches on a Ship of the Clan Clutch person who reported Miri and Val Con's departure from Lufkit Prime Station People
on the 246th day Date Val Con and Miri fell into Juntavas hands Measurement
Justin Hostro Minor Elder of Clan Juntavas People
Ship of the Clan the one which resumed its journey without Val Con and Miri Ships
??? Eldest Elder (aka Most Elder) of Clan Juntavas People
on the 255th day of 1392 date the message was sent Measurement
T'carais aka Edger; relationship Edger has with Miri; Sheather's T'carais and the eldest of his brothers "one who was both T'carais and Edger for the Clan" People
Volmer (Port) Stated destination of Val Con and Miri - Designation V-8735-927-3 Planets
Clans of Men manner in which Terran, Liaden and Yxtrang are referred to by Edgar Local Custom - Clutch
Missing a state Edger feels Val Con and Miri may have attained
Alacrity audio books
Twelth Shell Fifth Hatched Knife Clan of Middle River's Spring Spawn of Farmer Greentrees of the Spearmaker's Den, The Edger manner in which Edger names himself Local Custom - Clutch
Edger People Big somebody. Voice like to crack your eardrums." three-fingered hand began a foghorn melody, running a not-quite-correct underline interspersed here and there with a hasty flutter of sound from the higher end of the board.
Annie Shan's name for Anthora People
Shannie Anthora's name for Shan People
> How far away is Val Con Anthora tries to explain "When Father—when Father was dying, at the very end—the day before he—he was that distant then " Note Only
> lifemates (and the First Speaker's acceptance of same) "There's a—an—echo—around Val Con. It's like—it's like how I sense Priscilla—not directly, you see—but through Shan . . ."
"His lifemate," Nova murmured,
Note Only If she knows Priscilla is Shan's lifemate, why isn't she instead encouraging lots of babies??
Terran Census Body that the Dutiful Passage contacted to confirm Miri's identity
> Census details on Miri Planet of origin: Surebleak . . .Date of Birth: Day 28, Standard Year 1365; Tag: mutated within acceptable limits. Parents: Katalina Tayzin; Chock Robertson. Job Fee paid: Half-bit; Day 116, Standard 1375, poor child . . .Outmigrated Day 4, Standard 1379 . . .Reason for Migration: Job opportunity. And the job? Ah, here we are . . ." He hit ADVANCE and shook his head. "Apprentice soldier, Lizardi's Lunatics, Fendor. Angela Lizardi, Senior Commander. Poor, poor child." Note Only
Surebleak Miri's birth planet - a backward, low-tech world. . And where I come from, it snows like this—oh, often!" "Just like Surebleak" - a gray curtain moving down the side of the mountain, obscuring all behind it. admiring the true whiteness of the snow, so unlike the gray precipitation of Surebleak. Planets
> Miri's Birthdate Date of Birth: Day 28, Standard Year 1365 Note Only
Katalina Tayzin Miri's mother - "Naw. Just trying to remember the last time somebody picked me up and lived." "I must have been ten or so." People
Chock Robertson Miri's father People There's mention of her father in relation to Miri's scars
Job Fee not really sure, but Miri's was paid in Half-bit; Day 116, Standard 1375
Outmigrated to leave a planet? Languages - Terran
> Miri's Outmigrated Date Day 4, Standard 1379 Note Only
Lizardi's Lunatics Company with whom Miri got a job People
Fendor Place Lizardi's Lunatics are registered Planets
Angela Lizardi (Liz) Senior Commander, Lizardi's Lunatics - Co-signed Miri's loan; - Survivor of Klamath People
Mutated Within acceptable limits Shan reads this to mean 'half or full Liaden." Languages - Terran
Korval's Own Lifemate another description of Miri
Contrast Places the Lunatics took contracts; Place Miri was injured Planets
loobelli not a nice name (Miri calls herself this) Languages - Terran
> Facial scarring Val Con assumes Miri will be repelled by the scar he was given by the Juntavas. sig'Alda thinks: "yet the actual sight of a Liaden gentleman with his face marred in such a way was nearly as unsettling as the noisome proximity of so many locals." the Juntavas report of the incident had come from a drunken underling. Local Custom - Liad
rehab center place Miri escaped from by kicking out the grille from the door. Liz found her and made her swear to finish therapy
Klamath Places the Lunatics took contracts; The world shook apart? Lizardi's Lunatics was one of the mercenary units hired to fight in the local civil war. A handful of people got off-planet before things went so unstable that rescue were hopeless. Places
Cloud (aka Lethecronaxion, Lethe, Now) the drug for which Miri went to (and spent months in) the rehab centre "She had jammed so much of the stuff into her system by the time Liz had dragged her to rehab, she had barely remembered her own name.". Kin to the drug utilized by the Department to induce its agents to complete recall. The function of Cloud, however, was to inhibit memory. memory inhibitor; effects lasting from one to twelve hours; physical addiction, as well as psychological need of user to shield painful associations, make Lethecronaxion among the most deadly of the unregulated drugs."
snip the way Miri describes herself (some snip from Surebleak)
> Val Con's Duct tape situation map The bottle-shaped continent from the planet below had taken on three dimensions, overrunning the bridge: the neck of the bottle started in the companionway, and its bottom ran into the pilot's chair. Duct tape from the repair box was rumpled into mountain ranges running north and south, gaps precisely cut out to allow river systems their courses. Spare instrument lamps dotted the map, some singly, others clustered. There were several pipe pieces in the map, each with a number written on the floor next to it.
Marking pens had also been used with art. The rivers had boundaries of blue, while some areas were enclosed by curly green lines and others simply outlined in brown. Three paper spaceships sat next to the three largest lamp-clusters; Val Con held another in his left hand. In his right was a ragged block of metal the Yxtrang had torn from somewhere. meticulous cartography. Includes LIaden symbology - the familiar symbol for river. as a Scout might map, taking time and infinite care, forcing hints of information from the yacht's pitiful scans and incorporating them into a body of fact that might be studied and known.
instrument lamps Device
tiger hunt Lanaguages - Merc.
Sergeant What Val Con calls Miri Languages - Trade??
Commander What Miri calls Val Con Languages - Trade??
garrison audio books
propitious audio books
Mr. dea'Gauss Korval's man of business People the old gentleman
Fendor Bank which granted Miri's seventh loan application Places
> Miri's loan Loan granted, Bank of Fendor, one-half cantra to Miri Robertson payable over a period of not more than four Standard Years at interest of 10.5%. Co-signator, Angela Lizardi. Collateral in form of Pension Fund 98-1077-45581 carried by Ilquith Securities. Transaction completed Day 353 Standard 1385
> Miri's pension fund Pension Fund 98-1077-45581 carried by Ilquith Securities
Ilquith Securities Carrier of Miri's pension fund
(Miri's loan) Transaction completed Day 353 Standard 1385." Measurement
(Miri's loan paid off) Balance paid in full, Day 4, Standard 1388." Measurement
> 1379 - Apprentice Soldier, Lizardi's Lunatics Miri's employment History Measurement
Eskelli Places the Lunatics took contracts Planets
Porum Places the Lunatics took contracts Planets
Skittle Places the Lunatics took contracts Planets
mental disability Shan is concerned that Anthora has left her contract-husband suffering, and that yos'Galan may owe settlement for this.
Roth MacNealy (Mac) Brevet Lieutenant, Lizardi's Lunatics - Survivor of Klamath
Scandal Arbuckle Private; Lizardi's Lunatics - Survivor of Klamath
Lassiter K. Winfield (Win) Private; Lizardi's Lunatics - Survivor of Klamath
unit a full-staffed unit is nearly three hundred Languages - Merc.
> Timelines Lizardi's Lunatics deactivated 1384 (after 5 of a 300 strong unit survived Klamath??). Measurement
> Timelines After 1384, there was a two-year blank in Miri Robertson's record until she became a sergeant with the Gyrfalks Measurement Assumption: This included the time in rehab for Cloud addiction?
Gyrfalks Company Miri joined after the Lunatics
Suzuki Rialto Commander, Gyrfalks
Jason (Jase) Randolph Carmody Junior Commander, Gyrfalks
> Timelines 1388 her rank was increased to sergeant master Measurement Is this the same as master sergeant?
> Timelines 1391 she resigned Measurement
> Timelines Some months after resigning, Miri Robertson was certified as bodyguard Measurement
Sire Baldwin's Person to whom Miri acted as bodyguard; himself outlawed for crimes committed against m—the Juntavas. information Baldwin stole from this organization. People
Naome Place Sire Baldwin is from Places
> Timelines In 1392, five Standard months after Miri Robertson had become Sire Baldwin's bodyguard, a party of Juntavas attacked the estate, killing many of the household staff. Of those listed missing and presumed escaped: Baldwin himself . . .and Miri Robertson. Measurement
aux file auxilliary information file Languages - Liaden
Clutch-turtles People
By Space Exclamation used by Shan Languages - ??
tracer something you can put on a pin-beam, to determine the source of the message. Also works to determine the location of courier ships? Lanaguages - Liaden
Ongit's restaurant where Shan and Priscilla are to dine
Pil Tor Feline Resident of Trealla Fantrol - Not old enough to have met Val Con People (Feline) might be a restive tigerstripe
Yodel Female Feline Resident of Trealla Fantrol - Not old enough to have met Val Con People
Merlin (aka Lord Merlin) Feline Resident of Trealla Fantrol - Old enough to know Val Con and tell the other two about him People (Feline) Probably a grizzled gray tabby; blinking yellow eyes against the midmorning sun
> Timelines The will Jeeves has on file for Val Con has not been altered since 1382, and does not mention Miri Measurement
hearthroom Room where Jeeves was with the cats Places
South Patio The door through which Shan Exits Trealla Fantrol leads here Places
omnichora musical instrument
"Tough Guy" Miri's name for Val Con People
hysteresis Miri's description of Val Con's solution for avoiding the Yxtrang audio books
hyper (hyperspace) The type of space entered on a Jump - as distinct from Normal space Languages - Pilots
ruddy board Possibly a reference to the number of red lights showing upon it? Device
downworld heading towards a planetary surface from orbit Languages - Pilots
"Boss" Another term Miri uses for Val Con People
ion shield surrounding a planet Device
Carpe diem seize the day,' Sometimes, the day seizes back!" enjoy yourself while you can. Terran proverb
we ride the luck Liaden proverb
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable Source document
hauteur audio books
Vandar The language (Benish?) reported by the Scouts was without subtlety. Unless one was of the elite, there was little to distinguish oneself from others; it was difficult to proclaim precedence or authority—and slightly more difficult for males than for females. The society itself was bucolic. While one could insult others, it was not a culture where an accidental insult was likely to result in a blood feud or even a fistfight. Planets
Springbreeze Farm Places
radio something Zhena Trelu can choose to listen to Device
Borril old dog (or rather one who fills the watch-pet niche) who lives at Springbreeze farm, has beady yellow eyes, head ridges, pointy ears, ridiculous puff of a tail. NOT pretty. After the battle has to wear a splint People (Canine) a bump-and-tumble bass line, watch-pet? Another potentially Pernese reference
skevitts things Borril chases, which sit in the treetops
Jerrel Trelu husband of Estra, played piano, now deceased aka Jerry People
zamir husband Languages - Vandar
Granic The boy - son of Zhena Trelu assumption: This is the son of Jerrel and Estra Trelu
?? The boy's zhena, "the same bed the young zhena had died in, struggling to birth a child too big for her."
