Agent of Change
Word Language Type Note
1 Terrence O'Grady Terran Name Does not come quietly. Impersonated by Val Con
2 Terado Terran Star System Terrence O'Grady used to mine asteroids there
3 Sam Terran Terran Party enforcer
4 Pete Terran Terran Party enforcer. Probably the Peter 'Smith' we meet later
5 Russ Terran Terran Party enforcer
6 kreelwood Terran Portmanteau Wood of the Kreel tree, one presumes
7 bouncecomm Terran Portmanteau World-to-world/ship communicator
8 Jaeger Terran Name Terran Party Boss on Lufkit
9 Yxtrang Yxtrang Race
10 Liadens/Liaden Liaden Race
11 cantra Liaden Currency Also the name of Korval's founder although we do not learn that in this book
12 bits Terran Currency
13 skintuning Terran Compound word Apparently a semi-permanent cosmetc treatment
14 acronite Terran Binary explosive apparently activated by water
15 tenbit Terran Portmanteau
16 Lufkit Terran World Where the story begins
17 Conor Philips Terran Name Val Con's temporary alias aboard Salene
18 Salene Ship's name A freighter that Val Con used to travel to Lufkit inconspicuously
19 Accazi Terran Miri slang Meaning from context is agree/OK
20 Val Con yos'Phelium Liaden Name Our Hero
21 Liad Liaden World
22 infobooth Terran Compound word
23 shuttleport Terran Compound word
24 laserblade Terran Compound word
25 Bargrill Terran Compound word
26 fuelies Terran Slang
27 coffeetoot Terran Beverage Often shortened to 'toot
28 Miri Robertson Terran Name Our Heroine
29 Naome Terran World
30 Sire Baldwin Terran Name Ex Juntavas boss
31 Juntavas Terran Organised crime syndicate
32 Percanian Terran Resident or product of Percan
33 omnichora Portmanteau Musical instrument, something like an electronic organ
34 kynak Terran Beverage
35 Altanian Terran Resident or product of Altan
36 misravot Altanian Beverage
37 yos'Phelium Liaden Name Domnant line of Clan Korval
38 stopfascia Compound word Part of an omnichoria. The fascia the stops are on.
39 Anne Davis Terran Name Val Con's Aunt
40 xenonarcotics Terran Compound word Salene's usual cargo
41 narcoholics Terran Portmanteau Substance abusers. Not wanted aboard Salene.
42 Kiang Terran World
43 strafle Fruit
44 Gyrfalks Terran Mercenary Company
45 Murph Terran Name Angus G Murphy III
46 poploc Terran Portmanteau Population Locator, one would presume
47 Liz Terran Name Angela Lizardi, Lunatics Commander, retired
48 Comm/commboard/comm unit Terran What a phone wants to be when it grows up
49 earbobs Terran Portmanteau earrings by any other name
50 Mylander and Zanthal Terran Name Collection agency
51 Yark Yarkish Language Terran family language, apparently has a strong accent
52 Our Mr Farant Terran Name Mylander employee
53 Susan Mylander Terran Name Granddaughter of Lavinia
54 Lavinia Mylander Terran Name Mylander agency founder
55 Amabel Gleason Terran Name Miri's temporary alias
56 booktapes Terran Compound word
57 Eldema Liaden First Speaker of a Liaden clan
58 Surebleak Terran World
59 Mrs Hansforth Terran Name Murph's neighbour
60 Econsey Terran Place name
61 Maranstadt Terran Place name Ocean on Lufkit
62 lyr Type of cat
63 T'carais Clutch Clan title Father/Captain/Priest/Mayor of the Clan
64 Edger Clutch Name Shortest of the shortest form
65 Handler Clutch Name Shortest of the shortest form
66 Sheather Clutch Name Shortest of the shortest form
67 Selector Clutch Name Shortest of the shortest form
68 Watcher Clutch Name Shortest of the shortest form
69 Nor Ton yos'Quentl Liaden Name Val Con's temporary alias
70 Heyjus Terran Deity? Shifted pronunciation of Jesus perhaps?
71 spaceways Terran Compound word
72 Ausman Overboard Terran Song title
73 Mixla City Terran Place name Where the book began
74 Justin Hostro Terran Name Juntavas Boss on Lufkit
75 Erob Liaden Clan Name
76 Miri Tiazan Liaden Name Spelled “Miri Tayzin” on Surebleak
77 Amrasam Liaden Year From this we learn that Liadens name their years
78 Katalina Tayzin Terran Name “Terran” pronunciation of Tiazan
79 Drumetian Drumetian Resident or product of Drumet
80 Lazenia spandok Liaden Phrase “Managing bastard”
81 Ilania Frrogudon Liaden Phrase “Young lady”
82 Moravia Terran World
83 McCulloh Terran Name Police Sergeant in Mixla
84 Palesci modassa Liaden Phrase Formal thanks
86 Charlie Naranshek Terran Name Cop/Bouncer in the Grotto
87 Janees Dalton Terran Name Bouncer in the Grotto
88 Mark Swenger Terran Name Bouncer in the Grotto
89 Old Man Wilkins Terran Name from Miri's past on Surebleak
90 Daphne Terran Name Slaver on Surebleak
91 Daria dea'Luziam Liaden Name Valcon's lover during Scout Academy
92 Yarkish Terran Language Terran family language
93 Russ Terran Language Terran family language, from context Russian
94 Chinest Terran Language Terran family language, from context Chinese
95 Spanol Terran Language Terran family language, from context Spanish
96 yawnsome Portmanteau Used by Edger. Possibly a mistranslation?
