Block PartyEdit


  • Heartwarming story of orphans, neighbors, hope, and warm pastry with hot tea
  • A cultural piece, portraying immigrants from Low Port, Liad making a home on Surebleak
  • Somewhat similar to Skyblaze
  • Contributes to the Surebleak Culture Study plot thread
  • Contributes also to the concept of a Healers and a Healer Hall on Surebleak
  • Includes several wintry idioms (see Bleaker Buzz: Language Play)


Don Eyr / Donnie, thinking:

He had the knack, but his bread-heart was lost in the shambles of Low Port, with his ovens, and the library, and the homey things they had amassed over the years. Algaina had spoken of a larger house at the far end of the street, beyond the gate. It had been part of the former boss's estate. There were ovens, she said, and quarters above that were more spacious than those of the Wayhouse. They might, so he understood, petition the Council of Bosses Circuit Rider to relocate to this other house. He would have to show that the property would be put to "use and profit," so it was even more important that this venture with Algaina prove successful.


Algaina the baker, thinking about Roe, an angry Bleaker:

Worse, he didn't see any reason why they should move into the old catering house. If they needed more space, they could find some other street to live on. Sleet, they oughta buy their own damn place up on a hill somewhere; everybody knew the newbies was rich. Look at the Road Boss, bringing his own damn house with him, on account of nothing on Surebleak was good enough!

Well, fine, they could do what they wanted -— somewhere else. Chairman Court hadn't asked for 'em, Chairman Court didn't need 'em, Chairman Court was better off without 'em -— and that, by sleet, was exactly what he was gonna tell the council's circuit rider, next time she was by.

Algaina shook her head. Roe was only one voice, after all, she told herself. There was still the whole rest of the street who liked Don Eyr and his kids just fine. All they had to do was say so.


Baker Quill's offer:

"There is a baker in Boss Conrad's territory, with an established shop, who is interested in adding Liaden delicacies to her offerings. I may have shared one or two of your chernubia with her. If you would be willing to provide these to her, nonexclusively, she will pay you a percentage of the profit, and will seal the contract with a portion of her mother-of-bread.”