Estra Trelu Zhena, owner of Springbreeze Farm People pocket of her apron. Her jacket is a disreputable plaid a limping, aged phrase, frail without fragility, predictable and obstinate.
> Years Jerrl Trelu lived (on Vandar) 1412-1475 Measurement
Fornem's Gap Cold wind blows from here (a rock-toothed gash) down to Springbreeze Farm; The place Miri and Val Con's ship is hidden Places
Zhena wife? mistress? lady? lover? - Term of respect - equivalent to Mrs. Languages - Vandar
Athna Brigsbee (Zhena) Someone who moans at Estra; Calls her on the phone People
sweelims Vandaran coloured wildflowers
the parlour room on Springbreeze Farm Places
stranger-at-the-gate alarm. Languages - Canine
> Women wear skirts Not skintight leather trousers, in fact trousers are only acceptable when working eg on a farm. A white shirt IS accptable as is a loose leather vest, but not a wide belt. They don't wear their hair up in buns, except if they've just escaped from the circus Local Custom - Vandar
harvest-time a method of measuring time on Vandar Measurement
> Women go first Through a door Local Custom - Vandar
bowed very slightly, fingers over heart. Val Con to Estra Liaden Courtesies - bow
Valconyos Fellum Can Corevahl? Corvill, Meri. mispronunciation audio books
Meri Estra's mis-pronunciation of 'Miri' People
Corvill Estra's mis-pronunciation of 'Korval' (to refer to Val Con) - rhymes with Borril. People
chingged the noise a broken toaster makes
> Timelines Month ago you didn't know the man existed, she told herself sharply. Now you can't let him outta your sight? Measurement
poquit A berry? On Vandar which is used to make jam
scuppins A domestic farm animal on Vandar, which is fed grain and produces eggs. There's a scuppin house in the yard of the farm. Can also be used to make a salad. Probably the 'birds' Miri has to feed in the morning
> Springbreeze Farm Turning down the right-hand hallway, she marched the two of them up the main flight and turned left, past the upstairs parlor and the attic stairs to the boy's old room. Pushing the door open, she yanked on the light cord and finally released Meri's hand to point at the double-wide bed, rag rug and scrubbed floorboards Places
> Terran cure "There's this old Terran cure for nightmares," she said, trying to keep her voice steady. "Goes like this: You have a bad dream, you tell somebody. Then you never have it again." Note Only
> Val Con's nightmare "Not a dream," he said, and his voice was as rigid as his body. "A memory. When I was put on—detached duty—from the Scouts to the Department of the Interior I—received my orders and went to fulfill them—immediately, as instructed. I entered the proper building and walked down the proper hallway—and every step I took down that hall it seemed there was something—crying out?—screaming—in me—telling me to run, to go far away, to on no account continue forward . . ." "I continued down the corridor, fighting myself every step of the way—against every instinct I had otherwise. Against my hunch. The only time in my life I failed to heed a hunch . . ." He closed his eyes. "I went down the hall," he said tonelessly, "through the proper door, handed my papers in, and commenced training as an Agent of Change. And they lied, gods, and made it seem truth and twisted what I saw and how I knew things and pushed and pulled inside my head until Val Con yos'Phelium was hardly more than a memory. And it hurt . . ." He took a breath that could not have filled his lungs—and suddenly the horrible control snapped and he was rolling toward her, his arms locking around her, his head burrowing into her shoulder.
"Ah, Miri," he cried, anguish twisting in his voice. "Miri, it hurt . . ."
Note Only
> Val Con's proposed solution "A problem in communication. I suggest that the best course is for you to kiss me whenever you wish to do so. In this way you will eventually be able to ascertain when it is I most wish to be kissed." Note Only
Cheever McFarland Pilot, extra gun "Told your cousin Shan I'd keep an eye on you—part of the deal, see?" his inside vest pocket; worn leathers, shirtsleeve (dirty); An inch or two taller than Shan, who is 6 feet. Bascomb Lines insignia on his left breast "Should a car he dispatched" probably should BE dispatched??
> Cheever's though The turtle had dealt straight. Turtles always dealt straight.
Terran proverb
cab public method of transport used on Liad with inadequate legroom for a Terran
doncha do you not (don't you) Languages - Terran
Unicredit currency
bits currency
> the road to Trealla Fantrol After exiting the Solcintra gate, there's jade-green meadow on one side, trees on the other, and a twisty road running toward some kind of tower leaping up out of a stand of trees way on the far side of the valley. In fact, it did not look like a tower at all, but a tree, except who had ever heard of a tree that tall? He pointed at it. "That Trealla Fantrol?" to your left hand and you will see the chimneys."
He found seven of them, crowning a tight cluster of trees, the cab plunged down a steep incline, dashed left into a sudden roadway. (They'd gone 1/4 mile when) They passed beneath an archway, and the perfume of the flowers was momentarily overpowering until driven away by a sharp, lemony scent from the bushes on both sides.
The bushes ended and the cab spun through a quick right turn, left turn, emerged into a sweeping elliptical drive, and stopped smoothly at the base of a stairway. (After dropping him off) The cab was moving, taking the rest of the ellipse in smooth acceleration before vanishing down the long drive.
> entry to Trealla Fantrol if you're not expected, yoru cab will be stopped a cab's length inside the grounds - the road is 1/4 mile long. On arrival, there's a set of stairs, and a center plate in a big wooden door.
Jelaza Kazone the place with the very large tree - the Delm's Own House - the original Clan House. that the older parts are underground, so it's probably better fortified than Trealla Fantrol. Places
The Tree The Tree—the living symbol of Korval's greatness, hundreds of years old, a quarter-mile high and still growing.
"Fare you well." the cabbie's words to Cheever Languages - Trade??
small salon Room at Trealla Fantrol - he prowled the perimeter of the room, wincing at the smudge his boot had left on the creamy carpet. Bookshelves filled to capacity—bound books mostly, discreet onyx counter. Places
hall Room at Trealla Fantrol - velvet-dim - slippery marble foyer Places
grand staircase at Trealla Fantrol - a sweep of strellawood stairs; Each riser hand-carved with an episode from the Great Migration and other illustrious points of history Places
side hall at Trealla Fantrol; wooden doors with crystal knobs set dead center; there were impossibly delicate lights glimmering here and there on the wood-paneled walls; there was more wood underfoot, Places
ethaldom Liaden blooming plant
book-tapes the (much cheaper) alternative to Bound books
Traland Three Thousands Model of ship for which Cheever owns the general concordance
LucyBug Cheever's ship - a Traland Three Thousand Ships
> Shan's accent Terran unsmirched by uptown twang or Liaden blurring Languages - accent
Misravot Alternative (along with Whiskey, Brandy, Morning Wine, Jade, White) alcoholic beverage
Jade Alcoholic beverage
Coffee The non-alcoholic choice which helps with sleepiness. May be served with cream and/or sweetening
Bascomb Lines The insignia on Cheever's shirt (the once-bright Sol System insignia)
Lillian Bascomb deceased? Well known to Cheever People
Barney Keller Captain with Bascomb Lines. Cheever and he ran the board together on the big cruise ship (the big bruiser) People
thckk the sound a coffee cup makes when placed on the bar
"Your lordship?" the way Jeeves refers to Shan
> Turtle's deal with Cheever Turtle's deal was he'd pay for repairs to LucyBug if I delivered this stuff for him. Came into the bar asking for the hottest pilot there. I said I was—not bragging; stupid to lie to a turtle—and the rest of 'em said yeah, that's right."
> Nova's greeting to Cheever "I am happy to meet you." Note Only
a bow so graceful that Cheever felt tears start to his eyes Nova's to Cheever Liaden Courtesies - bow
guesting room a room at Trealla Fantrol, where Cheever is to stay Places
sealing tape surrounds the package Cheever delivered to Nova
Lady Pounce Feline resident of Trealla Fantrol, who objects to Gordy's cursor People (Feline) She blinked angelic and slightly crossed blue eyes at him and tucked her paws neatly beneath her snowy chest.
yo'Lanna Cargo Master on the Dutiful Passage
> Cargo balancing to the gridwork of equations that represented the contents and balancing of the Dutiful Passage's holds Note Only
> Shan's view that there was enough knowledge in the wide universe that Gordy never need fear learning too much. Note Only
Pat Rin yos'Phelium "While Pat Rin yos'Phelium is no pilot at all, nor ever shall he be one." Nova feels he has caustic intelligence . . . People slender, dark-haired gentleman; thoughtful dark eyes (brown eyes ), same glossy dark hair, level brows, and firm mouth as Val Con; performed a bow as exquisite as his clothing; Gordy towers over him; from a moss-green sleeve, rings glittering on shapely fingers. laughed his soft, malicious laugh;hand idly toying with the blue stone in his left ear. That's interesting. Kareen failed Chi, possibly because she wasn't a pilot? Maybe she passed the lack down??
beautiful, sarcastic bow Pat Rin offers Gordy (and later Shan) Liaden Courtesies - bow
bow between Clanmembers Gordy offers to Pat Rin Liaden Courtesies - bow
Clanmembers members of the same Clan
Line yos'Phelium the one to which Val Con and Pat Rin belong
> Tradition Korval passes the Ring from pilot to pilot Local Custom - Liad
Master Pilot a badge Shan wears
Philomen Place Pat Rin is going to late a rest from his labours Places
payscales pilots are apparently paid at different rates
>>>??? "The man requires occupation, kinsman! " Cheever has a borrowed ship to return, and has to get back to the LucyBug??
"Rumor sings dangerous songs" Liaden proverb
pough the sound Gordy makes when he lets his breath go explosively
Treslan Seconday the day the Dutiful Passage is scheduled to depart Measurement
Solcintra sunrise, the time the Dutiful Passage is due to depart Measurement Interesting that is how such terms are expressed by the Captain of a space vessel
"seven seasons of its labor." the period over which the Clutch ship which Val Con and Miri missed was travelling Measurement
> The agreement with the Juntavas ?" The agreement between the intergalactic mob and Korval stretched back generations: You don't touch mine; I don't touch yours. Simple, effective, efficient. Note Only
Delmae referring to Miri - the wife of the Delm? "if they did not have a Delm, they might yet have a Delmae" Title Not sure if the husband of a female Delm is also a Delmae?
bake-cook one who bakes sweet things Languages - Merc.
