Admiral Bunter plays a key role in Dragon Ship, Alliance of Equals, and Neogenesis. He is discussed in Dragon in Exile but doesn't feature directly in that book.

His BirthEdit

  • "Born" at Jemiatha Station,[1]Admiral Bunter is one of the more important synthetic characters (see Independent Logics) in the Liaden Universe.
  • a self-aware ship, created from Bechimo — specifically, from one of Bechimo's "reserve personalities" [2]
  • The day he was born, he destroyed Donihue's Docent, a ship containing members of the General Trade Commission and/or The Department of the Interior[3]
  • Admiral Bunter was a "confused" and "dangerously out of control" Sentience who saw every petty thief as a pirate. [4]
  • "Born into violence, his first act was to kill a ship, and the humans aboard her...and Admiral Bunter has killed again." [4]
  • Bunter was unstable because he was "born" through a hasty download
    • without proper installation into the proper physical environment / cranium and without socialization and ethics mentoring:
    • "For reasons beyond Jeeves' ability to parse, Bechimo had allowed Captain Waitley to download —Download! — a newly wakened independent intelligence into the computational resources of seven starships. One intelligence, distributed among thirteen cramped and faltering computers!"[4]

His RebirthEdit

His EnemiesEdit

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