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Agent of Change cover

Agent of Change cover

Agent of Change cover 2018

Agent of Change, 30-year anniversary cover, 2018

The Agent Gambit

Agent of Change & Carpe Diem in one book


Once a brilliant First-in Scout, Val Con yos'Phelium was "recruited" by the mysterious Liaden Department of Interior and brainwashed into an Agent of Change—a ruthless covert operative who kills without remorse.

Fleeing the scene of his latest murderous mission, he finds himself saving the life of ex-mercenary Miri Robertson, a tough Terran on the run from a team of interplanetary assassins. Thrown together by circumstances, Val Con and Miri struggle to elude their enemies and stay alive without slaying each other—or surrendering to the unexpected passion that flares between them.


Main Characters[]

Secondary Characters[]

  • various Juntavas mobsters
    • especially Justin Hostro, Lufkit Boss, and his second, Borg Tanser
  • Miri's friends in The Mercs
  • Khaliiz, Chrakic Yxtrang
  • etc.