> zhena-and-zamir stuff. Why should Miri be asked first whenever Zhena Trelu wanted Val Con to do something? that a zhena—wife? mistress? lady? lover?—could tell her zamir what to do, and he, perforce, would do it. Local Custom - Vandar
zamirless Without a zamir Languages - Vandar
plinking Practice shooting with pellets, something Miri does to calm down
> Val Con's headache remedy Why are you trying to match these words and Terran words? Surely that will only confuse matters. Perhaps if you waited until you have this language firmly before attempting to compile a lexicon, it would go better. For now, it might be best to simply learn the tongue, as you were taught in school." Note Only
lexicon correlation between two languages audio books
> Timelines Miri didn't go to school - ever, in her whole life. "My mother taught me how to read; and when I joined Liz's unit she beat Trade and basic math into my head. Don't need a fancy education to get by in the Merc. Note Only
Accazi Seems to mean 'Do you GET it?!', Do you understand me? Languages - Surebleak
> Surebleak schooling On Surebleak, if you paid the school tax, you went to school. You didn't pay the tax, you didn't go to school. Local Custom - Surebleak
> Miri's parents financial situation My parents were broke - Real broke. Bad broke. So broke they could about come up with enough money every month to fool the landlord into thinking someday he'd collect the whole rent. And, while we're at it, there were rats—you understand rats?—and my mother was sick all the time and whenever we did get some money Robertson would come home, drink it all up or snort it all down, smack us both around— Note Only
> Val Con's view on intelligence "There is a great difference between education and intelligence, Miri. You are not stupid - Normally" Note Only
> Language translations "I still get a headache when I try to translate from one language to another," he said. "Speak to me in any tongue I know, and I will answer in that tongue. Ask me what a word in one language means in another, and it may take me hours to decide." Note Only
credit card From Val Con's pocket - metallic orange with three skinny blue stripes
wholebit currency
ship's key From Val Con's pocket.
> Miri's memory method "It's kinda like putting a sticker on the memory, so I remember not to forget it."
hove audio books
whuffing the sound Bovrill makes
Cory the shortened form of Corvill - what Zhena Trelu calls Val Con
Benish the language Zhena Trelu speaks Languages - Vandar
kynak something Merc's drink? Mild sedative?
As jumpy as a Merc. Without kynak. Merc. Proverb
Brrrinngg! The sound Zhena Trelu's phone makes a black box
Porlint The location Zhena Trelu initially assumes Val Con and Miri have come from "They're refugees—survivors of that volcano and earthquake they had over in Porlint last year." "Porlint isn't a cold place, Miri. It's near the equator, so it hardly ever snows." Places
Artas a time (probably a day of the week) on Vandar Measurement
brownies things to eat Languages - Vandar
dinner a meal; Given that normally they have only a cup of tea until dinner, probably the meal at midday Languages - Vandar
Gylles the town near Zhena Trelu's Springbreeze farm
"Winter's coming," Note Only In a vain attempt to prove Lee/Miller (Copyright © 1989) got there ahead of Martin (GoT published 6 August 1996) DRAT!
the Rainbow It is a way of relaxing mind and body so that one may improve concentration and think—more rightly. People who are tense and confused make mistakes. And tension and confusion leach joy from life, which is a thing to be avoided. We should strive for more joy, not less—and that is what the Rainbow is for." Local Custom - Scouts "You should be as comfortable as possible," "Later, you will be able to do this at any time, but to learn it is better to be at ease." "What you must do," "is picture the colors of the rainbow, one by one: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet; and use the—key—of each color to relax more deeply. By the time you reach the end of the rainbow you will feel very nice indeed: warm and comfortable, perhaps a little as if you were floating. You will then walk down the stairway and through the door." . Try not to think of anything specific, but let the thoughts flutter by, unconsidered . . ." frowning "You're gonna hypnotize me?" "No. I help you relax. Each person's Rainbow is unique. I may show you the way because of the superficial similarity of the color structure. But your Rainbow is yours, cha'trez. There is no danger. If you should become frightened or uncomfortable—or simply wish to go no further—you need only open your eyes. It is your will that commands, not mine."
stages of the Rainbow "Miri," he began gently. "Please visualize the color red. Hold it before your mind's eye. Tell me when you have it firm." "Now," she said instantly. "Good. Hold it; let it fill your head, pushing away all those little, half-formed thoughts. Let there be only red. There is only red. Warm, happy red, filling your thoughts entirely. "Now," he said after a moment, "let the red flow down through your body, starting at the top of your head, warming and relaxing you—down through your face, your throat, your shoulders—warm, friendly, relaxing red . . ." Red is the color of physical relaxation . . ."
Clonak ter'Meulen Scout - who knew Daav - taught Val Con about the rainbow when his uncle hired him to make Shan a master pilot." "Clonak desired passage; my uncle desired his son to have the best tutor available. So a bargain was struck.". Also calls Shadia Ne'Zame, who calls him 'you hoary fraud'. Chief of Pilot Security People Wily old man; his lined face bemused and slightly simian, his light brown eyes bland; beneath his snub of a nose he wore a most unLiaden mustache
> Miri's rainbow door "Old-time door—all shiny, dark-brown wood and a big brass knob. There's a keyhole as big as my fist." Note Only
Belansium planetscape found inside Miri's rainbow room, along with "You never saw so many books—tapes and bound—and a desk and a chair—big and soft—candles—little knickknack things"
> Val Con's book The one he gifts Miri while she's in her Rainbow room. "You will see that each of the pages is blank, except for the first four, where I have written something for you." The first page, that says 'Sleep,' "And the next," he continued, "says 'Study;' the third, 'Relax;' and the fourth, 'Return.' Now, what you may do, whenever you come to your library, is look at this book and choose what you will do. If you choose to sleep, you need only open to that page, concentrate on the word there—and you will sleep. If you wish to allow your mind to review and integrate the day's affairs—or if you wish to work on a particular problem—you will open to the page marked 'Study,' concentrate on the word, and your mind will be ready to learn. "If you find yourself growing tense, you might wish to go to your library and regard 'Relax.' And, if you wish to return to the world outside your room, you need only bring your attention to the fourth page, and you will awaken."
> Timelines On the trip with Clonak, when Shan was studying for his master pilot's licence, Val Con achieved his third class Measurement
Third Class Pilot's level
first mate's quarters aboard Dutiful Passage; has the wide, cloth-covered chair. Places Is separate to the captain's quarters??
> Priscilla's discipline The discipline progressed: breathing deepened; heartbeat slowed until it was a distant boom coming at long intervals, like an ocean beyond the hills; body temperature dropped four degrees. When she was satisfied that those functions had stabilized and would remain steady until the body itself failed of hunger or trauma, Priscilla withdrew her attention to her place of safety, admitted the prayer that would keep her whole on such a chancy venture, opened the door between her Self and that which was not her Self—and went forth. Note Only
Self An important concept in Priscilla's meditation significant phrase
bridge aboard Dutiful Passage Places
Lina Faaldom crewmember on the Dutiful Passage (in the common room); has some Healer talent People
common room aboard Dutiful Passage Places
trader's room aboard Dutiful Passage Places
Rusty crewmember on the Dutiful Passage (at the Comm) People
At the Comm aboard Dutiful Passage Places
Calypso crewmember on the Dutiful Passage People
BillyJo crewmember on the Dutiful Passage People
Vilt crewmember on the Dutiful Passage - works in sickbay People
spirit-walking The process Priscilla went through to find Val Con
Clarion Starship allied to Captain Robert Chen-Jacobs - Talking orbit around Kago Ships
Robert Chen-Jacobs Captain, starshop Clarion. Described by Sheather as a gracious individual, nearly as bright as Val Con. People
Kago Four days (on the Clarion) from Lufkit Planets
Sheather mere Seventh Shell; People
Most Wise, Wisdoms, terms Captain Chen-Jacobs uses to Sheather and Edger
Shaltren Captain Chen-Jacobs attempted to get the Clutch members from Kago to Shaltren Planets
Skeedaddle Ship whose captain is willing to add Sheather and Edger to its passenger list from Kago to Shaltren. But they don't leave for thirty days. Ships
Captain Rolanni of the Skeedaddle People
Envolima City on Liad - location of Tyl Von sig'Alda's quarters Places
Envolima Spaceport on Liad Places
Thirteen the number of ships Tyl Von sig'Alda has determined Korval has scattered since Nova's query about Val Con
> Korval is ships Tradeships, yachts, retired Scout ships, miners, intrasystem garbage scows—if it was a ship and came into Korval hands, there it remained until the care of men could no longer keep it spaceworthy. Never in the memory of the longest Rememberer had any of Korval loosed a vessel of their own will, excepting, perhaps, the very ship of the Migration. Local Custom - Liad
Tradeships there are five major tradeships in Korval's fleet, Dutiful Passage is one. Ships
intrasystem (garbage scows) ships which do not jump? Ships
Rememberer one who remembers?? Title
Migration significant phrase
Change of Departures Paperwork required when a ship is leaving orbit at a time other than scheduled?
Kelmont Jaeger Second Quadrant leader of the Terran Party, dead, as per the most recent mission of Val Con yos'Phelium. There's later mention "terminating an upper-level Terran agent in a bombproofed building. " Given previous mentions of the Terran party, not sure whether the Terran agent would actually qualify? This may have been two different missions?
> Tyl Von's assignment Agent Tyl Von sig'Alda was assigned the project of ascertaining without doubt the whereabouts and condition of Val Con yos'Phelium. Note Only
Option Surely Loop and Option guarded against either capture or subversion
ultimate clearance granted to sig'Alda in his search for Val Con.
mice might be the cause of the rustlings when Val Con awakens at Springbreeze farm
Miri's knife (stickknife) a slender, polished stick—the knife he had given her in Econsey, little more than a month earlier. The blade they had been wed by. Device
Econsey the place Val Con gave Miri the knife Planets
Liaden politeness "Formality," (Val Con) said, pausing to stretch, "must never be confused with courtesy."
> Of Scouts "Scouts rarely take lifemates," "One should enter into at least one contract-marriage" Note Only
Holy Panth Exclamation used by Miri Lanaguages - Merc.
fuse what Zhena Trelu will do if Miri is late
bulbroot Food at Springbreeze - a generous handful of pungent bulbroot already starting to brown in the center of the iron skillet
parslee Food at Springbreze - two sprigs of parslee
flicker-quick the way Miri/Meri moves
truck vehicular transport from Springbreeze. Uses from starter switch and key.
Wrongo Done incorrectly/ inappropriately Languages - Merc.
Women don't sit on mens laps in trucks It's good to touch each other. But in town some people might not understand, if they saw Meri sitting there like a—well, never mind. When you're at home, you can touch each other and hug and that's fine. But when you're out with people—in town—you have to be respectable." a zamir as trusted and responsible as you are—well, you have to always be sure to bring honor to your zhena, and not let her do things that will make people think poorly of her. Hakan breaks the rules: "Then he stood with a huge smile, opening his arms and hugging Kem, right there in front of everyone. Kem hugged back, steadfastly keeping her eyes away from the shocked faces" Local Custom - Vandar
> An insight into Val Con's character First of all, you gotta remember how hard it is to get a straight story out of you. Person could die of old age before she figures out the right question. You manage people—quiet about it—just don't treat 'no' like an answer. And the gods help whoever's there, you ever let that temper of yours off the leash." Note Only
Wooden tunnel/ bridge Then the truck swung uncertainly into a wider way, rattled over metal tracks, and raggedly negotiated a curve, coming upon an amazing structure: an open house in the middle of the road! The wooden structure rattled and groaned unnervingly, no matter what the season, seeming to threaten imminent collapse Places - Vandar
Brillit's Emporium In Gylles, Vandar. dim, sawdusty interior, down aisles lined with gizmos and tantalizing gadgets. Stood two stories tall in the very center of town, directly across from the many-windowed tower and just up the street from the little blue building. It faced an oval of sere vegetation set in the middle of the road—the so-called town green. They buy Miri's blue jacket there Places - Vandar
Mrythis Wibecker If there was one gossip in Gylles worse than Athna Brigsbee . . People
Porlum Sales clerk at Brillit's People The speaker was a plump, balding man a little taller than Zhena Trelu. He was wearing a gray jacket to match his gray trousers and a white shirt and a dark-blue neck-string
Salissa Sales clerk at Brillit's People A cadaverous woman with unlikely black hair, unlikelier red cheeks, and a thin, dissatisfied mouth looked at Miri, and her mouth turned sharply downward
julam Fibre on Vandar, which, when mixed with wool makes warm and durable clothing
hoyper feathers make a good jacket stuffing
furbelowed frilly audio books
> Scout skills Val Con reached into his pocket and pulled out a thin, flexible wire. Balancing on the foot-ledge, he played with wire and keyhole for a bare moment, then nodded and hauled down on the handle. The door came open with a pop. Note Only
What in the name of bright blue chosemkis Exclamation used by Miri Languages - Merc.
chosemkis audio books
Maybe the piano??? The thing was rectangular in shape and made of some shiny substance that appeared to be metal. The front was glassed in, giving a view of a multitude of coils, wires, and tubes. There were knobs on the top and sides, a piece of thin metal tubing extending from the back, and more knobs under the glass. The whole affair was garlanded with red, yellow, and blue streamers Device Surely Val Con would have recognised it??