97 Honest Al Terran Name Car rental lot owner
98 T'caraisiana'ab Clutch Clan title Heir of the T'carais
99 Belansium Terran Name Very famous artist
100 obdeck Terran Portmanteau Observation deck
101 Matthew Terran Name Justin Hostro's aide/secretary
102 hyatts Terran Nouned brand name
103 melekki Terran Tree
104 ponget Terran Jewel
105 Sylvia Hostro Terran Name Justin Hostro's daughter
106 Intaglia Terran Name Cop in Econsey
107 Kornblatt Terran Name Cop in Econsey
108 Smith Terran Name Cop in Econsey
109 cashsutas Terran Miri slang Seems to be insulting. Apparently someone very stupid
110 earhoops Terran Portmanteau earrings by any other name
111 cleanbot Terran Portmanteau
112 Omenski Terran World Where the Yxtrang delegation presently is, poor folks.
113 Magnetas Terran Something to swear by. Possibly mountains?
114 Stimata Five Terran World Worthy of being sworn by
115 Jason 'Jase' Carmody Terran Name Gyrfalks deputy Commander
116 bumblebear Terran Portmanteau Miri's incredibly descriptive word for Jason
117 Suzuki Terran Name Gyrfalks Senior Commander
118 noshconner Miri slang Something objectionable that Jason is
119 Sintathic Terran World The local animals do not like Jase's snoring
120 Polesta Name One of the Gyrfalks. Crazier than Val Con
121 Lytaxin Liaden World Erob's clan seat
122 Ghost Terran Name The Gyrfalks' treasurer. Probably a nickname
123 Daugherty Terran Name Spaceport perimeter guard
124 Carlack Terran Name Spaceport perimeter guard
125 Balthazer Terran Name Deity? One swears to “oh blessed balthazar”
126 Higdon Terran Name Mercenary Senior Commander
127 Yancey Terran Name One of the Gyrfalks.
128 Winston Terran Name One of the Gyrfalks.
129 DownTunnel Terran Compound word Lufkit Prime Station elevator/transit system
130 UpTunnel Terran Compound word Lufkit Prime Station elevator/transit system
131 Costello Terran Name Juntavas enforcer. Later we learn his name is Herbert Alan
132 laserknife Terran Compound word Knife, laser, mercenary, one each
133 Volmer Liaden World With connections to all 14 prime points
134 Panth Terran Name Diety? Costello swears by Panth. So does Miri
135 semipsychedelics Terran Portmanteau Effects of the Clutch drive on a human neurosystem
136 Shan Terran Name Shan yos'Galan
137 Nova Liaden Name Nova yos'Galan
138 L'apeleka Clutch Philosophy/Discipline
139 Spearmaker's Den Clutch Place name Edger's Clan seat
140 Xavier Ponstella Ing Terran Name Lufkit Prime Station Dayside Supervisor
141 Anthora yos'Galan Liaden Name Korval's Dramliza
142 yos'Galan Liaden Name Korval's subordinate Line
143 eggling Clutch Young child, recently hatched. By extension, anyone inexperienced
144 Khaliiz, Commander Yxtrang Name Raider Commander
145 Jefferson Terran Name Juntavas enforcer
146 Borg Tanser Terran Name Juntavas enforcer
147 Clanblade Clutch The T'caris' knife
148 Entranzia volecta Liaden Phrase good greetings'
149 cha'trez Liaden Term of endearment
150 Heartsong Terran Portmanteau Translation of cha'trez
151 hyperbreathing Terran Portmanteau
152 Joanna Wilcheket Terran Name Poet
153 bokdingle Terran sport Obscure team game
154 Qontikwian Terran Resident or product of Quontikwi
155 Truanna Terran World Self-destructed back in 250
156 ceramapot Terran Portmanteau Presumably a ceramic pot. Coffee goes inside, but not for long if Miri is near
157 Green Nogalin Wine aphrodisiac properties
158 Tommy Terran Name Juntavas enforcer pilot
159 Juntava Terran Singular of Juntavas
160 Morejant Terran Name Juntavas enforcer
161 Harris Terran Name Juntavas enforcer
162 Zell Terran Name Juntavas enforcer
163 menuboard Terran Compound word Automatic kitchen machine
164 healtape Terran Compound word
165 medkit Terran Portmanteau
166 voicecorder Terran Portmanteau
167 viewscreen Terran Compound word
168 holos Terran abbreviation of 'holograms'
169 Coord Portmanteau Plural: coords Abbreviation for coordinates
170 Pelaun World Val Con's discovery
171 transworld Terran Portmanteau Across a world
172 Chrakec Yxtrang Liaden Phrase “Yxtrang hunter”
173 Thrik Yxtrang Name Adjutant's second
174 lifegrade Yxtrang Portmanteau Yxtrang permanent rank