Aelliana Caylon, Clan Mizel is a protagonist of Scout's Progress and Mouse and Dragon.


  • Tawny hair, changeable green eyes, left-handed
  • Her face is thin, the bones show cleary at her collar, impossibly delicate. I can span her waist with my two hands. Her hair is light brown, shot through with gold, yellow and amber, like a perthian tapestry. Her eyes are green, gloriously so; when she is troubled or very deep in thought they seem to mist over, like fog shading the ocean. When one comes to know her, it is obvious that she is very far from frail. She has strength of purpose enough for the captain of a starship, wit, humor - and a temper. She flies like a scout and mathematics are her first and truest language. - Daav's description [1]
  • Slight, previously accustomed to oversized, nondescript clothing.
  • Wears a silver puzzle ring inherited from her grandmother.
  • Honored Scholar of Sub-rational Mechanics at Chonselta Tech
  • Instructor of Practical Mathematics.
  • Revisor of the ven'Tura Tables
  • Owner and operator of Ride the Luck.


  • mother of Val Con yos'Phelium
  • mother of Tiatha Caylon raised by Clan Lydburg[2]
  • lifemate to Daav yos'Phelium
  • daughter of Birin Caylon, Delm Mizel
  • sister to Ran Eld Caylon, Nadelm Mizel
  • sister to Voni Caylon
  • sister to Sinit Caylon

Aelliana's studentsEdit

  • Rema ven'Deelin Clan Ixin - (f) Scout Corporal. Has an eidetic memory.
  • Var Mon pin'Aker Clan Midys - (m) Scout Pilot, youngest of the group, his Cha'leket is Lyn Den Kochi (m)
  • Qiarta tel'Ozan - (m) Field Technician, older than the others
  • Baan yo'Nelon - (m) Scout Pilot
  • Nerin

Aelliana's WorkEdit

  • A proof for pseudorandom tri-dimensional subspaces [3]
  • Revision of the ven'Tura Tables


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