"In the fullness of time," "All things cannot happen at once." Clutch proverb?
Badnews Berta Miri's name for Athna Brigsbee Languages - Merc.
Bassilan rebels Landed on the coast, not two hundred miles from here! Claiming sanctuary. People
Tomak King of the Bassilan rebels People
Bentrill Land around Springbreeze Places
Main Street In Gylles, Vandar. Places
Hakan Meltz guitar player, son of the music shop owner, shortsighted eyes. People Two inches taller than Val Con, 20 pounds heavier, wears a mustache. Fairly short hair. Generally noisy, hence "un-Hakanish silence". His car for Winterfair has green and red fair-ribbons snapping smartly in the breeze. Hands at the top of the scale, he ran through a chaos of high-pitched chords, sharps and flats mixed indiscriminately.
Tomat Meltz Zamir - Hakan's father, currently in the capital, attending the king's assembly as alderman for the town of Gylles. People
Kem Darnill (Kemmy) Hakan's fiancée People
Jarvill's Shop in Gylles
Dr. Lorm prescribed glasses for Mrythis Wibecker People
Ah, wind— Exclamation used by Hakan. Miri has obviously picked this up, she grumbles in Terran "Wind'll take these things,"
Central Information Database Nova attempts to access
ID Nova has id from the Council of Clans
Jae'laba Station Nova's requests are remanded here. Her query reveals it is located within Scout Headquarters, Solcintra Places
varicolored rhombi audio books
Stationmap The screen flowered interconnecting lines, varicolored rhombi marking primary, secondary, and tertiary stations.
Korval's Own House Nova considered the flashing bit of purple that denoted the station at Jelaza Kazone. Korval's Own House, with Korval's own tricks up its sleeve, age upon age, Cantra to Daav.
Query one of the keys on Nova's keyboard
Detail Probably another key
Scout Headquarters A building in Solcintra Places
tertiary station ????
> Of Scouts "The Scouts," Anthora continued, "have no reason to lie. ." The melant'i of the Scouts was not in doubt. Note Only
Sor Dal the person who answers the comm when Nova calls Mr. dea'Gauss People
wait-signal appears on the comm while one is being transferred
Line dea'Gauss "Line dea'Gauss serves Korval," "Now as ever"
> Shan's instructions to Anthora "Shannie told me to help you. Not," she added with a sniff, "that he had to. And before he left he said I must pay close attention to—things—and not be backward about speaking my thoughts. He said that there are often several ways to look at something, and I mustn't assume that because I've seen one or even two ways that you've seen the same ways. He said you need to see as much as possible, to keep Korval safe." Note Only
> Anthora's analysis "Val Con's more Val Con than he's been for—oh, a long time! And his lady is very bright."
Prime a time (probably a meal) on Liad Measurement
Port Place Nova sent the children for a half-day holiday Places
Lady yo'Lanna Anthora took the twins to visit People
Memory things Nova falls in to experiencing as 'She Who Remembers' The power that the past generations of Korval women had over her Does this mean it's only the women she can remember?
Nova's talent reliving the memories of those long dead
Ker Lin yos'Phelium nephew to the Delm, dead 712 years People Silver bright, shining, hypnotic eyes—and the will!
> Ker Lin's vision "I have Seen that I shall join the Scouts in the spring," he said, with some fair semblance of calm. "I shall not wed until after my third mission." I shall join the Scouts, and after my third mission I shall lifemate. Later I will be Delm." Note Only
Renoka yos'Phelium Delm to Ker Lin; ? Who shall fulfill the contract with yo'Hala in your stead?" "You, my aunt and Delm." People
yo'Hala "You will see a yos'Phelium contract-wed into yo'Hala," he said very quietly. "The child shall come to yos'Phelium, and the alliance thus formed will last for many, many years People
Tan El yo'Lanna Tan El yo'Lanna has (Renoka's) promise to wed him, when Zipper is next in port." People
Zipper Tan El yo'Lanna's ship; "Zipper's drive failed in the outer arm. The cargo has been orbited, and news of its location will come to me when I am Delm." He paused and sighed. "The attempt to restart the drive was catastrophic. Dan Art yos'Galan alone has survived." Ships
Dan Art yos'Galan The only survivor of the Zipper People
Kifer Feline resident of Trealla Fantrol - , a sorry mop of varicolored stripes People
Forbiddens Classification for a planet?? Cross Reference Interdicted
supper A meal on Vandar
Alive-and-well The sound of Val Con's lifemate song for Miri (a fragment of empathy.)
doublechair piece of furniture in the music room, to the right of the piano
bow of one who acknowledges an unpayable debt. Liaden Courtesies - bow
Marin a time period (probably a day of the week) hence 'on Marin evening' Measurement
sap As in "Couple of saps," Languages - Merc.
> Val Con's 'song' He was conscious first of a warm contentment; then he heard the song. Though "heard" was not precisely the correct word; nor was "song." Cautiously, eyes still closed, he sought the song that was heard only within his head and found it, a thing of surpassing brightness and warmth, singing blithely to itself—and tasting strongly of hunch. He regarded it for some time, remembering the old tales, knowing what it must be, joy building within him. Alive-and-well, sang the song-that-was-not-a-song from its joylit corner of his self. Miri-alive. Miri-well. Note Only
Winterfair at Gylles all the world attends!
pocketpaper Walking around money??
> Val Con's declaration "Miri," he said suddenly, shifting into the most intimate of modes, nearly singing the Low Liaden words, "you are my wisdom and my laughter, the song of my heart, my home. Best-loved friend; wife and lover . . ." Languages - Low Liaden
Low Liaden Language Miri says she will learn Languages - Low Liaden
Betcha "Let's go to bed. Betcha it's after midnight . Languages - Merc.
this enterprise had none of Shan yos'Galan's smile he has not approved it Languages - Liaden
heartwords those that Lina is to cry - "Priscilla, come home"
Temple training Priscilla underwent it, and it saved her from her error
Aspect She (Priscilla) with the need and the Aspect upon her,
witch-sense Something Priscilla posesses
the bridge A sturdy structure, built with more honesty than skill, vanishing into the very heart of the tightly guarded place that Val Con yos'Phelium had inexplicably become and stretching away to—where? Cautiously she followed the bridge back, marveling at its flexibility and strength, then found the source and marveled anew. The pattern shone, life-passion licking through the gridwork even though consciousness was at the moment disengaged.
> Priscilla's assessment of Miri She sensed a bit of lambent shine, which might indicate witch-sense;
moonshadow then turned and went like moonshadow across the room
> Val Con's ship is coil-dead, ransacked—even the distress beacon dead but no more than three miles from habitation
> Timelines Thirty-one generations of yos'Pheliums had led Korval, gathering ships as they could, obeying Cantra's law Measurement
Cantra's law Korval had kept the ships that came to it. Local Custom - Liad
Clan-reft bereft of Clan
Diaries He recalled the library at Jelaza Kazone, the long row of identically bound Diaries.
Library Room at Jelaza Kazone, with rows of Diaries Places
Uncle Er Thom's office Room at Jelaza Kazone, with a desk and firelight Places
coverlet under which Val Con and Miri sleep
Shaltren World that bowed to the might of the Juntavas Planets
Cessilee The place where the Chairman of the Juntavas may be found Places
Grom Trogar Chairman of the Juntavas People
The Map A map of the one hundred and four worlds controlled by the Juntavas, each marked with a flashing gemstone
Shaltren's diamond Marker on the map
Talitha's niken Marker on the map
Talitha World that bowed to the might of the Juntavas Planets
niken Gemstone - flashing blue-and-gold
Foruner's topaz Marker on the map
Foruner World that bowed to the might of the Juntavas Planets
Jelban's rosella Marker on the map
Jelban World that bowed to the might of the Juntavas Planets
rosella Gemstone
chairman of the Juntavas - one to whom the worlds tithe
Aged Ones the way Grom Togar refers to Sheather and Edger
Juntavas chairman claims Scouts feel this way about them. Vagrants, they call us, and gypsies. They hound us from gatherplace to gatherplace, branding us thieves and jackals, hangers-on of Yxtrang, deadly danger to holy Liad. Note Only
gatherplace Place the Juntavas group together?? Pernese people involved again?
> the worth of the Knife Clan of Middle River Edger closed his huge eyes briefly, opened them—and sang. One note, held to the edge of endurance. Another. And a third. The miraldine conference table shivered, acquired spiderwebs of cracks, then crumbled and fell in on itself, a glittering pile of rubble and dust. "Understand that this is the simplest of the songs I might sing you, Grom Trogar. I chose it because its simplicity was sufficient for a demonstration, yet leaves more complex crystalline structures—as those which are part of your communication devices—unharmed. I am sorry that some of the gems in yon piece of artwork have also suffered."
miraldine the Juntavas conference table is made from this
Shadia Ne'Zame Scout Lieutenant, First In, who has just spent a year on Liad for a contract-marriage, and had a daughter.
First-In (also First In) Scout Val Con is one, Shadia another - possibly indicates those who make first contact?? Title
Speakers from the families who negotiate the contract-marriages??
chernubia what Clonak calls Shadia
Auxilliary Headquarters (aka Aux 'quarters) on Nev'lorn. Once Shadia has completed her assignment, (in a relumma) she's to report here.
Nev'lorn Home to Auxilliary Headquarters Planets
filecomp Where Shadia's orders are sent Device
> Shadia's orders the garbage run - "Scout Lieutenant, First In, Shadia Ne'Zame," her orders had read, "upon return to active duty will, for the next three months Standard, occupy herself with observation of Interdicted Planets (list appended), tagging for pickup any and all flotsam of a possibly technological nature, listening and noting significant cultural advances or declines . . ." This might imply that three standard months is about a relumma??
eggling Edger asks 'am I an eggling' - implying a baby member of the Clutch. "it appears you consider us fools. Am I an eggling, to believe that a Clan which spans worlds has at its nexus one individual, whose solitary judgment—"
Stelubia Delegation from here has arrived to see Grom Trogar. Six people Places
> Reading Habits - Miri Miri's reading habits were amazing: science, gardening, murder mysteries, poetry—he had forgotten half the subjects covered by the last batch of books she had foraged. She had read each with serious concentration; gods alone knew how she managed to keep track of it all. Note Only
> Reading Habits - Val Con His own tendency was to pick one or two subjects at a time and read through the levels available until he felt himself to have a clear fundamental understanding of the principles involved. Fiction had been a pleasure of his youth, sharply curtailed by school and then by duty. Note Only No Fiction? Well that's sad!
shrubbery underbrush
skevitt an animal you can chase
O'Hand person with whim the Selubia delegation have been negotiating People
Daphyd home of O'Hand Planets
Grow Trogar Assuming this is a spelling issue, and it should be GroM?
the blades of Middle River Edger, referring to himself and Sheather - or possibly their knives
> Grom Trogar's weapon The weapon flared as Grom Trogar brought it from beneath his jacket; it hummed as he thumbed it to life and brought it up, aiming for the vulnerable spot. (Edger sang seven inaudible notes) the power pack ruptured, leaked energy. There was a flash! of pinpoint light, a snap! of sound—and the weapon was molten metal.
Edger made the sign of negation Languages - Clutch
he added the sign of honored esteem. Languages - Clutch
Sambra Reallen (female) Chairman Pro Tem of the Juntavas
> Pilot Material Val Con considers Hakan to be pilot material because of the way he drives
> Vandar Background Hakan had the medic course while in the militia Note only
> Vandar Background Hakan was also in the volunteer fire department until the politics bored him out of it
> Vandar Background "Hasn't been a war in these parts for a long, long time. I helped out after the explosion at the fireworks factory in Carnady, though. Folks said that was a lot like a war."
Carnady where there was a fire on Vandar Places
half-and-half a large-bore weapon with a small-bore weapon overtop
the switch Key? Pattern of thinking? The one Val Con has inside his head, which allows him to think the Thought and go back into 'Agent' mode
> Val Con's mission STATEMENT OF MISSION OBJECTIVE: Preserve Miri Robertson from attacking military forces and drive forces from base.; LIMITATIONS: None; MISSION PRIORITY: Ultimate; ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE TO AGENT: Priority Override; PAIN THRESHOLD: Disallow; FULL AUTOMATIC: Yes; ANALYSIS LOOP: Chance of Mission Success: .37; GO: Go
Kwtel One of the enemy soldiers who invaded Springbreeze
Chance of Personal Survival One of the Loop indicators available to an Agent of Change
CPS Chance of Personal Survival
long-arms weapon - It was dirty, corroded in several spots, and had only seven rounds in the magazine.
Gyrfalks' battle cry Miri gives it - a high-pitched keening
stickknife weapon of Liaden Scout issue
upstairs parlor a room in Zhena Trelu's house, containing a sewing chair Places
"Hot damn." Expression used by Miri Languages - Merc.
the Plan
quarter-shift a period of time, used by Tyl Von sig'Alda Measurement
The commander Department of the Interior People
sig'Alda's weapons master from first training Department of the Interior People
shift biomed specialist Department of the Interior People
biomed Bio-medical?
exotic pharmaceuticals specialist Department of the Interior People
> Tyl Von's assignment You will locate and return Agent yos'Phelium to us. If he is dead, you will bring us a body, bones, witnesses." "Your mission is to find Val Con yos'Phelium and return with him. If he is dead you will provide explicit and complete proof. If you find him alive and he refuses, in spite of all your best persuasions, to return—then you will bring explicit and complete proof that he is dead. His head will do for proof; or several portions of his spinal column." Note Only
> Val Con vs sig'Alda under normal circumstances, yos'Phelium's response time is a measurable three to four percent faster than yours. In certain high-stress situations tested during training his responses were another two percent faster yet Note Only
perceptual stimulants These enhance the ability of the brain to process information received from the senses, thus increasing the ability of the agent to respond rapidly and efficiently to outside stimuli. These stimulants are not to be used during Jump; they should not be used at a rate of more than six doses per Standard day. Note that only under extreme emergency conditions should you take three doses together. Take one if you consider action likely, another if action is imminent or carries a high risk factor.
muscle-tone enhancer an implant
Miri's therapy results "Therapy records indicate a difficult case," he went on. "The Terran escaped from rehabilitative isolation several times during the course of treatment, and the doctor's final report reads merely: 'Subject no longer chemically dependent upon Lethecronaxion.' Thus the subjects went from total repression of unwanted memories to a total and enhanced recall. Depending on the amount of alcohol and disinhibitor in their systems, subjects recalled their memories to the point of reexperience.
MemStim Agents use MemStim while reporting to aid the exact recall of events. This particular mix also contains a disinhibitor and an experimental receptor flush-and-bind. Initial effect is unremarkable to Lethecronaxion: all memory older than a few hours, and, later, memory older than a few minutes, becomes uncertain, clouded—hence the vernacular designation. At the time release, the flush was nearly instantaneous, throwing the subjects from complete cloud-effect to a deep MemStim state. The beauty of the flush-and-bind system is that it ties the MemStim to those receptors most affected by the Lethecronaxion. An addict—or, for that matter, anyone who takes MemStim—has trained receptor sites; in the case of a Cloud user, these sites are most likely to be triggers to painful memories, else why cloud them?" It can induce MemStim frenzy
flush-and-bind does something to the receptors??
Chance of Mission Success One of the Loop indicators available to an Agent of Change
middistance pacification Eliminating someone from beyond knife-distance
flexi-mesh A form of body-armour - protects the wearer from knife-strike. This turns out to be a good idea "The knife struck the enemy high in the chest, close to the throat, and bounced away with a hollow thunk" had the knife struck a bare two fingers higher, his body would even now be cooling in the dark shed.
precedence Term used by the Department of the Interior
under extreme compulsion Term used by the Department of the Interior; extreme compulsion takes several forms. Death is but one of them.
Hold An option in sig'Alda's Loop - Certain safeguards available to you are not available to him. You, for example, may go into 'Hold'; keeping yourself and your mind closed to outside interference until brought back by a special command issued by myself. This avoids the possibility of interrogation. Earlier implementations were not as secure, nor were they self-activated.
> Val Con's Loop sequence "There is a set sequence of phrase and echo built into Agent yos'Phelium's Loop. When you present the beginning of the sequence, he will respond—he must. If you continue, he must continue. At the conclusion of this sequence, yos'Phelium will be as a tractable imbecile: He will follow orders without question." Note Only
"Tyl Von sig'Alda 'clare try qwit glass fer.'" Val Con's Loop Sequence "Who secures Liad?" the agent demanded, and Val Con heard his own voice answer. "The people of Liad." "Who secures the people of Liad?" the agent persisted. The answer was not the one he would make: It came unbidden and uncontrolled. "The Department of the Interior secures the people of Liad," "Who secures the Department of the Interior?" "The commander secures the Department of the Interior." Who secures the commander?" "The agents secure the commander." . "With what do the agents secure the commander?" "With actions, and with blood." "When the commander calls you to duty," the man demanded, the High Tongue knelling like a death-bell, "what do you say?" - "Carpe diem." He recalled that there had been another answer to the last question, an answer that had made no sense. "You will be the third person to know this sequence. - The Commander, sig'Alda, and Who else? Possibly there was a predecessor to the commander??
badge of trust a small blue pin in the shape of a Liaden glow-gull in full flight, nominating sig'Alda as the Commander's deputy
glow-gull a Liaden bird
Hellin's Surcease Hakan's place, five miles cross country from Athena Brigsbee's (where Miri was staying when she walked through the blizzard from being 'cooped up in a house with Zhena Trelu and Zhena Brigsbee.") Places
Militia captain the one who assigned housing to Val Con and Miri People
the logic grid Something within the Loop
prime consciousness Something the Agent has control over - what he is focussing on
L'apeleka the dance/exercises Edger had taught Val Con to allow him to perceive the thing he had constructed within himself on Edger's ship - the Switch, to relearn the—proper—way to think. ""Understand that I—gathered up all that was—that I felt was—wrong—and put it into one small . . .closet, Miri. A closet in my mind. I put a—a lock on the closet. Then I put the key in my pouch and pretended the closet did not exist.". They take some space - some room is needed. Three elementary Doors, then a designated rest, then B'enelcaratak. Con stepped back, muscles loose and half foolish, as in the L'apeleka stance named Awaiting. he recognized the L'apeleka dance named "Accepting the Lance;"; , fumbling among his store of L'apeleka dances. "The Spirit Demands" presented itself and he danced two steps as he walked, his mind encompassing the whole. His heartbeat increased, though not nearly to the level that Tyl Von sig'Alda's had; his breathing deepened; his body began to work with more accustomed efficiency, drawing on stored vitamins and other reserves.
CMS Chance of Mission Success
Agent in Charge Supervisor of the mission
thalich gun —a big gun—a heavy-automatic
courier ship one which travels through hyperspace (quickly) ships
Guard near Nev'lorn - generally in formation, but available to chase after courier ships at need
Access near Nev'lorn - an area of space? Places
Master Com the body to whom the Guard report
Cha Lor member of the Guard People
shiftmate someone working the OTHER shift? Or the same shift? How else could they relieve Clonak?
Assistance, Aid and Comfort the actions required of Juntavas employees towards Miri and Val Con
ReDiverting your own activities the actions required of Juntavas employees towards Miri and Val Con
Berner's Lane Vandar - on the way to Hellin's Surcease? Places
viands audio books
fall pressing from which the wine was made
smokin' an appropriate state for a keyboard
Bylee's Beat a song for Winterfair
Cory's music joy, impetuosity, subtle undertones.
Zerkam'ka kinslayer Languages - Liaden
> Val Con wants "I want to speak to my brother. Three years—four—and I sent him no word; never went home. Never dared go home—he would see! He would ask questions; he would probe and—endanger himself—Zerkam'ka . . .kinslayer . . ."
datum audio books
goomeky Hunky Dory? Back to normal? "everything'd be goomeky, right? " Languages - Merc.
Pattern Miri describes Val Con's as 'a mess'. This may refer to his pattern of thinking, or to the lifemate pattern
magnetics Must be engaged for Val Con and Miri's ship to lift
battleshock Val Con said he was suffering from this on Edger's ship
arms proficiency program the program which trapped Val Con in the Rainbow
Nothing is safe What they teach Agents
quiescent audio books
kaleidoscope audio books
kvetch complain or bitch Languages - Merc.
Skel With whom Miri used to work; Skel was long dead and rotted on Klamath. Skel had always accused her of deliberately taking the storm shift, as if a body knew when trouble would break. When Miri is shot, she says "Skel?" she muttered. "Dammit, Skel . . ." Twice more she stirred and spoke to Skel, directing him once to put her down and go on alone: "s'an order, damn you . . ." "Skel ain't nobody, boss. He died on Klamath." People
scrub bushes, low-lying vegetation. ", heading for a downhill clump of scrub."
subaural audio books
B'enelcaratak part of L'apeleka - the Place of Celebrating Fragments. The fourth door "He had passed through the three most elementary Doors, taken the designated rest, and approached finally the fourth Door"
Tough Guy the special portion of Val Con's name which links him to Miri
specs specifications - Being made over to somebody else's specs—that's dying, ain't it? Languages - Merc.
pre-entry an alert abord a ship Device
safety harness holds the pilot in place aboard ship Device
go-pattern indicates the ship is ready to go into normal space from Jump??
signaled pilot readiness Languages - Pilot
Initiate Designated Approach One of the instructions given a pilot in orbit
Vimdiac The language in which Shadia talks to herself Languages - Vimdiac
Kamchek The children of whom, Shadi swears by People??
Coil-dead status for a ship
Navcomp Navigational Computer?
the ship The ship was without Liaden reference marks, and the two numbers—a seven and an eleven connected by a dash, with the homeport apparently blotted out by a dab of paint—brought nothing up on the screen. The damage the ship had endured was obvious: scars, scrapes, and bright metal-splashes, as if it had gone through a meteor swarm at speed with no screens.
homeport the port of origin??
the Book (as in by...) "Page 437, Paragraph 4: Report before boarding any suspicious or unauthorized vessel in a proscribed zone."
Statcomp Status computer??
bounty Yxtrang took bounty; Liadens counted coup. Local Custom
the pattern-place inside Miri's head - the life-mate link to Val Con, possibly available to her as a result of the seed planted by Priscilla
genie a Terran notion that one might put something back in the bottle after its release "One had to do with a man who had found a bottle on a beach. He pulled out the cork and a genie emerged, bowing low and proclaiming indebtedness. He offered to perform three services, as balance for the debt."
Val Con's foster mother But my foster mother was Terran, remember? And she told us stories.
Val Con's uncle had (when Val Con was six) a wine cellar - which was thoroughtly searched for the presence of genies
pingdoogle like a certified pingdoogle Languages - Merc.
Serenity something Priscilla imposes on herself
the landing inside Miri's head - , soul locked lightly behind a single portal. Priscilla allowed the shape and flavor of that barrier to grow before her inner eye and saw suddenly and with surety a large, wooden door, keyhole ornate with shining metal, wood gleaming with age and loving care. She expended will, came close enough to try the latch—and paused to allow the landing to solidify about her. The lifemate thought with extreme care, Priscilla understood suddenly, and formed her analogs with a firmness approaching physical solidity. A landing was necessary to accommodate the door, and a landing had thus been crafted.
the package It was at the very instant that the landing came into itself, just a moment before she narrowed her attention to accommodate only the latch, that she perceived sitting on the floor just outside the door: a package. Priscilla brought her concentration to bear, discerned the familiar yellow-and-black stripes of the Galactic Parcel Service, and found further a lading slip filled out in a round, clear hand: For Priscilla Mendoza only. Sign here: _______________________________________ Note that because it's been sitting around waiting for someone to pick it up, it's dusty. "she unfolded the single sheet of yellow paper; she caught a wordless rush of something from Shan as the two flat-pix clipped to the top were uncovered. "The first showed a man, dark hair indifferently cut, the line of a scar slanting shockingly across one lean, golden cheek, green eyes lit with joy, wide mouth curved in pleasure. The entire image glowed bright, as if with some inner brilliance, and Priscilla felt her throat tighten with that reflected love. The second picture was less sharp, less bright: merely a redhaired woman, freckles sprinkled across a small nose; gray eyes direct in a willful, intelligent face."the body of the letter, finding again the round, painstakingly clear hand, apparently written in bright purple ink. "We're okay. Clan Korval in danger. Don't talk to Interior Department. Go to Edger if things get bad. Ship coil-blown—world restricted. Tell Shan: Access Grid seven-aught-three Repeat: Access Grid 703 Love to all.
Galactic Parcel Service the familiar yellow-and-black stripes with lading slips to describe destination. One signs, then tears off the top slip.
the ship constituents . The cloud of debris orbiting the third planet had proved to contain a high quantity of isotopes and alloys not yet discovered in nature I'm not clear - not yet discovered on Vandar, but known to be consituents of the escape ship??
nimlet a ceramic nimlet used in adaptive purification systems Device
standard galactic frequencies used for broadcasts in : voice broadcasts in Trade, Liaden, or Terran
Scout or Departmental frequencies, with a slight possibility that it might also be on a private Korval frequency potentially used for communication
sleep learner a method of absorbing information rapidly - In a few hours he would know the names of the mountains and seas, the right way to hold a cup of tea, and the political system as it was at last report. This implies that even Interdicted worlds are studied and analysed quite extensively??
Suarez Point the point at which technological advance might become the focus of three or four generations of society, society itself becoming fragmented until the growth was assimilated.
soul-walking I went soul-walking and left a message with the lifemate: an image of you, an image of me, and the message, 'We are looking for you. Help us,' loaded with familiarity, family-caring." . "There is sometimes a danger, when you are soul-walking, of forgetting the pleasures and the pains of the body. Remember them, and cherish them all, so that when you come home, joy will ease your way back in."
Seer-cadence hearing the Seer-cadence echoing in the words
> Priscilla's explanation of Miri She does tend to be extremely concrete in her thinking," Priscilla said with delight. "Entirely unschooled, but very strong-willed."
Access Grid seven-aught-three Repeat: Access Grid 703 (aka the computer code) Address on Liad Prime
Department's prime objective Objectives and Guidance. The Agent will recall from training that allegiance to a single clan is addiction to an outdated and life-threatening philosophy. For Centuries have the clans, each pursuing their own necessity, stifled Liad, entrapping intelligent persons in a fallacious emotional webwork and so denying the children of Liad their rightful place among the stars. The Fruit of this NonSurvivalist way of life is now clear: Terra seeks to overpower and annihilate us. Working for their own petty interests, several clans have allowed Liaden Blood to become diluted and have granted these half-breeds full rights. It is well-known that Terra promotes those matches, while it seeks to best Liad on all other fronts, as well. In view of this threat, it is the part of the intelligent person to forswear allegiance to clan and, instead, to ally himself with Liad, through this Department. It is the Prime Objective of this Department to establisht the supremacy of Liad and True Liadens. To accomplish this--
Nonsurvivalist audio books
open-channel an indicator light which was still glowing even though Jeeves had disengaged
techs people who are watching Shadia on Nev'lorn People
hotpad the landing spot for a ship - Clonak fires a flare into one
Ground Control authority on Nev'lorn
Orbital Control authority on Nev'lorn
Administrative Override something Clonak (as Chief of Pilot Security) attempts to enforce to allow Shadia's unfiled flight
warship class class of ship ships
Project Orange a Scout process, hopefully not visible to the Department of the Interior
Bindrea yos'Phelium One of Nova's ancient memories - Trealla Fantrol had not yet been built when Bindrea was alive
Kareen yos'Phelium Cousin to Nova - she and the children plus dea'Gauss' heir were all sent off planet by Nova. Anthora, a member of the Line Direct, stayed at Jelaza Kazone with the Tree.
??? Dea'Gauss Mr dea'Gauss' heir
Accountant's Guild Mr dea'Gauss is a member, he's left instructions for them if anything should befall him - should every accountant in Solcintra step away from their computers at once.
> Val Con's duty to the Department - Val Con, who had been raised as a brother to his half-Terran cousins, who had called a Terran woman 'Mother,' who was a Scout, and who, by all reports received, had chosen to share his life with a woman who counted herself Terran
Line House Trealla Fantrol - First Speaker of Clan Korval haring away from because of assassins
serviceway at Jelaza Kazone - toward a serviceway between two garages. The serviceway ended before an outbuilding of the old style, built of rough-hewn red stone. two locks—the first visible at shoulder height; the second invisible by her knee. the sleek little two-seater was still where she had left it. Places
Planetary defense screen
world-net Jelaza Kazone was the first defense base. We stayed tied in—unofficially—after they set it up permanently.
Liad Defense Station Five part of world-net
Pequi pel'Manda Responsible for Station Five People
Rel Vad Yoltak Agent in Charge People
annunciator the doorbell? Device
yos'Rida one of the five additional agents reporting to Yoltak at Trealla Fantrol People Confused about this. The chapter heading says Trealla Fantrol, but just a little while ago, Nova mentioned Anthora's stayed behind on Liad because she's supposed to be looking after the Tree!!
mode of Command (Command mode) Rel Vad Yoltak uses to Anthora. Yoltak brought up his reserve of Loop energy and invested it in control of the Command mode. "I command Val Con yos'Phelium to return to his superiors at the Department of the Interior!" With all that energy feeding it, the nuance should have been strong and nearly overpowering; Liaden Courtesies - mode
> Val Con's been gone Anthora indicates to Yoltak that Val Con has not been at Trealla Fantrol for several relumma (later "has not been here for quite some time", perhaps she's dissembling, but he hasn't seen Shan in four years?? Measurement Query
"Weapons are not allowed to be drawn within the borders of Korval's valley," Local Custom - LIad Interesting - wonder where Pat Rin and the others get so good with the guns then?
Line Yoltak Line Yoltak does not at all look to Korval. Yoltak belongs to Clan Simesta and takes guidance from Derani sel'Mindruyk, who is Delm." Chonselta, which is your Clan's seat People
Clan Simesta to whom Line Yoltak belongs People
Derani sel'Mindruyk Delm Simesta People
Chonselta Seat of Clan Simesta (you get there from Trealla Fantrol by shuttle) Places
Clanhouse The house of the Clan - Trealla Fantrol is one example
homeplace the way Anthora refers to Trealla Fantrol (and possibly the valley)
> Anthora's phrasing "Three minutes and one-half" Note Only Very European phrasing, which is interesting because she must be speaking Liaden
Car vehicle taken by the Agents to Trealla Fantrol
emergency remote facility on a car
King of Bentrill People
"Wind's sake" What Zhena Brigsbee says when the King pins on her medal Languages - Vandar
erg a small amount - "Miri's opinion of him rose an erg or two." Languages - Merc.
snitzy somehow reminded Miri of Val Con in his snitzy mood Languages - Merc.
Estra Vandar title Title
speldron Currency on Vandar Measurement
5,892 speldron Estra Trelu's annual salary for life Indexed for inflation??
Charter a rolled tube of paper tied with a white ribbon - announcing that the house was thereby proclaimed a national monument, with Estra Trelu as its caretaker and administrator, which position she would hold for the rest of her life, drawing an annual salary of 5,892 speldron. The upkeep of house and furnishings was, of course, the responsibility of the Crown, as were the salaries and upkeep of the militia squad that was to be the all-hours, around-the-year guard. Note Only
Corvill Robersun Val Con's name on Vandar
Meri Robersun Miri's name on Vandar
the bow between equals graceful and brief - Val Con uses for the King Liaden courtesies - bow
Heroes of the Realm. the title invested on Hakan, Corvill and Meri Title
quarterweight Measurement
hontoles Something heavy??
> the oath "Do you, Meri Robersun, Corvill Robersun, swear to uphold the laws of this land, obey the king's lawgivers, respect the king's sovereignty, and fight, if called upon, to defend this country from invasion or rebellion?" Note Only Note sure how well the Scouts'd like that, but given he's eklykt'i and all...
screenglow the glow of the screens on the face (of the pilot)
The Wall a cool, mirroring shield - behind which a Healer might retreat to rest and regroup
Plan B the message from the First Speaker - When it comes in to Pat Rin "a couple of lines of Liaden characters and a rendering of a dragon flying over a tree at the end of it all; like a seal." When Shan explains it to Priscilla: "It means that the Dutiful Passage is from this moment forward acknowledged to be exclusively on the business of Clan Korval. It means that we unship our weapons and free ourselves of cargo. It means that other Korval ships, where possible, will take over parts of our route." "It means that Korval is in deadly danger, that the First Speaker has evacuated the Clan from Liad; that the Nadelm may be untrustworthy; that my brother—my brother!" His voice broke.. They had shed crew, as well. A few went because their Clan did not enjoy a sufficiently close relationship with Korval; others, because they were too important to Line and House to be put into the way of another Clan's danger. Local Custom - LIad
handsweep a sweep of the hand used to clear the screen
Second Hour a time used on the Dutiful Passage Measurement
lattice-crew presumably those who must remain at their stations, even though a crew assembly is called
Arsdred Dutiful Passage shed cargo Places
Raggtown Dutiful Passage shed cargo Places
Wellsend Dutiful Passage shed cargo Places
Krisko Dutiful Passage arrived - Korval is an old Clan and a wealthy one. We have warehouses everywhere. There are several weapons caches. It happens that Krisko houses one." He paused, then added, with a peculiar shimmer deep within his pattern, "By the luck." Places
subtleties of melant'i while the captain might order her (Priscilla), Shan could not. And the captain would not order her gone: she was far too valuable a first mate. That did not, of course, mean that Shan had to like it Note Only
palm-plate Allows a reading of the hand to determine entry to the captain's cabin Device
primary defense screens Anthora let her Thodelm, Shan, know that she's activated these at Trealla Fantrol, and that she and several of the cats are relocating to Jelaza Kazone
Temple place Priscilla spent time.
Weapons pods You will then yourself attach the four pods to be delivered at fifteen-oh-six, one to each of the prime articulation points, and lock them into place. Screen readout will indicate when the automatic system has meshed with the main computer.
the Goddess the deity to whom Priscilla gives thanks; , Priscilla. May your Goddess have room in her heart to forgive me." "She forgives everyone, my dear."
By the Luck Shan's method of giving thanks?
Paranoia For centuries, since Cantra yos'Phelium brought the escape ship to Liad, the Delms of Korval have acted and implemented policy for Korval alone. We gather ships, for escape, for battle. We gather money, power, influence. Only a pilot may be Delm. We breed for pilots, Priscilla! To give the greatest chance of successful escape to the greatest number of Korval, should necessity arise. Renegades, even the most proper of us." "Cantra yos'Phelium swore an oath to protect the Tree—Liad exists because a mad outlaw needed a safe place for a dead man's plant! Jelaza Kazone—Jela's Fulfillment! Generations dead and still Jela's damn Tree—"
Protect the Tree the main message Clan Korval are taught - heard it from birth
Captain's prime mandate "Do you know what the captain's prime mandate is, should the ship be breached or need to be abandoned?" he asked. "I'm to go to a certain safe place and remove the stasis box therein, taking it with me to safety. If it should happen that there is no room in the escape pod for the captain, he should hand over the stasis box to another and secure that person's oath to stand guard over the box until one of Korval should come and relieve him of it." Shan tipped his head. "Guess what's in the box, Priscilla." She did not have to guess. "Seedlings." "Seedlings." He nodded. "Every Korval ship has a stasis box; every captain has the same mandate. The Passage, as Korval's flagship, carries, in addition, several cans of seeds, as well as cloned genetic material, in the storage hold of each escape pod."
stasis box box containing the seedlings Device
Line yo'Lanna closely allied with Korval People
Clan Justus closely allied with Korval People
> melant'i it is a more proper use of melant'i that one of Korval set the weapons in place and make us ready to meet necessity. Note Only
mandolette the instrument Hakan plays, which Val Con can also play and tune
(winter)fairgrounds Tucked into a valley with a large hill sealing the windward side, the place was built entirely of timber. The permanent buildings and the many raised walkways were of wood, and over both the Avenue of Artists and the Parade were tall wooden frames supporting taut canvas to help keep out the snow and wind while still letting in light and air. The fairground was a maze of unsound wooden buildings, wooden walkways, wooden trade booths, and scattered mountains of chopped wood. And everywhere there was open flame—braziers, torches, cooking pits—tended by a half-witted barbarian or two, some clearly the worse for a jar or more of the atrocious local spirits.
Avenue of Artists Area of Winterfair Places
The King's Voice a portable radio station, tower and all. Goes all 'round the country. Uses a generator in one of the trains.
jiliata the silver dragon on its black cord in a blue plush box , twisting the intricate clasp shut. Device
Lisamia keshoc Thanks (said for a gift) - could also be "I salute you." Languages - Liaden
Lisamia Languages - Liaden
keshoc Languages - Liaden
Solcintran accent "Spoken with the accent of Solcintra!" Languages - accent
Punch drunk Fair drunk (drunk from being at a fair) Languages - Merc.
The Winter Train At the station at Winterfair. She saw the train, steam pouring from the boilers that fed the generators, and heard the occasional hiss of valves above the constant rumble of the huge belts. What an arrangement they were. Some kind of cloth and rubber getup, looping between the big power takeoff reel, the generator, and the flywheel. Between them all, they fed the electric power from the generator to an enormous set of old-fashioned wet-chemical batteries on the railcar in front. The radio station drew its power from the storage batteries, which made sense: If the belt broke or the steam went down they would still have power enough to broadcast until the monster could be restarted. One of the cars way in the back of the train was a studio, duplicating the setup in the music hall. Local Custom - Vandar
Laxaco (aka the smog) on Vandar - the city where flying machines are ordinary and they have radio factories Places
Capstone Trio won't be coming to Winterfair -They've all come down with pneumonia or something
??? Darnill Kem's mother - must be involved in the co-ordination of Winterfair, perhaps a fair governor - as the radio man called her to find a replacement for the Capstone Trio
newspaper method of gaining information on Vandar - there are five, including the "King's Press" Device
Gap Trio possible name for the band
Zhena Robersun Trio possible name for the band
Springbreeze Farm Trio possible name for the band
Karooom! Sonic Boom - a distinct but distant rumble trailing away to the northeast and Fornem's Gap. sounds like the thunder there is echoing against the wind!"
windtwist possible name for a tornado/hurricane? Languages - Vandar
skypilot One who pilots in atmosphere?
> aviation industry there is an active Benish aviation industry." the language is Benish, the land is Bentrill
watch details Miri and Val Con apparently don't enjoy them much "Always draw the challenging watch, doncha, Robertson?"
Performance Hall the double-flapped cloth door - allows for 1000 humans
sleds method of transport for Winterfair
brazier audio books
zama used for a child Languages - Vandar
modern craft noise From above the clouds came a thrumming, lurking noise, the sound of a modern craft, hovering. . "Someone's sitting upstairs, doing circles over the clouds. Not transport class. Say, an unbaffled ship or an out-and-out jet
transport class class of ship ships
"Need to talk later." Languages - hand-talk—Old Trade Wonder whether that's the same as the Pilot's version?
emcee audio books
Snow Wind Trio the name for the band
frequency scan scanning the radio frequencies to analyse the content
Zhena Wrand Interesting in learning Hakan and Cory's style of music People
contraindicated audio books
> Gambling "Did I ever tell you about the time I needed to roll five sevens in a row to stay out of trouble?" "Did you?" "No. Rolled four." "Ah—and then?" "I had some trouble." Local Custom - Merc.
shenanigans audio books
McGee Planet around which Pat Rin and Cheever are in orbit Planets
> Pat Rin His boss had been sitting in the co-pilot's seat Note Only Given the earlier reference that Pat Rin's not a pilot, that's interesting - non pilots CAN take that chair, obviously.
> Winterfair lights The key was the green light. When the green light was lit, the broadcast was going out from the stage. When both red and green were on, it was going out from the microphone on the tables at the back of the hall. The yellow light meant that the hall was on standby. Note Only
kibbitzed while Val Con kibbitzed with the radio techs Languages - ??
the zhena in gray the one who decides what goes on the air People
> Winterfair rules . "Rules say they're gonna have each group play twice—two three-song sets. They'll do random drawings for play slots each time. That gives us a couple chances to catch the green light
"Leaf Dance." The original was a simpleminded, happy hymn to autumn, admirably suited for rounds. Out of some perverse sense of obligation to Hakan, innocently assisting in the shattering of galactic law, Miri had tried to stay as close as possible to the spirit of the original. (Hakan's turn to) give the audience the song they had known all their lives, Songs
harmonica around the absolutely forbidden harmonica (which was in Miri's belt pouch) reminding the audience that as leaves dance, they die. The thought hooked her, calling up memories of friends, dancing and dead, recalling her to times when the harmonica had made the sounds the unit had dared not: the laughter, the curses, the sobs. Crickey, you guys are good at the continuity thing!
Laxaco's on Valdar - where there's a spring fest Places
Zhena Ovlia Made an offer to the Snow Wind Trio, and apparently needs and answer immediately People
"Never pays to let a Merc think, you know? Merc. Proverb
"We are playing for joy," "It is the best of all things to play for."
> modern medicine that the signs of disease and early aging were on many of them was not unexpected. Yet sig'Alda found the presence of so many infirmities distressing, so that he constantly reminded himself that his immunizations were current and that no disease known to modern medicine was capable of infecting him. Note Only Wow, given how the human immune system works, that's amazing - and I'd like some!
Laman the child who ran into sig'Alda - , the cub tipped its face up, a vacuous smile on its fat face in loathsome parody of a proper and well-behaved Liaden child People Must remember to ask how young Liaden children are when they're trained to manners. A cub is (from previous book) pre-adolescent, so I'm wondering if there's lee-way for poor manners in a cub, and what Lady Kareen would say about melant'i in the situation where a cub has erred. Would love to read more about that in a future book
"The Ballad of the RosaRing." the ballad, in Terran, of a pair of lovers separated forever when an experimental virus got loose on the RosaRing. The translation they had given Hakan for the audience had the Ring a resource-rich island cursed with a strain of infectious madness Songs
Rosa-Ring the place where an infectious disease got loose. The Ring virus had been deadly, the world it circled rich, and three rescue teams had been shot down by automatics before the fatcats had finally seen the stupid waste of it and quarantined the sector. Places Given sig'Alda's innoculations, it must have been before 'modern' medicine??
"The Wind's Going My Way." Benish standard Songs
"The Windmill Whirl." Songs
the Prime Points possibly of the compass? , "and the Clan spread to the Prime Points" significant phrase
>> the Delm and the First Speaker role "There's a reason why the Delm is chosen from yos'Phelium, and if the Ring falls into yos'Galan's keeping, we serve only as First Speaker-in-Trust, surrendering it with a sigh of relief the first moment duty allows." Local Custom - Korval
the Teachings - Priscilla teaches Shan to soul-walk "You will enter trance," she instructed. "You will do this with all inner doors open and unguarded, with nothing at all left behind your Wall. You will remain in trance, awaiting my summons. It will be my responsibility to carry us both to your brother. It will be your responsibilities to keep your essence centered and balanced, and to be sure that you have left a connecting line between your soul and your body." "Even if something goes wrong. If I seem to fail, or you reach out and cannot find me—come back to your body!" Note Only
Trance "She watched him bring down his shields and his protections, extinguishing alarms—all with deft skill. He entered the trance quickly, his pattern thickening as he went into the second level, then thickening again, reinforcing itself and shining with the energy of his will. He achieved the final level, heartbeat slowing, breathing long and deep and leisurely, his pattern so solidly formed that it seemed to overlay and partly obscure his physical self."
contretemp Miri's not happy because "Our judges, zhena and zamir, families and friends, have asked you to do as they and disregard this performance of the Snow Wind Trio. In order to avoid disqualification the group will be required to play a set of the correct number of songs after the performance of the solo guitar semifinals because they overplayed in time and number—" audio books
With fair fortune sig'Alda's saying Languages - Liaden
> Agent/ Scout excercise , counting through an exercise designed to give patience in frustrating situations. Note Only
Agent's formula "Dispassion, calculation, control, success—" Local Custom - Agents
Agent on Duty Note Only Indicates that they do go OFF duty. Perhaps others have an easier time with their families than Val Con did?
landtrain the low-tech transmitting station and the landtrain that housed it. Device
galandaria The term sig'Alda uses when addressing Val Con - What does 'galandaria' mean, anyway?" "It means," Val Con said softly, stroking her cheek, willing her to be calm, "compatriot—countryman. Title That's interesting, she wasn't there when sig'Alda approached Val Con, so she must have 'heard' that through the link??
> sig'Alda's message "The commander sends greetings, Agent yos'Phelium." "You mistake the matter," he said, "if you believe the commander allows even the least of us to fall from sight, uncounted and unsearched-for." He offered an arm imperiously. "Let us depart, Agent. The commander requires your report." "Agent Val Con yos'Phelium is ordered to Headquarters by the commander's own word, that he may be debriefed, recalibrated, and if necessary, retrained."
Shan's soul-walk "Val Con?" The voice was in his very ear, instantly recognized, dearly loved, and absolutely impossible. Before him, the agent held his fire. "Surrender and accompany me of your own will," he said. In his ear Shan's voice was worried, insistent: "Val Con!"
skis used for transportation on Vandar
the void His pattern flickered, danced, expanded, distorted, all seen through a shroud of swirling flame and color. The flames drew in upon themselves briefly, then expanded and remained constant for a moment. The pattern seemed as if it were going to fade altogether—did fade . . .There was a touch, like a cold kiss upon her cheek . . . And Val Con was gone. she probed the place. And swallowed suddenly against joy. He was back: whole, scintillant, sane. Alive. This is later explained by Priscilla - "and I reached out, tapped the lifemate bridge between Val Con and Miri—there's so much energy there" "Miri felt the interference in the bridge," she told Shan. "I must have obscured her vision of Val Con—she must have thought him in great danger . . .dead. All she could do was thrust out with all the power of her will and try to reestablish her link with her lifemate."
scintillant audio books
mindsong the thing which Shan looks for, but is gone in Priscilla
autonomic basic body function which controls breathing etc.
Seeking the process Shan uses to look for Priscilla's essence
Pet-Library one of the areas on the Dutiful Passage Places
> Timelines Priscilla arrived on the Dutiful Passage (to work in the Pet Library) nearly eight Standards earlier Measurement
Master Frodo King of norbears - guards Priscilla's essence, and gets an extra ration of corn People
norbears animal which Priscilla used to help look after People
Wizard's College in Solcintra where the dramliza go Places
> Wizard limiatations "And no wizard that I know of—or witch, either—can speak directly, mind to mind." (which is why Priscilla is surprised that Shan was able to talk to Val Con) Note Only
> melant'i games No time to play melant'i games with me—by which I assume he means he speaks to me not as my brother, but as my future Delm! Note Only
> Val Con and ships "Would Val Con kill a man for his ship?" Shan stirred, sighing like a weary child. "yos'Pheliums have a peculiar passion for ships, Priscilla; family history is full of chancy deeds done for the sake of the things. Note Only
> Val Con and the Yxtrang "My brother tells a story of the time he had captured an Yxtrang—to talk with him, so he informed me, and have an open and equal exchange of views. He says that when they had finished their chat, he let the creature go, because there was no sense in killing him, though that argument has never stopped Yxtrang from killing as many non-Yxtrang as they chose." Comes up in future books
> Val Con's assessment of sig'Alda The agent was good and knew that he was good; he was perhaps just a shade overconfident. The general speed with which he moved argued enhanced reactions—stimulants—which meant he would tire more quickly, over an extended period of time. Neither factor was significant in the short run. That he wore body armor indicated that he had studied Val Con as Val Con had studied his own targets in the past. Had he studied enough to know of the other blade—the blade Edger had given him? The possession of a weapon that could slip through body armor as easily as through water significantly altered the situation in Val Con's favor—and was negated by the burning necessity to keep the man alive long enough to learn about the ship Note Only
Accelerant Barely considering the necessity and never doubting the wisdom of it, he took his third dose of accelerant. Accelerant—name unknown; antidote unknown; runs system in approximately three hours." Pretty sure that these are the same things as the perceptual stimulants referred to earlier??
Terran politico mundane ones are not so good at avoiding leaving a trail as Val Con People
hypothesis audio books
"as the breeze blows the leaves!" Zamir Tomat Meltz' saying
Damn and hell and blaze it all to cinders! Miri swearing Languages - Merc. This is lovely, might have to adopt it!
patrol The way Miri uses it, it almost means 'assignment; - "The way she saw it, the patrol broke down into two separate options." Language - Merc.
The Middle River blade the one Edger gave Val Con - loose in its special arm sheath - Had he studied enough to know of the other blade—the blade Edger had given him? The possession of a weapon that could slip through body armor as easily as through water significantly altered the situation in Val Con's favor Device
> Miri is shot ; saw Miri completing her own roll and diving toward him again, knocking him sideways. Heard the cough of the pellet gun and felt Miri's body go stiff, and then slack, against him. The wound was just above the right breast.
Clan Rugare the one to whom sig'Alda belongs Interesting that although he's clearly still an indoctinated Agent, when asked for his name, his response includes his Clan
> Balance Do you want the weight of my Balance to come down upon your head? . "Have you heard the tales of Korval's past Balances? They are true—every one!" . "Terrifying—the Balance dealt Plemia!" Note Only
Plemia Suffered a balancing from Val Con's brother (Shan) People??
palm-gun Device
Ultimate Authority the High Tongue in the dialect of Ultimate Authority Languages - Liaden
sig'Alda dies "The agent—died. The Loop lied to him—as it did to me, on Edger's ship, you recall?" He looked back into her eyes. "Yeah." He sighed and shook his head. "He had taken stimulants and the—other drugs. The Loop added adrenaline in a massive dose, into a system already overloaded . . ." "He had a heart attack," Miri said very quietly. . "The packet that he gave you was a mixture, Miri—half Cloud, half MemStim—a drug that is given agents when they report. It stimulates complete recall." Her eyes widened. "No wonder he had a heart attack. From forgetting everything to remembering everything? It'd pull his brain apart!"
"I will tell your Clan," When Val Con realises that sig'Alda is dead, this is what he says Local Custom - LIad
Vale location of the hospital nearest Winterfair Places
Nonkin Not a member of the clan? Title
Brunner Another squad member (like Skel) with whom Miri talks while she's shot: ""Skel!" she insisted. "Damn weather. Damn weatherman. Take readings five times a day and what's the good? Weather ain't got a pattern down here, Brunner. World's comin' apart—the land's movin', Brunner—like walking on wax. Lost a squad this morning. The hill they were camped on just—fell down . . ." "Gonna have to ditch the machine, Brunner, you hear me? Unit's pinned—what's left. Told Liz I'd kill the gun—give 'em a chance to get out .
turret-beam one of the safety features of sig'Alda's ship - Val Con disarms using the multi-use key - Val Con twisted the thing in his hand, brought it to his mouth, and blew two sharp notes. After a pause, he added two more Val Con pulled the portable beacon from his pocket, flashed a series of long-and-shorts at the beam, and sighed with relief when it simply went out.
Multi-use key (aka Multikey) Used to assist in opening the ship Device
Portable beacon Device
tea beverage - on Liad and Vandar - Val Con is astonished at how good the spicy Liaden tea was (on sig'Alda's ship). There's no coffee but but the tea he ordered for her was nearly as good: dark and spicy and rich
regulations Relating to Interdicted worlds - "More regulations shattered by whim"
Val Con extended a hand and touched one stubbled cheek very lightly, as if they were kin. Local Custom - LIad
Kosmorn Gore The location of sig'Alda's ship
cleaning unit Used for clothes - adjusting the setting to "superclean" and "repair." - Val Con then says "The valet was adequate to the task," Device
fresher used for people - not clear if they're clothed or not - had a "superclean" setting which provides a deluge Device
observation port Allows a view inside an autodoc
certifiables classification of person's mental state?
coffee "Don't suppose there's any coffee." "This is a Liaden ship," Val Con said, "so it is doubtful.
Skel on Klamath "Way it was supposed to go," she said tonelessly. "Liz's orders. Everybody for themselves, she said." Her voice took on a harsher cadence, as if words and tone were burned into memory forever. "If your partner falls and don't get up, run. If I fall—run. If you get hit and fall and it ain't fatal—get up, damn you, and run!" "'Nother unit—had us pinned with a heat-seek. Wasn't many of us by that time—twenty-five, twenty-six. Needed somebody to kill the gun, see? And I told Liz I'd do it." The eyes closed again, and she took a shuddering breath. "Made sense—I was smallest, fastest. Best choice. Liz saw it; said okay. Skel—he waited, after the gun blew. I took a hit on the way back, then the—the land moved—was movin' a lot, by then. Rocks fell—busted both my legs. Skel carried me. Got me to Liz before he got hit himself. Then she carried me, like she'd ordered us not to."
Survivors of Klamath . "Liz, Scandal, Mac, Win, me. Five. Klamath killed everybody else. Wasn't for the weatherman, we'd been dead, too." People
weatherman role on the battlefield (or above it) Title
Ichliad Brunner the weatherman on Klamath, Faked a report or something—never got the right of it—made the station send in shuttles—pulled off maybe five hundred, all told, before everything went to hell. Heard he got in trouble, later . . ." People
Don't know his Clan. "Ichliad Brunner. Don't know his Clan." Languages - Merc. Is Miri referring here to his Merc. Affiliation?
> The Letter It turned out to be a flat wooden box, with a fitted, sliding top. When they slid the top back, a strong, spicy aroma was released, somewhat reminiscent of tea. Inside was a sheet of paper and a pouch. "Dear Hakan and Kem," the note began, in Miri's slanting, rounded letters. "We're sorry we have to leave before you can see us again. Please believe that I am much better and that I'm not going to die, probably for a long, long time, so pity Cory. In the box is also the money we got from the king for being heroes. There is different money in the place we're going to, so you use this. Please. Hakan, I'm sorry we couldn't finish the last set. You're a good musician and a good friend. Remember to always play for joy. Kem, I owe you so much! I'm sorry we put you and Hakan to such trouble. Thank you both for all your help. Tell Zhena Trelu we won't bother her anymore. We love you. Miri." Then in a sharp, backhand script: "Be well and be joyful, both of you. We'll miss you and think of you often, with love. May the music never stop for either of you. Cory."